Vintage Here, Vintage There: Out and About

A New Collaboration
Yesterday, we headed out to a park we always forget exists despite the chilly temps. I was on a mission to find mushrooms! Nathaniel Green Park apparently has some fun play places, one of which is mushroom themed, that are not only interesting but interactive. Fun for the kids AND cute for photos, right?

Vintage Here, Vintage There
Not that we need much more cuteness than this.

Vintage Here, Vintage There
We didn't make it to the mushrooms but we did stumble upon a pretty little garden with a Ruby-sized bridge and a small pond full of tadpoles and water bugs.

Vintage Here, Vintage There
Ruby was so excited about those tadpoles that I thought she may fall in. She shimmied right down to the edge of the pond and waved and waved at those little swimmers. It's the little things, folks.

Vintage Here, Vintage There
I bought my dress from Past Times Vintage a few weeks ago after seeing it pop up in a search for cotton dresses. I immediately fell for the colors and I loved the vertical stripes. Hello, slimming!

Vintage Here, Vintage There
Vintage Here, Vintage There
I found the bag at a church sale that I randomly drove past last month. You can't beat an interesting purse for $ .25. Deal of the month? Close.

VIntage Here, Vintage There
I'm wearing: Vintage dress, Past Times Vintage. Cardigan and belt, Target. Boots, thrifted. Vintage purse, thrifted.

Vintage Here, Vintage There

Vintage Here, Vintage There
Ruby's wearing: Denim pea coat, thrifted. Vintage dress, gifted from an online friend. Tights and shoes, gifted from Mom.

Nathaniel Green Park
Ruby loved trying to keep up with Sebastian when she wasn't getting a free ride on Daddy's shoulders.

Free Loader
Sometimes little adventures in town can be just what a work-at-home mama needs. They're usually inexpensive, can be enjoyed before (or after) nap time so that everyone is in a good mood, and can happen on a whim. I've been thinking about making another list of all of the places we never think to visit in Springfield for afternoons like these.

Here are some fun purses for afternoon adventures such as these: leather, needlepoint, floral, carpetbag, woven leather, hand-tooled, ethnic.

What kinds of little adventures do you take yourself or your family on? Head 'over there' later today to see what kind of big adventure Rubyellen and her girls went on this week (local AND free!) and try not to wish you could have gone, too! Hint: the most magical place on Earth.



giselaandzoe said...

the dress looks great on you! love the little sailor dress too! my favorite pairing is cowboy boots and a dress. it's like a staple for me!

jungle dream pagoda said...

Oh...Ruby looks darling in that totes presh nautical dress!!!
You look purdy cute too Mama !!
I am actually going on an adventure tomorrow!
My Ruby has a solo UIL competition in Austin and just the 2 of us are driving down (about 3-4 hours).We plan on exploring S.Congress after she finishes...if only it had been 1 weekend sooner I could have visited Renegade!

So Yeah So said...

Ruby's dress is so cute! I love that little applique.

One adventure we take is to just get out of town and drive around in the country. The area is so beautiful and it's easy to take it for granted.

Rubyellen said...

love both dresses so much!!! seriously, you are one stylish mama! i am gonna go look for a vertical striped dress for me now, but the belly bump wouldn't make it quite slimming on me! ha!

Courtney said...

love the dress and the boots. i can never get enough of my cow boy boots.

pinksuedeshoe said...

So if the awesome $.25 cent purse was "close" to the find of the month, I am dying to know what took top honors! Love the little dress on Ruby, very cute.

Stephanie said...

Love your dress and Ruby's! Ruby looks quite tall for her age - does she have to wear larger sizes because of her height? My girls always have to:)

Anna said...

That bag is an amazing find! Your family is so adorable btw. XXX