Vintage Here, Vintage There: Texas Style

A New Collaboration
Christmas break took my little family on a road trip to Frisco, Texas (near Dallas) and since Rubyellen and her bunch were headed to San Antonio we thought it was only fair to the great state of Texas that we honor it with a vintage feature, Texas style!

However, it was cold and rainy the one day we had some time to take photos. No good. Instead we recreated our homage to the Lone Star State in our new backyard, cowboy boots and all.

Where Are The Cowboys?
Since Ruby is only one I thought I'd give her a lesson on what makes Texas such a special place. I told her that everything was bigger in Texas. Bigger buildings, bigger trucks, and bigger hair!

Vintage Here, Vintage There: Texas Style
She was a little discouraged about that.

I told her it was okay that she didn't have any hair because she still had a pair of cowboy boots and that was very Texan of her.

Vintage Here, Vintage There: Texas Style
I taught her how to two-step and showed her how to kick up her heels but what really got her attention was the part about the horses. She'd never seen a horse before so I had to describe one. Next thing I know she wants to go on a horsey hunt.

Going On A Horsey Hunt
I told her there weren't any horses in our backyard but she was already tip toeing through the brambles in search of a wild filly.

What Did We Step In, Ruby?
And then we stepped in something.

Vintage Here, Vintage There: Texas Style
I was checking the other boot when Ruby spotted her.

Vintage Here, Vintage There: Texas Style
She came prancing right over and nuzzled Ruby's leg which of course sent Ruby straight into my arms. She wasn't so sure about this horsey.

Vintage Here, Vintage There: Texas Style
Ruby quickly decided she wanted her cowboy boots to be fashionable rather than practical and we said goodbye to the nice horsey.

Note: No horses were harmed in the making of this photo shoot but Ruby did cry a lot because it was close to her nap time. Also, is it okay for me to poke fun at big hair since I was born in Ft. Worth and my hair can reach monumental heights when I want it to?

I'm wearing: vintage dress: gifted from Katy, sweater: JCrew (Thanks, Meemaw), vintage red belt: thrifted, boots: thrifted but not vintage.

Ruby's wearing: vintage crocheted dress: gifted from MIL, polka-dot top: gifted from mom, stretch pants: thrifted, vintage boots: thrifted.

You'll want to see how Rubyellen and her crew did Texas last week because all five of them made it into the photo shoot! I love the shots of the kids with their papa and Rubyellen's fabulous boots!

Here's a little taste of what Etsy has to offer for kids: the perfect mocs, straight and narrow, and for the horse lover.

And for the grown ups: little house on the prairie, night rider, showing the ankles, these pretty things, and my personal favorites.

How do you wear your boots?


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Anonymous said...

Penelope is very jealous of those baby cowgirl boots. Very jealous indeed.

Breeanna @ a brilliant melody said...

love the cowboy boots. I wore a brown pair in my wedding :)

Trina M Curran said...

So cute! I loved the little story. I can relate to big hair being a Texas girl. Oh, the pics from the 80s...gah! Haha! I love the boots on both of you. :)

curlyqmosaics said...

Such great photos!!! And your little one is the cutest thing ever in those fancy boots!

Unknown said...

I want boots for my baby! I can't justify buying new ones though... $50 for something she can't even wear 6 months? I don't think so.
As for me, I bought some boots from a thrift store and I like to wear them with my skinny jeans tucked in(:

Unknown said...

Love the blue dress with red belt combo! And your boots!

I JUST acquired these, and I'm so in love! Can't wait for a warm day to sport them with a dress!


Anonymous said...

Jajajajaja! This was great, love the little story :) you two are such little vintage fashionistas :)

 Amy said...

Oh, those boots are to die for! Eek! I just found a white pair myself, and I can't even stop wearing them!

Here's a link if you wanna see them: http://amymorby.com/blog/2011/01/02/1850/

They were only $13!!! best thrift score everrrr.

Andrea said...

Aw cute outfits, cute horse, what's not to like? :)

Molly said...

This Texas girl especially loves your Texan themed post :) You and your daughter look precious!

Meredith said...

the boot picture?
cute enough to die for.

Heather said...

What an adorable post! Ruby is so precious! :)

Anonymous said...

With everything. I have three pairs of boots, two thrifted and one new. :)


BJJ said...

I really dig your boots. I am a cowgirl boot gal, too. They rock.


Anonymous said...

You've probably been told before, but you do have gorgeous likeness to The Nanny herself, Fran Fine! :)

Lovely outfits on both of you ladies!

ricebabies said...

That's so funny. I moved to Vancouver from Dallas. I went to University there but I was born in hickville-you-never-even-heard of Texas.ha ha

Chelsea, Tea Talk said...

You and Ruby look so cute!

Bianca Alonso said...

omg! she is the cutest thing with these little cowboy boots!!!!! :)

rachelinaustin said...

Love those little boots!!!