Vintage Here, Vintage There: Last Weekend

A New Collaboration
We managed to sneak in some family photos in our Easter best last Sunday after lunch. I'm pretty sure it's always worth it to make these happen even if a certain four year old is rarely interested. We'll be looking back on these for years trying to recall what life was like when these two were this age!

Easter Best

Easter Best
I wore this vintage frock for the first time and think it's going to be in regular rotation all spring and summer! It's from Red Velvet here in Springfield. I forgot how much I love wearing navy!

Easter Best
Ruby wore her new shoes but a dress we already had rather than the ones I got so excited about the week before. They'll be ready for her next year when she can fill them out. This year she looked just peachy in her smocked vintage top and plaid Mary Janes.

Out Take

Totem Pole

We're In A Band
Brett's wearing: I can't even remember. Probably from the mall.
Sebastian's wearing: Target and Old Navy head to toe. I think those pants are going to fit him next year, too!
I'm wearing: Red Velvet vintage dress, thrifted Michael Kors wedges, vintage belt, bracelet from F21.
Ruby's wearing: Vintage smocked dress, Etsy. Mary Janes from Payless. Last minute cardigan from Wal-Mart.

He's Such A Looker
Brett got some new frames and I have to say he looks pretty hot in them. Also, pretend you don't notice my roots growing out. I'm not going for the old-fashioned way to get the ombre look, I'm just really bad at going ANYWHERE to get my hair done. I'm among the many girls with curls that have had bad experiences and get a twitch anytime they sit down and get asked how many inches they'd like cut off.

It's on the list. And...wish me luck.

Here are a few of my favorite vintage shirt dresses on Etsy: Striped, Raspberry, In the Navy, Interesting, Aqua plaid, and Ruffled.

Rubyellen has something coming up for Vintage Here, Vintage There soon so stay tuned! Did you (or your crew) get dressed up for Easter? I'd LOVE to see any photos of anyone in vintage for Easter. Feel free to link up in the comments section!



Chelsey - The Paper Mama said...

You guys are so cute! LOVE that dress.

Anonymous said...

You have such a good looking family!
My daughter didn't wear a vintage dress for Easter. She wore one that she got as a gift and was already almost too big for.
Her bonnet, however, was handmade vintage.
Here's a post..

Tate said...

your family is too cute, and I LOVE that dress, it is adorable!

breanna rose said...

adorable! i love her little pink outfit, so cute. and plaid shoesies? awesome.

i wish i lived close to red velvet so i could snatch up some amazing outfits! i only have a few vintage dresses, so i love seeing everything you girls wear!


The Veda House said...

Adorable! You're family is just darling!

Stephanie Loudmouth said...

You're adorable -- and so is your family! Love these photos.

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Ruth Abel said...

Such sweet photos, your little girl is ADORABLE! My little lady wore a dress that was very similar to hers for Easter. Love your navy one!

Bethany said...
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Bethany said...

What a beautiful family you have! For Easter, http://littlevintageme.blogspot.com/2011/04/easter.html, my baby wore vintage peter rabbit pants and my daughter wore a yellow vintage dress, both of which I picked up long before they were born at an estate sale. My oldest son- wore Target. I think boys must have worn out their clothes back in the day just as much as they do now because vintage is sure hard to find for him!

LisaM said...

oh. my. word.

i heart ruby and her peach dress!

Unknown said...

You all look smashing in your Easter bests! I hear you on the curly haired going to the hair dresser issue. Recently my Mom insisted on me going to her lady and I went in with long tresses and came out with a bob (oh the horrors)! Apparently she didn't understand how much curly hair shrinks when it dries!
ps you cant' see any roots! :)

ringmaster said...

pip wore vintage but wasn't really feeling it! it wasn't colorful enough!


Malayka said...

You all look fantastic! I especially love the dress that you have on.

Holly said...

Eep! I am in love with your shoes and so so jealous that you found them at a thrift store. Love the dress too!

Gingiber said...

Your family looks so lovely! I love your dress! Such a great silhouette!

Anonymous said...

smashing!!! is ruby's dress from my shop? looks familiar!

cbryan said...

You're little Ruby is so so so cute. I love the family pictures, we need to take some more often. My little girl wore a dress that I made from a vintage blouse, does that count? I even made a matching bow tie for my little man from the same shirt.


Ruthie said...

Adorable! Your whole family is so photogenic and beautiful. My daughter wore vintage- one of my own baby dresses- for Easter. Feel free to check out my pictures!

Trude said...

Perfect for Easter! You guys look fantastic, navy is awesome on you! I think my fave shot may be of Ruby on Sebastian's shoulders though. :)

Edith's Closet said...

Your family looked fab for Easter! Your little girl is such a doll. :)

Here we are:

Meredith said...

Okay, so why are your kids so dang cute?
Seriously, I could die they are so adorable.
And I love your dress!

Corey said...

What a cute little family- we didn't get any pics of our whole family together (darn!), but my baby girl did wear vintage for Easter. Here's a link to my post about it! http://coreymoortgat.blogspot.com/2011/04/vintage-easter.html

Heidi Lassila said...

Such adorable photos! I especially love the pictures of you and Ruby as well as Ruby on Sebastions shoulders! Too cute!

MissShapes said...

My husband wore that same color shirt for Easter! I didn't post pictures of us on my blog but here is the link so you can see what my son wore. The only vintage is his Easter basket (handmade in the 80s by my grandma) and his blazer (from OkHappyHome on Etsy).


Klara Kamilla said...

Gah! Your hair is insane! (In an amazing way). And I love that adorable dress!

Anonymous said...

You guys are such a cute little family!

I share your fear of haircuts, I tend to just walk around looking in all the salons until I find a stylist with curly hair, I know they'll understand. :)

Bonita Rose said...

you alll look so so great Rachel.. I just wanted to pop in and say HI.. and I am praying I hv the monies to take your new style course soon.. it's on my list! I've been selling and collecting vintage finds lately.. and finding a bunch... Love you and your blog. xo hugs bonitarose in fargo

Unknown said...

Oh my goodness Ruby is so precious!!