Vintage Here, Vintage There: A Vintage Easter

A New Collaboration
This week's VH,VT post is dedicated to vintage Easter outfits! Whether you celebrate Easter at church or at home, it's a great reason to dress up for an extra special occasion so Rubyellen and I thought it'd be fun to share what we're dressing our kiddos in this year.

Vintage Here, Vintage There
I've got a little bit of a stock pile of pretty spring dresses for Ruby to wear. A few of them were purchased recently from Etsy but most were local finds or gifts.

VintageEaster Dresses
Many of them I've had since we found out we were having a girl almost a year and a half ago and they've still got some growing room because we've got a petite little girl on our hands.

Mini Photo Shoot
I was originally going to take photos of the dresses and thought I'd get some props out to make it more fun but Ruby jumped right in and started playing quietly with her Easter eggs. So, I carefully turned her around for better light and took advantage of her sitting still to get some fun Easter shots!

Ruby's Easter Basket
Where'd The Eggs Go?
In the above photos, Ruby's wearing a vintage gingham dress that I found locally, thrifted seersucker bloomers, and sandals from Target. The vintage sand bucket was found in Pauls Valley, OK.

You Talkin' To Me?
I did an ad trade for two sweet vintage dresses from Blue Bird Lucy's that were extra special and then purchased one from Ms. Tips vintage (all in the same day) to make sure one of the three fit. The one above is from Ms. Tips and is still a little big but the shape of it allows for the sash to tighten it a bit and make it work. One of the other two will probably fit by the end of the summer and the other can be next year's Easter dress!

Such An Easy Model
I told Kim of Blue Bird Lucy's that I'd love to have them all out on display but I doubt Sebastian would be excited about staring at dresses all of the time.

Sash Needs Fixing
I love the detail on this dress. Even the back is pretty.

The Back

The above are all the dresses I pulled to have her try on today to make sure we were set for Sunday. On more than one occasion I've planned way ahead in gathering things and then forgotten something like matching tights or the shoes were suddenly too small or the cardigan to go over something was dirty. Ruby was a good sport about letting me dress and undress her and towards the end I could just tell one was going to be too big.

Stocked For Spring
I rarely have luck finding vintage shoes locally but we do find a lot of shoes at our local consignment and thrift stores. Lately I've been finding things a few sizes too big that she can grow into so I headed off to the mall last weekend to find her something to match her dresses. I came home with the light pink pair of patent leather shoes from Old Navy and then went back earlier today for a pair of darker pink shoes for her more casual dresses. The sandals were from Target a few weeks ago. This girl is set for the next few months unless her feet decide to grow all of the sudden!

Easter Shoes
It may be a little close to Easter to guarantee a vintage dress or shoes makes it to your house in time but here are some of my favorites from Etsy vintage shops.

Dresses: lemon chiffon, pink ruffles, drop waist, pink gingham and lace, sheer white, lilac, yellow smocked dress, pink chiffon, mint romper, pixel dress.

For the little men: shorts with suspenders, vest and pants, romper, shirt and bow tie, blue baby suit, striped dress shirt, shorts suit, bow tie, blue jumper.

Shoes: pink jellies, Stride Rites, navy Walkrights, eighties does fifties, huaraches, more vintage jellies, suede moccasins, saddle shoes #1, saddle shoes #2, fancy and metallic.

As far as my own Easter dress, the jury is still out. Really, I just haven't gotten that far yet! I'm sure I have something perfectly lovely already in my closet that just needs a little taken in at the bottom so I'll be sure to share what we all ended up in next week.

Be sure to check in over there with the Bratchers later to see what they're doing for Easter this year!

Do you already have Easter Sunday outfits figured out at your house?



thursday said...

I can only assume you began teaching Ruby to pose while she was in the womb. That's all.

RachelDenbow said...

What's that method called where you use a bell and offer rewards when they obey? Ha! ;)

Teena said...

I have the girls outfits ready, but still figuring out what this mama is going to wear.

Carrie said...

Her in that little dress is SO precious!! I love the little sleeves on the pink one! I agree, the right new shoes are always hard to find, but you did GOOD!!

Jennifer M. said...

Oh so beautiful! I just love that dress she's wearing. She looks like a beautiful little doll. :)

skunkboy said...

I love drooling over vintage little girl dresses. Ruby has SO many pretty ones. Not to mention her adorableness. Seriously, she's the cutest!

Katie said...

So adorable

Unknown said...

You have princes at home! Where is the red carpet for them? hahahaha.... :)

kim rakes said...

that picture of ruby looking back toward you is priceless and she looks so dainty and sweet in that shade of pink. i love the whole collection, but i think my favorite is the smocked sleeveless pink/coral one... the color is the perfect punch of pink <3

Ms.Tips said...

She looks so adorable!! I love the blue one! Happy Easter:) I should go pick my easter dress too.

katielicht said...

loved this post! Super timely for me too. I just ordered Norah a few Easter dresses from Etsy and I can already tell it's going to become a habit. Before I had her I never let myself look at girl clothes because I didn't want to be heartbroken about it if I never had a girl. But hooray, I did! and yeah, Ruby was a super good sport about being dressed up. She looks adorable in everything.

breanna rose said...

I love the picture in the pink dress when she's looking directly at you. You must have called her name, and she's all "whaaat?" - it's adorable!! :) love the shots, the colors are so pretty.

xx bre

letter A studio said...

The pink dress is so darling.

I am making skirts for my girls (my first real sewing project!) and am going to try to whip together bowties made of vintage ties for my boys.

Meghan Splawn said...

The little over the should pose of Ruby in the pink dress, I just die!

giselaandzoe said...

what a lovely display of kids vintage dresses!

Mandi Johnson said...

That picture of her standing and turning her head slightly is SUCH a fashion blogger pose. lol Starting early! ;)

Anonymous said...

Just popping in to say I regularly enjoy your blog & can see how much work you put into it- especially a post like this! Happy Easter!

jozen said...

i always get my girls new pj's to sleep in christmas eve and new dresses for easter sunday.

it's our little tradition.

The GreenLunns said...


I have a question. When you buy those beautiful and delicate 'see through' dresses what does Ruby wear underneath them? I've found several lovely such dresses... but don't know what to put underneath. LOVE your blog!

Amy said...

Love all the beautiful dresses, but I must comment on that sand pail. I saw that on your blog.....on the kids' shelves & was like 'OMG.....I used to have one just like that!' So, I went to my mom's house & scrounged her basement til I came up with it. (They are pack-rats & NEVER give anything away!) It's now on my craft table & holds all out paint brushes. Will have to take a pic to share with you. ;-)

Christy said...

Such adorable dresses! Easter is the perfect time to break these puppies out!

VICTORIA said...

I have just discovered and voted for your blog in the circle of moms kids style. Love the gorgeous vintage dresses on your little princess.
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Keep up the great work

Jenna said...

Oh my gosh she looks just like Sebastian in these pictures!! They look so much alike. :) So cute! Love her pretty dresses, I wish I could find cute vintage around my area!

Vanessa/NessieNoodle said...

Adorable! I have a few vintage dresses all lined out for my Fifi to wear this weekend. Dressing a girl is so much fun :)
I need to make sure the tights and sweaters are clean, thanks for that reminder!!

Robyn McHugh said...

Oooh, she is the most PRECIOUS little girl! Your photos of her always make me dream of having my own little girl someday. :)

Elliz said...

Love your blog!! And love this one about easter vintage dresses...it put a huge smile on my face!! I just wrote a blog on my memories of Easter as a child. New Easter outfits and dressing up were one of my favorite parts!! Those dresses our now vintage and I still love them!! So glad you are passing along some of the sweet treasures of past memories and making them fresh and your own!!

Becky Farley said...

Ruby's faces are the BEST! She reminds me of this lil gal I use to nanny in college - she had a little attitude and was so out spoken, but so sweet all at once! All her photos are just too precious!
Those dresses are all perfect!