Tagged Again.

Jen tagged me! So, in honor of 7/7/07, I will list 7 random things. I'm watching Amelie for the 5th or so time. Its whole introduction of the characters is random things about them so I figure its fitting. Oh, the small pleasures of life.

1. I took an oil painting class two summers ago that made me feel more alive than I had in awhile.

2. I used to teach English to Japanese business students who were older than I.

3. I hate to grocery shop.

4. I don't know very much about being grown up.

5. I have spent two of the three previous Valentine's Days arranging and delivering flowers for extra money.

6. I love movies from the 40's and 50's but not the 60's or 70's.

7. I used to spend my evenings in England with street kids in the park who eventually let me in and ate my 'chips'.

Feel free to post 7 random things about yourself if you'd like. If you've lived in England, too, then we'll have to write each other e-mails about how much we miss it, except for the weather.


JB said...

i totally agree with #4...same here. i look at us, we're very unconventional parents. sort of lax. then i look at other parents. not so lax. but we have fun. and i want my kids to look back on their kidhoods and remember the fun. so apparently i equate grown-up with parenthood. that's ok i guess. same explanation applies to both. i certainly don't feel 32 in my mind, maybe my body, cuz i ache after sewing and stuff. but i sure don't have A LOT of stuff figured out. which i think i also equate with grown-up. like how to keep a house clean! oy!

Nicole said...

I was married to an Englishman for 4 1/2 yrs (I was married *really* young). Got to visit 3 times and loved every minute of it. It always felt like 'home' to me. Such diversity in a small place. It was always amusing to be the only American in most situations. Got to do lots of travel to non-touristy places which I always enjoyed. Also, always got the best tans in England. My friends here never believed I went to England, as I would always come back tanned. It rained 1 day out of all of my trips (we'd stay for about 2 weeks at a time).

My husband (I have since remarried) went to England when he was 18 with his family (on a month long European trip). He, his brother and his sister hung out with the street kids at Trafalgar Sq for the 5 or so nights they were there. They still talk about it to this day (it was 15 years ago) :) I think it was important to them to 'fit in' with the culture to be part of it. That was they most fun (and best) way to do it. :)

Unknown said...

I hate grocery shopping blah! The only shopping i dont like i think lol! I WISH i lived in england. Lucky girl.

Ashley said...

I saw the comment you left on Dani's blog, and I'm more than excited to tell my husband that someone thinks he looks like a young Patrick Dempsy! ^_^

Heidi Joe said...

I love Amelie. I watched it yesterday and DVR'd it so I can watch it again later while I'm making stuff. Such a great movie...sigh.

While I agree that movies from the 40s and 50s rule over new movies, there still were some really good movies from the 60s! =) Audrey Hepburn crossed over quite nicely from the 50s to the 60s.

Anyway... loved your list, you're the bee's knees!

Cammeron said...

I took an oil painting class. Even now, if I'm feeling blue, all I have to do is open up a tube of paint and the smell makes me feel so good. (okay, that made me sound like a druggie! hahahah)

Lisa said...

No. 4 I can completely relate to!! I'm going to be 30 in Jan & surely by now I should feel like a grown up???? I live in England & the weather here at the moment is completely nuts, one minute pouring with rain (floods & everything ), the next, brilliant sunshine!! Love your blog by the way! xx

Jennifer Davis said...

So cool! Thanks for playing and my husband was over seas in England for about 6 month when he was in college...he loved it, we are looking forward to the time that we can go together! =)