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Postum Graduatum

Last weekend my brother graduated from college and was commissioned for the Army. He's been branched aviation and wants to fly helicopters. Thats okay with me as long as he takes me for a ride one of these days. Otherwise, it makes me a little scared. But I don't enjoy lingering on the subject of Iraq so we'll move on.
It was pretty much an all week celebration with three ceremonies, lots of eating out with extended family, gifts, more eating out, etc. My parents were so proud. I am, too. So, here are a few pics. Short and Sweet.


Andrea said...

I'm proud of him, too!

My brother is in the Army and is working on getting certified? to fly helicopters! He was in Iraq for a year, and without a doubt it was scary scary! But at the same time it's exciting to see him doing something that he loves.

Charin said...

That's awesome. :) But yeah, I am definitely ready for this whole Iraq thing to be over with!! :(
Have a good day!

Nicole said...

Wow! Congrats! :) What a brave soul :)