New Innocence Mission

Having trouble uploading images this afternoon. Check back later.
Brett just ordered this album on EMusic. They are one of the few bands that I'm always in the mood to listen to. Kind of mellow, whimsical, sweet, and childlike without idle lyrics. I haven't finished the whole album yet but I'm never disappointed with them.
I have to get back to working on important RVA business:) Thanks to all of those who had the time to reply to our questions from yesterday.


Andrea said...

I just looked them up and listened to "Into Brooklyn" online. very easy listening, and the kind of music that sort of echoes in your ears after the song is over. thanks for sharing!

Charin Adams said...

Their music sounds mellow and cool :) Thanks for sharing! :)
Excited to hear what you girls have in store for RVA! :) :)

Elsie Larson said...

totally love it! :)