How Pretty!

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I really love old-fashioned bags with bright prints. Yum.


Nicole said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous bag! :) I used to have one in 6th grade. I saved up for months (I had to have a trendy bag!), bought at Pappagallo's and used only a short time. I think that dates me, but it's so cool to see one of my favorite bags back in style ;)

~Sasha Farina~ said...

ohhhhhhhhhhhh that bag is super pretty!

Cammeron said...

Um yeah, LOVE that!

Charin said...

:) I love those bright colors!

Cara said...

so fun! and cool that it all works to help women.

Marie said...

That is adorable but really high priced,although helping women makes it all alright....I bet u could totally make that. Reminds me of my moms shirt when i was a kid lol! I have that kind of fabric but im saving it for a cute fabric journal...If i ever get my butt in gear.

Andrea said...

i'm going to be in seattle this weekend. what should i check out?

RachelDenbow said...

I may have responded too late. Its Sunday!
You need to make it to Fremont and enjoy the Sunday Market. Its beautiful this time of year and there are so many great finds. There is a lady that makes wood pieces, shelves, benches, armoires, etc. that I bought two pieces from and I love her stuff.

Queen Anne is a nice break. The 5 spot is a fun place to eat at the top of the hill.
Capitol Hill is also fun to browse around in but don't stay too late as it can get a little shady.

Downtown looking won't ever bore you. So many picture opps. Pike Place is a must.

OOOh, I could go on and on.
Have so much fun and tell me about it when you get back!!!