I was ordering some yummy goodness from Sarah at The Small Object when I ran across these free downloads. (For personal use, of course!) If you love finding unique designs for free as much as I do...you shouldn't waste any time in checking them out.
Make yourself a set of cards to keep your dream projects organized, or even your scrapbook ideas. Make a set of stationary to give away to your best friend. Think of a way to make your own designs or create a collection of drawings to print onto recycled paper to make a notepad...I'm getting so many ideas. All you need now is some free time! Ha! If anyone has any to spare, send it my way.
Just finished up with a major project today that was so much fun to be a part of. But, I'm not telling yet.
My creative juices were jump started in a craft compartment that had been hibernating for too long. I may even keep going.
I just can't get over how the DIY explosion has made my life so much happier. Not only can I make my own ideas come to life and be appreciated, I get to see all the freakin' genius creations of other people I wouldn't have known even existed. Yes, there are a lot of reproductions of good ideas out there (and whose complaining) but there are so many original designs that it makes me feel like a part of something huge. Our generation, and those attached to each end, has exploded with handmade goodness and thanks to our dear internet providers, we can share it with each other.
Well, needless to say, I get a little excited about it all.
If you've discovered a fabulous site of an artist or a coop. of artists, share with me.


Nicole said...

I adore matroyshka dolls - I have a collection, so I had to have the stamps!!! :) Love them :)

As for the DIY movement, this is something I really believe in. The gals at the Austin Craft Mafia (they've branched off and now people are starting their own local 'mafias' in their community) might be a great resource. You probably could find something locally and see if they're a worthwhile organization.

Also, Handmade Detriot (www.handmadedetriot.com) is a model for the growth of the urban craft/DIY movement. It's a brilliant blog with a simple mission. They've inspired me to start something here, in Buffalo, where DIY crafters are treated a bit like outcasts of the core arts community. We need more people to be active in make the DIY group something cohesive, with a voice, no matter if you play with paper or sew or make soap. It's all part of a huge statement to our (global) community.

Also check out getcrafty.com, craftzine.com, and get yourself to or into the indie craft shows (Seattle and Chicago) - you'll connect with a whole new group of like minded artists and crafters :)

Sorry to ramble, but this is something that is very interesting and personal for me - so it's easy to blab about! Good luck, Rachel and keep sharing - I'm always listening! xo

albenton said...

A sweet little place I just found today...http://shimandsons.typepad.com/shimandsons

Really cute stuff! :) Thanks for sharing!

Natalie said...

Love those matroyshka dolls. I was just in Russia a few months ago and seeing those made me so happy!!

Marie said...

These are adorable! I love folkish handmade stuff! Its the best.