My Favorite Things

1. Pineapple
2. Swimming Pools
3. Movies

4. Making Scrapbook Pages?!
5. Warm Nights
6. Internet Friends

7. Jogging with Sebastian
8. Jamba Juice
9. New Jewelry

10. Adorn magazine
11. Underwire Black Bras
12. Blondie on TV


Andrea said...

these things are all so fabulously Summer!

p.s. i love Adorn! ok, and most of the other things listed, too!

Marie said...

I love to swim...If i could i would live in a pool....ok not really but i truly love to swim. I heart that lil skull bead sooo freakin cute! Actually i love everything in that bowl...including the bowl lol!

Mmmm fresh pineapple is da bomb! :)

Lydie said...

I must know where you got that little skull ring! It is too cute!

Elsie Flannigan said...

awe! it's our friendship ring! haha..

i love all these things too. mucho.

Nicole said...

Awesome list - Did you see Blondie this a.m.? Wow. How is that woman still so amazing after all these years (and still sound so good)? I hope to be that lucky!

Charin said...

Your bowl of jewelry is so pretty! :)

Joyous said...

I need some new good bras, for sure.

brett denbow said...

Yeah, No. 11. That made it on my top favorites list, too.

Jennifer said...

Okay, I think pinapple is the all time best thing ever, but after my visit to Maui I haven't never looked at it the same way again. I have never tasted anything as sweet or seen anything as bright yellow! Now, fresh is the only thing for me! It's best straight out of the Dole fields!!...Not that I would know what it tastes like....straight...from the....field.