Vintage Here, Vintage There: What's in my Vintage Bag?

A New Collaboration

Rubyellen and I thought it'd be fun to share a little 'what's in my bag?' vintage edition. I have yet to find (locally) that perfect vintage handbag with dainty little buckles and well-worn leather but I do have two vintage weekender bags in my stash that I've used for yarn storage, as a road trip crafting case, a diaper bag, and a suitcase.

This blue weekender is one I've had for about two years but the other one I have is a lovely mustardy yellow and has two shoulder straps instead of an over the body strap. I most recently used this bag on a road trip to carry some projects to work on in the car while the kids slept. I keep a few things in the bottom when not in use such as crochet hooks, thread, and random writing utensils and keep it in my studio. I love how sturdy they are and how many things I can fit in them!

Here's what I have most recently packed in my bag: cream yarn and hook to finish the edging on a hat for Ruby, yellow yarn for granny squares, my second hexagon project using a paper piecing technique, paper hexagons, a needle, straight pins, thread, fabric for cutting out hexagons, my sketchbook for ideas and e-course designs, my planner, and a pencil.

Ruby said it wasn't a VH,VT without her in a photo. Here she is about to get into the stash for the fifth time. She's a good little helper.

A few everyday bags that I could live with if I found them for the right price: this one, this one, this one, this one, or this one.

Here are a few great weekender bags: this one, this one, this one, this one, this one, THIS ONE, and this one.

Check out our Vintage Mama feature from earlier today and head 'over there' to find out what's in Rubyellen's vintage bag.

What kind of vintage bags do you prefer? Do you like them from the 60's and 70's or the 80's and 90's?


EDITED: Since I wrote this late at night I forgot to clarify that this isn't my everyday bag. I carry a black vinyl bag my Grandmother bought me at Stage's last year that has a big black bow on it and round silver studs. In it is a multitude of old receipts, straw wrappers, broken crayons, cheerios that have spilled out of a plastic bag, a travel case of diapers and wipes, two pair of sunglasses (one of them broken), chap stick, lip gloss from the drug store, masking tape, and a Thomas train from about 6 months ago.

I carry this one with me on road trips or crafty outings with friends. I had all color coordinated things in it because the projects I work on usually include most of the same colors I'm always drawn to. I think my stuff matches really easily because of this. It comes from knowing what I like and when I only buy things I like, they tend to go well together.

Don't worry. Life is messy over here, too. I'll show you soon. ;)


Lisa@goodknits said...

70s! I have a 1975 American Tourister weekender bag that fits my camera + accessories and all the kid stuff I need. I can usually squeeze a ball of yarn on top!

Chelsea, Tea Talk said...

I LOVE this post! Looks like you're working on some cute projects :]

Mallory Makes Things said...

I find those vintage Coach bags ALL the time in Cincinnati. I haven't done any thrifting here, except with you so, I don't know if it's the same.

Jenni Austria Germany said...

love the color on that bag.

thursday said...

Okay, so anyone can have a cute bag but you have to have cute contents too?! And they're colour coordinated? I'm lucky if my purse isn't covered in a fine layer of cracker crumbs much less having matching contents. Shoot - I have so far to go!

I really like the style of this bag. I've been keeping my eye out for something like this since Lisa (craftattacks) posted hers on her blog.

Unknown said...

Beautiful colours and beautiful things, and possibly the tidiest bag I've ever seen ( for a mam of two) I must try harder:)

Anonymous said...

I carry a bag very similar to the mustard yellow one you posted from etsy. I love that I can carry my camera case inside my purse along with lots of other stuff. I found mine at the local Goodwill for 2.50.

Allison said...

All the colors in these photos are so perfect! I like 80s bags because they're usually big and boxy, just right for holding all the stuff I cart around.

Alli (One Pearl Button) said...

I have a similar bag that I use as a carry on pretty much everytime I fly. It's also great as an overnight bag for quick trips, and as a camera bag when I want to carry a bunch of gear. I love vintage luggage!

Tamara said...

so i had to show my daughter this because of the weekender bag (she uses a brown one as her "backpack") and her comment was: "i told you it was cool mom." first of all...like i didn't know that already...and second of all i loved that she associates cool with a blog i really do think is cool!

RachelDenbow said...

THursday and Pangaloon,

this isn't my everyday bag. That one is definitely full of cheerios, receipts, broken crayons, straw wrappers, and sometimes some chapstick.

Promise, life is messy over here, too. I'll show you soon!

Aurora said...

Everyone of your posts makes me want to run out and scour my local thrift stores for amazing vintage items!
I find it hard to find them in my size (large chested) but when I do, it's uber exciting!
Any tips on good vintage stuff? I suppose you've got that on your blog somewhere...

Mrs Wife said...

oh my goodness, i ADORE the color and shape of this bag - even if it's not your every day one. It's still incredibly lovely.

Rubyellen said...

rachel, that R bag is definitely you! i can totally see you sportin' that. i want a craft bag on our road trips! though only thing is that i can't work in the car, so that idea may not even work for me, but maybe i could still have one just cause it looks cute! haha!!!

Blood On My Teeth said...

I love it! I have a craft bag too, and it is filled with so many things I'm not sure how I get anything done with it...my everyday bag is one hell of a mess too!

cupcakesandcoffee schwartz said...

LOVE IT! ANd seriously, I am not into vintage stuff. It is the perfect diaper bag!! NOw I will be on a mission to find one like it :)

grace said...

I love your bag!
And I'm pretty sure my parents had the exact same blue leather luggage set that matches it!

Anonymous said...

I am a huge sucker for the bag section in any thrift store! I have wayyyy to many vintage bags (mostly 60's-70's era clutches)in my collection, but in my defense, I usually use them until they break! Then they go into my box of stuff that I'm going to fix... eventually.

I just scored three of these weekend bags at a thrift store last week! 2 blue, 1 yellow, all in great shape, for a total of $12! I'm turning the yellow one into a padded camera bag (hello, Project Restyle!).

dana said...

i have that exact same bag, in the same color, from a thrift store but I've never figured out what to use it for. I like your idea. A craft bag!
here's my twinner:

Q said...

Here's my vintage bag. Do you know anything about it? I got it at thrift shop for $2. Yay Me! I love it! I'm gonna put an owl on it somehow.