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This week's Vintage Mama is Stacey Hart of Hart + Sew! We didn't plan for her name to match this fun holiday but I like how that worked out. Stacey and her family are only weeks away from meeting their second little girl and have been spending time getting her nursery ready and documenting these last days of pregnancy with beautiful photos. Stacey runs one of my favorite childrens' vintage clothing stores on Etsy, Hart + Sew, and shares beautiful craft projects she's done with her daughter on her blog.

We asked Stacey if she'd be interested in sharing how she's continued to wear vintage pieces throughout her pregnancy and how she styles her daughter.

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Q: When did you start wearing vintage and why?

It wasn’t until I had my daughter and became a stay-at-home-mom that I started venturing back into thrift stores for the first time in years (other than to find a Halloween costume). I guess I was following in my own mom’s footsteps because I can remember going thrifting for clothes with her when I was little – kids grow so fast it just makes sense to save money. I came across some really cute vintage baby clothing and it was love at first sight!

I can still remember being so excited to show my husband what I found, I felt like each piece was a treasure and I still do. It didn’t take me long to start digging through the womens' section from there. It’s fun to be able to add unique and affordable pieces with nostalgia into your wardrobe. I'm not always successful, but what keeps me going back for more are those times when I do find something amazing that I love, it's the best feeling and I love giving old clothing new life!

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Q: What do you look for in a piece when you’re shopping?

I'm looking for vintage clothing and accessories that will easily mix and match with my modern wardrobe, but add a little something special. I tend to be drawn more toward pieces that are classic and don’t shout vintage at you – I really love the style and prints of the 40’s and 50’s especially, but every era has it's appeal. And of course I ask myself things like - is the quality good, can I wash it, is the price right? Since I have been pregnant it's been more of a challenge and I've had to look specifically for elastic waistbands, empire waists, tent dresses, skinny belts, and wrap cardigans in larger sizes – anything that can accommodate a growing baby bump.

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Q: Favorite vintage find to date?

A gorgeous 1950’s aqua-colored party dress in perfect condition for only $8! It immediately had me day-dreaming about my little girl attending her future prom. I can only hope she will want to wear it to a school dance, but I suppose I have plenty of time to convince her – about fourteen years to be exact! In the mean time I’ll be hoping that someday I will be able to zip it up after this baby is born and I’ll be looking for a reason to wear it myself!

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Q: Do you have one piece that got away, whether it was sold before you could snag it or would've broken the bank?

I really, really loved
this 1940's dress and would have snatched it up immediately if the price was right but I just couldn't afford it. If I ever came across something similar while thrifting I think I would cry! And I have come across affordable things that I would have bought in a second if they were my size so it felt like they got away. A pair of amazing vintage Salvatore Ferragamo shoes for $5 comes to mind that were just too small to justify buying – and trust me I tried my best to squeeze into them. It nearly broke my heart to put them back on the rack and walk away, but I’m glad I didn’t spend the money only to have them sit in my closet and never be worn. One thing I've learned is you can still waste money thrifting.

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Q: How do you style your daughter?
Luckily for the most part I still get to dress her however I want! Although on the days she does have an opinion it usually involves a handmade tie-dye t-shirt she inexplicably loves (which I have to hide on certain occasions). Her wardrobe is a mix of modern, handmade, and vintage pieces. During the week she most often wears a vintage or modern shirt and a vintage sweater with a pair of jeggings and sneakers, and on Sundays a handmade or vintage dress paired with oxfords. Her really nice vintage pieces are her church dresses from the 40’s-70’s, first, because I am such a sucker for them, and second, because since they are more ‘special occasion’ and not worn as often I can keep them in good condition easier. The handmade clothes I make her are from vintage patterns which I love to sew, and if I can find cute vintage fabric to use it’s all the better!

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*Your fave spots for Vintage Kid’s Clothing:

I love running my own vintage children’s etsy shop, hart + sew, and have come across many other shops that always seem to have a great selection. Some of my faves are flour clothing, 3 ring circus, blue bird lucy’s, jherrmann, and oh sydney.

*Vintage goodies you're currently coveting:

I would love this sweet cardigan for my little girl when she arrives, and these baby bump friendly dresses and cardigan wraps would boost my wardrobe tremendously. But, I only have three-ish weeks left to go so another vintage loving pregnant mama should snatch them up! To tell the truth, I am mainly just looking forward to being able to wear all of my own clothing, vintage or otherwise, I'm too big for again! :)

Thanks, Stacey, for sharing how you wear vintage with a baby on the way. It's nice to know how you've made it work for your new, temporary shape for those of us who are/hope to be in the 'family way' in the future! Your daughter's curls are completely precious and we're so happy for you all and your little one on the way!

Be sure to stop in this evening to see what Rubyellen and I wore for date night this weekend!

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ringmaster said...

stacey and her daughter are so cute!!! i love reading her blog and checking out her shop!!!
ps i was so sad to see that little yellow dress go but i am happy that it went to such a cutie!!!!

Brittany said...

they both look amazing! stacey actually styles herself with vintage better pregnant, than a lot of women i know who are not. :) great post!

Rach said...

She is so beautiful, and her little one is just like her mommy! She really found some gems.

Anonymous said...

I'm far away from even thinking about having kids, but oh-my-goodness. Her store was too cute for me to pass up browsing through.

Andrea said...

She and her daughter are both so cute, and I can't wait to see her new little girl. :)
That 1940's dress she linked to is amazing... the person who got it is very lucky!

ricebabies said...

That the first place I bought my first vintage boys item.

She is a lovely with her baby belly.

Lily said...

That is one gorgeous mama and a seriously cute daughter!

Rachael said...

i'm sending this to my very pregnant sister immediately! lovely...

alix said...

How did I miss this one? They are so adorable! And yep, her shop is not to be missed!