Deh, Deh, Deh, Deh, Deh, Deh...Do the Shuffle...

Adrienne... said...

Of course flickr. But I love to read sewing/crafty blogs and find out about new sewing books... And then get them from the library. Free except buying the fabrics, and notions, (well I guess not that free!). I also love NPR's pod-casts. Does that count?

Congratulations and Merry Christmas from my family.

Send me your address and I'll send it out ASAP.

Thank you to everyone who listed their sites. I'm sure we all checked a few of them out. And for all of you who mentioned Pandora.com...um, Brett hasn't stopped listening since Tuesday. So, THANKS for the extension of entertainment and for sharing little pieces of yourself with us.

I'll be back by next week with some fun things to show. Check out the RVA blog to see what cute things our girls are making!

Love to all,
Rachel, Brett, Sebastian and Tim


Michelle said...

Congrats Adrienne! I hope Brett enjoys Pandora while its still around. I heard a rumor that they won't be along for much longer since they are loosing $ on it.

adrienne... said...
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adrienne... said...

Ooooooh... Thanks so much! What a nice little Christmas treat! (and I love Pandora too by the way)