Check this girl out.

Bitsy Baubles @ etsy.com

Such cute felt albums!


Charin said...

Wow, her stuff is *seriously* adorable! :) Thanks for sharing!

Kara said...

yea! Ruth ROCKS!!! :D i will pass this onto her!! ;)

Cara said...

good morning rachel!
thanks for putting my layout up in the RVA gallery!
how fun. you DID get my last name right . . . not a small defeat! thanks for clarifying.
(i went from gosney . . . . which NOBODY got . . . to harjes . . . given my very anglo-saxon looking face, people always think i am saying HODGES!)

have a happy monday!!!

Mandy said...

Those are too cute for words! *adding her to my favorites* :)

Caleen said...

Hey Rachel,
I checked out the blog too... cute
stuff. I love all the stuff at the
RVA BLOG. YOU GO GIRL!!! Where and
when do you get all the neat ideas?
You should be so proud!!
Take care and keep inspiring us.