Sunday Morning Tea and Rain

Last night, as I was upstairs washing my face and brushing my teeth, I heard some noise coming from my backyard. It had been raining a little off and on and was pretty late. I turned off my bathroom light, like a smart little investigator, and opened my bathroom window. I heard laughing and music and glasses clanging together. Then I heard some rather interesting comments about removing clothing and running to the Bar-B-Q and back. One of those voices was a girls and the others a boys. They were not mature voices. So, I did the polite thing and closed the window and went back to my own business. No, I didn't. I listened for about 10 minutes! After nixing the idea that I had the right to climb onto the fence and tell them to quiet down so I could get some sleep, and debating whether or not I should embarass them in order to keep things from getting too wild at such a young age, I retired to my bedroom and woke up my sleeping husband to inform him of the naughtiness going on outside. (I'd better clear the air here...there was a large tree blocking any naughty views, thank goodness.)
Well, I couldn't sleep for about two hours. This has been happening lately and is making me angry. I got up to use the bathroom again and could hear more noise! I'll spare you the details but I doubt they'll remember what they were doing in the morning.
Talk about a wild night.
I"m really surprised my husband was able to go back to sleep. I half expected him to suggest we join them or something:)


Unknown said...

LMAO!!! That is funny and my goodness i woulda listened too lol! My dh woulda jumped outta bed and went outside just to get a better listen i bet! Hahahahaha that story made me giggle thanks for that!

Andrea said...

haha! in college my roommates and I would spy on couples in the courtyard ALL the time! so fun.

I'm sorry that I haven't emailed you back yet. Such a crazy time around here lately, and I just finished up at CKU Detroit! BUT, I am hoping to get a package in the mail to you before the end of the week!

Nicole said...

We're dealing with the same thing, but with upstairs neighbors (not nudity, but noise at inappropriate times). But, we're moving. You on the other hand have to deal with it for now. Sorry people can be such selfish goofs. Hopefully the police can straighten them out!

cara harjes said...

I have been known to wander over to my neighbor's house in my pj's to say, "um, hi, i'm cara. i am also sleepy. could you please be quiet?" of course, i have never "HEARD" my neighbors before . . . not in THAT way . . . and most certainly would not have wandered over! :)

my husband, however, would have retrieved one of his two, yes TWO, million candle-watt flash lights and "shed a little light" on the whole thing just to freak them out.
he is hysterical!

we have some weird stuff at our house because he is the one who primarily does our errands at cost-co . . . and apparently, according to the "guy code", there are some items, such as but certainly not limited to, gigantic flashlights, that, when on sale, must be purchased . . . in bulk!

how was the for the most commas EVER in one sentence?

Charin Adams said...

Ha ha!! That is so funny, because Kevin heard our neighbors the other night. Eww. He being the funny guy that he is *almost* yelled out "Yeah! Wooo hoo!" just to make them aware that they had an vocal audience.
What is with some people? :)

Veronica said...

hmmm. Can't complain here. I am upsatirs and I have a toddler boy. I'm sure he's loud. I must be even louder when we dance together in the livingroom. It must sound like a ton of thumps. Sometimes I think about what they (neighbors) might think...but it quickly fades....can't please everyone!! :D

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Caleen said...

I can be patient with situations like
that for a while but if It interupts
my sleep, I am one crazy woman....
Being a mother of 4 teenage girls I
would have been a little curious but
also worried for them... After all,
a crafty woman like you needs her
sleep.. Right?! By the way, are you
making any aprons and putting them
in your the shop? I am anxiously
awaiting.... :)

ashlee said...


Cammeron said...


this used to happen to us when we lived in some appartments. The tennants above us...
i was prego at the time though, so it was less than amusing :)

Charin Adams said...

Hey Rachel! :) You're tagged! Hopefully you're not too busy. :) See my blog for details. :)