An Update and a Giveaway

You'll have to read the post in order to get to the giveaway details. (It's an iPod Shuffle!)
So I'm not good at keeping secrets. But I haven't yet told Rachel what I got her for Christmas and I'm not going to, either.

Since October 1, Rachel and I haven't been buying non-essentials. During this time I have found that I've been able to really explore other personal interests that I had been pushing to the periphery. It hasn't been easy, but the rewards have certainly been showing themselves. I am excited about continuing this path of personal exploration. We thought entertainment would take the biggest hit but we've stumbled upon a few inexpensive or free ways to enjoy our Friday or Saturday nights as we did before.

On more than one occasion, we've hit up Redbox, the local $1 DVD vending machines. NPR is a treasure trove, and npr.org/music is a great place to start. Books.google.com has been an interesting find. I found a full book online and its availability in my local library with just a few clicks after going there to look up some information on an author. I'm also continually impressed at all you can unearth here.
The New York Times
is rich with entertainment and art content. I've also found goodreads to be exceptionally helpful in organizing my reading and 43things has inspired me to branch out and go for things that really matter. And, as always, flickr is one of the best sites on the entire web. But you knew that already, didn't you?

So, we'd like to know what your favorite website for art & culture is.

Leave us a link in the comments post as well as your name and Rachel will randomly draw a name from the comments to receive a brand new iPod shuffle. (We'd appreciate it if you were able to pay for the postage.) The story is that Rachel's dad came home with a brand new iPod shuffle that someone had given him as a gift at work. Since we all have one form or another of an iPod, we thought we'd offer it up as a Christmas give away. This is probably the coolest one that we'll ever have on this blog so I hope you are all able to play along.

The winner will be picked on Thursday the 13th and announced that evening. Thanks for reading and following along on this fun little 'Not Buying It' journey.



Boriquaz said...

I love seeing the creativity on Etsy, I can literally sit there for hours just watching all the new listed items and wondering how they made them, if I can have them etc etc. Etsy truly is an inspiration and a great place to support local artists (an no I don't work for Etsy that I praise them so LOL).

Bekka said...

So this is actually one that I just found (thanks for the inspiration!) Garageband.com looks like a great place to find independent music. Now I'm off to check out some of the sites you listed! :)

Ashley said...

Wow, you guys are awesome! So generous!

I have two. The first is actually called Art and Culture and is a place to search under different categories.

The second is Alison Tyler Jones' photography site. I love photography and am inspired by her pictures.

Belabrava said...

Well, I know that what I am going to post has almost nothing to do with that... but my husband and I are trying to save money for our own place, so we are trying to find the cheapest way to enjoy each other and our little ones... usually we go to Starbucks, we get the cheapest coffee and the kids a cookie, we sit there and enjoy the "Seattle feeling" - my husband is from Seattle....
Since we live in Southern Cali. we go for a walk around the neighborhood to see the Christmas lights... we like to go to Borders book store and spend a long saturday night going through the books, my little ones love that... Sometimes we look at local newspaper to see if they have any kind of entertainment for the whole family... You can even check out some local second hand store for books, have a nice picknick at the park or at the beach...
I don't know if that helps...I hope so!
I was just trying to share what has been our inspiration and fun lately!
Be blessed!

Carter said...

I like inspiremethursday.com for weekly "theme" inspiration for art, writing, etc. It's great to get ideas and then to see what others do with the same "prompt" or theme.
Please don't consider me for the giveaway... I just wanted to comment. THANKS!

Lizee said...

WOW..... (jaw dropping)
most people would have just sold the shuffle for cash or perhaps try to return at the apple store...but instead you guys amaze us with your generosity and thoughtfulness :) I seriously think its amazing you're sharing such a huge gift with your fellow bloggers.... BIG KUDDOS ;)

as for the linky links...
check out paperbackswap.com
Its a site where you swap your books with fellow readers. Its a great way to get rid of books that you've read, in exchange for books that have been on your "must read" list. The best part....its free..all you have to pay is postage..which is the media mail rate.

Erin Koch said...

Hi- I've been a lurker- but I just love your style. I'm a homeschooling farm-wife to two and I'm hoping a little of your "cool" will rub off on me!
I hate to repeat- but I LUV etsy. To see all the amazing things people make is awesome- and it's full of such diverse art. I leave it feeling more "cultured" ya know. I also love the sew mama sew blog- because it links to so many great blogs.

photography4me said...

Hello Brett and Rachel,

This isn't on the same subject line but I just wanted to let you know that I sent you an e-mail...I got my RV package yesturday and the add on chipboard buttons weren't in my pkg. Could you check this out for me please. Thank you, Angela

~~wenhether~~ said...

OMG guys that is soo nice!! My favorite site is Flickr!! No matter what I am looking for or if I just need a cheer up or inspiration, I can go there and find anything!! I love seeing everyone Pictures and Creations!!

I've been wondering how that red box was. I keep seeing it but haven't gotten to check it out. I just followed your link and checked it out! Thanks!!

I personally have also been watching my pennies and only splurging once a month(my rv kits). That is my limit right now. We are really trying to save as much as we can so we can go house hunting next year. Keep up the good work! It is all sooo worth it.

Meg said...

What an awesome give away! You two are so sweet (and thanks to dad!).

I usually check out scrapbooking sites all day. BUT, I love to check out http://www.uncommongoods.com/. I know its a shopping sites, but its got some NEATO ideas. I love checking it out to find neat ideas for things that I could make for people.

Anonymous said...

You are so right with flickr. Because I`m more the kind of person who loves to see what other people create and how I can do that, then just art stuff, my other suggestions would be http://gracierei.blogspot.com and Sew, mama, sew. I just found the last blog and love love love the tutorials.


ATS said...

You guys are sweet.

I love Flickr, but pretty much I get my inspiration from the 100+ photographer/scrapper blogs I am subscribed to (a la Google Reader)

Andi (RrlScrapGal) said...

For Art:
I have tons of blogs I subscribe to, including yours and Elsie's - and I get a daily dose of awesome stuff!

For Culture:
Needs Improvement!

I love reading the other posts though, and will have to come back to make a list so I can expand my horizons!!!

Chandra said...

Love those ideas! I found your blog through Elsie's--you guys are a constant inspiration!

Szilvi said...

Hi Girls!

What a great giveaway!
You gotta check out www.deviantart.com! Super cool artists live there.

This one is my fav right now:

And they also have a 'resources section', eg. PS brushes or stock images for free. Love that community.

craftymama said...

We have a little free newspaper/magazine thing called Mother & Child Reunion (I think they have them in most major cities) and they have lots of free things to do with your kids. Also, our local paper lists things to do each weekend and lots of those are free, I think it's usually in the arts & entertainment section.

Anonymous said...

Mmmmmmm... Etsy! I love it because it's mostly just ordinary people displaying great talents!
Please enter me!

Cara said...

please DO NOT put my name in your drawing - we are flush on iPods around here, as well.
however, i just wanted to say that you guys rock!

yes, for cheap entertainment, i am a huge fan of the public library. I guess i don't really have any web recommendations though.

so very very proud of you, brett & rachel!


Average Jane Crafter said...

I've drawn great inspiration from the Creative Mom Podcast website and podcast:

Amy puts together beautiful, insightful, funny and inspirational podcasts each week, and includes loads of resources and links in her show notes on the web site. The yahoo and flickr groups that have branched from the podcast are great sources of creative inspiration and support!


Anna Joy said...

yeah for ipods! love your blog !

Rachie Pachie said...

Right now, I'm finding lots of inspiration on 2peas. Specifically the photography stuff... here's the link: http://twopeasinabucket.kaboose.com/photography.asp

Thanks for the opportunity & Merry Christmas! :)

Heather Wilson said...

wow, what an awesome give away! I am probably the only person without an ipod...lol. It just hasnt been a priority as far as money goes...my husband and I are currently doing the same thing with our money, it has been both challenging and rewarding!

Anyways, my favorite sites for art & culture are:

Flickr, Etsy, Craftsanity, and MaineToday.com (a local website that lists art shows, music, ect..)

robin said...

a site I have been going to lately is http://www.designmom.com/
inpirational little site..many talented contributers..and fun giveaways..thanks for the post..love new links for creativity

Lyl said...

Hey there! ^^ Nice question, I can stay around these pages for a lots of hours each day :D One of my special favourites is the http://art.transindex.ro/ it's a half-hungarian page but with lot of portfolios of photographers around the world, sometimes very interesting or just emotive :) Other great gallery-collections are: http://www.oureyes.net/galleries/galleries.html and http://www.art-dept.com/divisions.html as well :)

kristin.kaye said...

Hello, I found your name off of Bekkas page, Im new to bloggin and looking for some new blogging friends! Thats a wonderful christmas present very thoughtful. I know you dont know me yet but i thought ide give you a link to my favorite website anyways. Since i have kids im always searching for things for them to look at and get into. http://www.childrensmuseum.org/themuseum/fireworks_ofglass/games_k2.htm this website gives them things to be artistic with.

Merry Christmas I hope we can become friends!

mrswright said...

I have been so inspired by your blog and your "Not buying it" that my husband and I are trying it ourselves. Here's one site I like to check out for art and culture http://www.juxtapoz.com/, i also love reading blogs and looking at flickr. Inspiration is everywhere!

I would love to be able to give an ipod shuffle to my husband for christmas! He's been asking for one the last few months. thanks for your generosity. Like i said before, you guys are a real inspiration.

Anjanette said...

I love soulemama.typepad.com - she is so inspiring and creative. And, I so enjoy reading thesunmagazine.com and geezmagazine.org (both of which I love my subscription to).

Oh, and we're doing a "Needs Only" month in January as a family to show our kids wants versus needs.


Charin said...

Oh my gosh, wow!! You guys are so incredibly cool to offer that as a giveaway :)
My new favorite website for culture is project playlist, love gathering all of my favorite music in one happy place :)
Other faves of mine have already been mentioned...Etsy and Flickr :)

Jenny said...

What a sweet thing to do! I actually spend hours browsing flickr, just looking at the art and getting inspired. I also spend time at Barnes & Noble, just browsing the magazines, the books, etc. Then, like you, I go to the library and take one home to read!

Happy Holidays!

quietly going mad... said...

Very cool giveaway. Web sites that i could look at for days for inspiration are etsy and ravelry(an online knitting and crocheting community with tons of free patterns). I also love listening to pandora while doing just that.
Merry Christmas!

PAO said...

My favorite website to search for inspiration are Etsy, Trunkt, Flickr and Elsie blog. Those sites are full of really talented people and creativity.
Thanks, Paola

Sylvia said...

Hey guys! Hope you're both keeping well. WELL DONE on keeping going with your simpler spending project - 'Good job' as Rachel used to say!

If prayer counts as a sort of culture, I like www.24-7prayer.com & of couse www.taize.fr for great articles. I also love catching up with the creativity of my friends on Facebook.

Lots of festive love!

Anonymous said...

I think the best one is flickr. com. There is so much inspiration and all the photos are a kind of art. With photos you can say as much, and if not, even more than with scraps and paintings.

Tina said...

Sorry. Forget to write my name. Embarrassing... o_o

chelle said...

Wow, what holiday spirit! Awesome give-away.

I get most of my inspiration from blogs. The last few weeks, for me the blackapple.typepad.com, www.aliedwards.typepad.com, and tarawhitney.typepad.com...an numerous others including yours!

Etsy which has been said and The New Yorker.

Merry Christmas!

Tiff Massie said...

Like every true crafter, I enjoy etsy! also check weekly into postsecret and found. other than that i check craft blogs. oh, and heather bailey has awesome schtuff to look at and dream about.

paying postage is no problem. I would love to give this to my sister. no one in our family has ipod-- of any sort. she would be so pumped. Thanks ladies, you are so kind!

Christen Krumm said...

Let's see -

etsy, elsie's site, rachel's site, redvelvet site, and http://www.elizabethkartchner.blogspot.com I love all of these site for pick ups and creativity. :)

sara berry said...

So funny...I have been trying to do the same thing and one of the things that I haven't allowed myself to buy is that very Ipod shuffle.
I really enjoy this spots:
They always have beautiful and inspiring finds.
Because of my addiction to paper.
This one is great for random inspiration.
Anyway, great post...if we weren't already AT your blog I'd put it.

sara berry said...

I meant "these spots"...oops

*danielle* said...

there are tons of places i love to look for art inspiration. my fave art one is Elsie's blog. she always has great photos to look at, a new painting she painted or some little craft she or someone she has met, has made. *luv*luv*luv*! and a good fill for music is http://www.pandora.com/. it matches music to you that it thinks you will like based on your choices! its fun!
To your family: have and amazing day!

coffeetalk said...

so i'm a little unoriginal, but etsy is seriously such a source of inspiration. i love to look at individual band websites too. overtherhine.com where linford posts an occassional "letter" is a treat!
such a generous giveaway!
what are you doing about christmas? only handmade? i'm sure you know this already, but i am loving www.changingthepresent.org this year.

Ashley said...

does anthropologie count? Ummm I would say probably one of the most inspiring things would be my creative blogs folder on my rss reader. etsy would be another one. An my local library website because I can get books, which is probably the biggest inspiration for me.

Jodie said...

i really like the idea of not spending money, and your ideas are great!!

as for inspiration, aside from flickr, which i literally could spend hours on (and somedays doo!!) or etsy, where there is such amazing art and creations.
i also love craftster.org. that site is great for ideas inspiration, or to kill an hour or so!!
sewing, printing, polymer clay glass, gardens, home, EVERYTHING is there.
tutorials, etc.

cant believe you guys are giving away an ipod that is so insanely generous, i agree with another poster, most people would sell it, but you guys are awesome hey.
chuck me in the drawer, ive never owned an ipod, i know sad huh. ehehe


ailie said...

Have you checked out pandora.com? You put in an artist or song that you like and it comes up with a play list based on your taste.

Or, bookmooch.com is a site where you essentially trade books online (you pay the media rate postage for sending your book, and then books you receive are free).

kiki comin said...

I know this is sort of weird, but one of my favorite sites to go to is www.scad.edu. This is an art and design school, and any schools website will work, but I love to peruse the galleries on these sites..they always seem to be fresh and very ripe with inspiration!

B said...

Actually, I go to your blog and Elsie's for art...not only do you both do amazinly creative things, but you also always have great links to other creative people. I can sit at my computer forever and just go link to link from your site. Thanks for the inspiration!

Scrappermania said...

Realmente un sitio en especifico no tengo, pero en verdad amo los blogs! Creo que sin duda, es mi mayor fuente de inspiración y conocimiento, gracias a todos los blos que he visitado he conocido, nuevas culturas, ideas y estilos!

Un Jour... said...

Well for the past 3 months I have found this website to be inspiring: http://selfportraitchallenge.net/

It has me looking through the camera lense I little different each week.

Also this website: http://gimmeyourstuff.blogspot.com/

Swapping is fun, especially with people from other countries:)

Lauren Z said...

Oh what a sweet thing to do!

I have not yet started my "no buying" lifestyle yet. (and as far as scrapbook supplies go- i do not know if I will ever be able to stop- but I have already cut back to only $50 a month (down from around $200 yikes!).

I also Love NPR! I really like the "story Corps" feature. Such a great way to experience life thru other peoples views and life stories. It really makes you relise that we are all alike in our many ways. and it is really touching to hear the love that people have for eachother and the past.

As far as art goes- Well Flickr is one of the best that I can think of, but I also love my daily dose of "Elise" "Bling" (aka you guys) "Donna Downey" http://donnadowney.typepad.com/.

Also- Have you ever Used Pandora Radio (www.pandora.com) It is AWESOME! you create (for free!!) stations with songs that you love, and it will pick out and play music that is similar, or like it. I have found SO many unique artists, from all around the globe. I have it playing on the PC at all times, and I have increased my musicial taste to areas that I would have never explored before. Check it out! it is the best!

Ok, I will now throw in my "ooo ooo ooo! pick me pick me!" for the Prize (In my best geeky Arnold Horshack voice of course) :)

Merry Christmas to you all!

lindsey said...

I love this site:

It has tons of games that you can play online, or download on your computer to play at home. It has tips on what sites aren't worth it to play, and where you can find free online downloads.

My favorite, Family Feud, is there. You can download it, split onto teams, and play to your hearts content. Great for big family gatherings over the holiday too!

Anonymous said...

Oooh what a great giveaway. I too love flickr and etsy. Craigslist is a fun one for freebies!
For children, I am a homeschool mom and always loving looking at neat, free art things for the kids. One of my faves is
You can find just about anything you are studying on here. Clipart, links, you name it. very educational and fun!

Anonymous said...

well of course flickr is my favourite place (im there, called Marolle). Then I'll really love this blog: http://printpattern.blogspot.com/
Etsy is also a good place for getting good ideas :)

It's a great gift you got there !! (i really would love having an Ipod, so I can listen to music while I'll craft ;) )

Artsy Momma said...

I am pretty bad at giving great links but Etsy is always inspiring to me. I love the storque. ( http://etsy.com )

I read a ton of blogs as well and just keep a long list of books to request at my library when available!


adrienne... said...

Of course flickr. But I love to read sewing/crafty blogs and find out about new sewing books... And then get them from the library. Free except buying the fabrics, and notions, (well I guess not that free!). I also love NPR's pod-casts. Does that count?

Debby de Wilde said...

I absolutely love just going through pictures on Etsy & Flickr. Just take a couple of hours and give yourself permission to just look! Nothing else: Just look and see what you like. Do NOT (I repeat: DO NOT) feel guilty about the time you've lost looking and surfing over the internet. In return you will get so much inspiration by looking at colors, pictures, projects, people and everything else you can think of.
And beside the internet I love windowshopping. Just looking at the way shops did their windows. Love looking at the different combinations and styles. The windows look as they are paintings (and even framed by a window) :)

Love your blog!

Living On Faith said...

That's so cool! I'd love it.


jessicastolte@yahoo.com said...

We are so lucky (usually) to have so many creative outlets available through the crazy internet! it is very overwhelming on some days :) flickr is definitely one of my most inspiring creative sources, along with etsy which i have fallen in love with this last year....it is so cool to see so much talent around the world and be able to support it, easily! i love handmade, local and worldwide talent, i feel like i make a difference by making and buying, it is so fulfilling. BUT (i feel those two are so 'obvious'....) i also have fallen in love with www.artsonia.com.....my children's art teacher posts their school artwork onto this *safe* site and we can share and approve people to view their portfolio & make comments (like their grandparents, aunt, us etc)...it is sooo cool to see their faces light up with excitement to see their own work on the computer and hear what family around the country have to say about it! and its safe and private which is nice! so this is what inspires me. (also, so do you and your group, so thank you for that! please keep it up as i refer to your blogs and flickr pages for lots of inspiration and look forward to it!!!!) Jessica

rmeyfe said...

I love drawing inspiration from all the things I see on people's blogs too and I always think to myself "I could do that", now if my kids would just help out and let me have the time to do them we would be golden!!

I have to say flickr is one of my favorite places to procrastinate what little time I do have online. There are just so many things to look at that I know I would never see if I didn't belong to the world wide web!!!

Merry Christmas to you all!!
Jen M

Sandy said...

I love : http://www.thevisualdictionary.net/ which is similar to flickr
http://www.shine.fm.com for streaming music

PippiPebbles said...

Hi, I really love www.deviantart.com It's a very large community of all kinds of artists, but mostly photography (I think) Have fun exploring it and finding inspiration!

Love, Anika

Anonymous said...

I am loving www.flicker.com as well right now.. SO much to gaze at!!! Rachel in UT

Krys said...

There are so many how can I choose just one...well I guess if i have to then it would be ETSY! That place is a-mazing, I love to find things I like then go to the artists favorites to see if there is something I like...that goes on for hours!

Sarah H. said...

metroblogging la at www.blogging.la

Living On Faith said...

I forgot to put this link in my comment earlier. http://www.aliciabock.com/ I enjoy your photography. :)

coxinaille said...

Hi Bret AND Rachel, and thanks for this great giveaway!
I love to check out this one, -->http://www.absolutezerodegrees.co.uk/
and this: http://mylittlemochi.typepad.com/my_little_mochi/


axis community church said...

you guys rock.

(please don't ad my name to the drawing).

i just stopped by and after reading this post, i'm extra glad that i did.

steph said...

Yowza! An ipod? What a giveway!!!

I have so many things that inspire my online...
*Elsie's blog
*Your blog (and I'm not just saying that you butter you up!)
*Red Velvet Art
*This photographer's blog...http://www.utah-wedding-photographer.com/. It's a local (to me) photographer that I think is just great.
*This cake decorator's blog...http://carriescakes.com/blog/ (another local to me).
*Angry Chicken's blog...http://angrychicken.typepad.com/
*Ali Edward's blog...http://www.aliedwards.typepad.com/

Wow, I just realized I could go on and on and on.

I also love perusing my local library, art studios and the farmer's market.

Thanks guys!

Rena said...

You guys are so great!

I love Etsy for ideas in crafting and sewing.. Your site, Red Velvet is loads of fun, and very inspiring to me.. But, I guess for "culture" I would have to say The Louvre Museum Offical site:


I became interested in it after reading "Girl with a Pearl Earring".. I had researched Vermeer.. it's just so full of interesting things!

Thanks for being an inspiration to me.


OpaqueSkies said...

I luv to travel, and so I live vicariously through others here: http://www.travelblog.org/. There is also a link on my blog. This helps me know the experiential culture, not just the anthropological aspects of a culture/location. Also, if you look at the Smithsonian site you'll find lots of great leads there.

My husband and I are also refraining from spending, which is why neither of us have an ipod, cell phones, cable/satellite, etc. it definitely encourages creativity.

Daniel Rhoten said...

Mapquest has brilliant art. WHAT?!?!

1. This site provided hours of entertainment - http://users.belgacom.net/gc674645/heaven/newjerus.htm

2. This is an online Bible where people can upload ideas, songs, videos, art, whatever to - http://www.youversion.com/

3. This guy has some exceptional art and it's funny - http://www.mikeatron.com/

4. A great blog cartoonist - http://asbojesus.wordpress.com/


Waldeck Dry Goods said...

wow! how generous of you! we just had a baby and went from two incomes to one, so we're really cutting back as well. i like paperbackswap.com and for things to do in the south-central pa area, i like this one: http://www.thechl.org/

Gloria said...

This is hard, lots of good ones have been mentioned.

I think I would have to say for inspiration, www.anthropologie.com, www.indiefixx.com,



Gloria said...

I thought of some others!


Bindi said...

I'm so happy about you guys doing the "not buying it" - I started that with my kids after a missions trip made me ill about the amount of waste we have in western society. Then having my 4 year old watch TV and say they NEEEEED a new Dora Doll House...now my response is always "why don't we MAKE IT! They have fun, we save money, less waste!

http://www.craftaustralia.com.au/ has a free newsletter, a link to youth@craft to give young artists ideas how to establish, market and even internationally make a name ...plus a GREAT gallery page. Worth a look

cydders said...

i love etsy. and i find alot of inspiration for this and your blog affiliates! i love it all! also Flikr. great photo inspiration!

Cydne Palmer
San Diego, CA
Merry Christmas!

Alicia P. said...

http://www.kerismith.com/blog/index.html I LOVE Keri Smith's Blog and have been truely inspired by her book Wreck This Journal... I also love some of the ideas in the Guerilla Art Kit as well. I also LOVE Ali Edward's Blog http://aliedwards.typepad.com/ and finally I just love browsing over at http://www.flickr.com/ for photo ideas...

Jenna said...

of course i love etsy, and flickr, but i've really been loving Sew, Mama, Sew! they've had some great sewing tutorials and great inspiration for handmade holidays! (www.sewmamasew.com/blog2/)

sweetjessie@comcast.net said...

I go to This American Life and listen to any of the shows my beloved Ira Glass has ever broadcasted.

Lisa said...

WOW! How seriously cool are you guys? I so admire your desire and ability to put aside "stuff" and focus on things that are actually more important. Thanks for the inspiration! I love this local site (www.yourheartout.com) that shares info and ideas on everything from crafting to restaurants. So fun.

Dana said...

I know lots of other people have listed it but etsy. Every time I look through there I'm amazed at how talented people are. I also read a ton of blogs for inspiration.

Heather said...

the train table at Barnes and Noble and Pottery Barn Kids story times are great and CHEAP ways to entertain when it's too cold or I want to go to the mall to get a bite to eat and need an excuse. *snickers*

http://www.annejulie-art.com/blog/ I love her stuff.

Rock'nmama said...

Okay, I love this site http://www.theblogisfound.com/
I love the photography inspiration. This couple rocks! Go check it out.

I will most certainly pay for postage if I win! :)

Little Sarah said...

I love pandora.com - it is a great way to listen to new, free music that is based on bands/artists you like. check it out!


*~*Jocelynne*~* said...

i just adore browsing around http://poppytalk.blogspot.com/

they always have such fun and gorgeous things...it's hard to explain, but go check it out.

nell said...

I love the next site www.atelierbep.nl,click on the shop and then on the 4e button down under. and you see all she makes en sells, really nice and creative a must for everybody to watch.

Jessica said...

i love this site for eye candy: http://www.animationarchive.org/

i'm a huge mary blair fan and love to go here to drool over her art. :)


3crazykids said...

This is the best place to check out artisitc furniture I wish to have in my home. Inspiration everywhere.



Joanna said...

This is so generous! What a fun treat!

I love to go to www.radiantmag.com and www.relevantmagazine.com for great articles on faith, culture, art, and music.

Radiant is geared towards Christian women and Relevant is geared for Christian young adults both male and female. They both have podcasts and new articles posted each week and I am always inspired and encouraged by the content of these sites- both in my faith and in life. I am a subscriber to both magazines and love reading them each time one of them slips into my mailbox.

Anyway, my fiance is really wanting an ipod and I would love to win it for him for Christmas because I can't afford to purchase one right now. So, this would be really awesome!! Thanks so much for giving this holiday season!

Michelle Sanders said...

Ohhhh this is a fab idea...I need to explore that not buying non essentals thing too! And the ipod...that is awesome that ya'll are kind enough to think of others and just GIVE it away! I don't have one...well I've resisted for sooo long and I really need one. Like bad. LOL!

Elise said...

Oh! Oh! What a fun request! And I agree with several other suggestions, but our family has two top favorites, and since your family is young also, I think you'll like them both:

The first one is a favorite for the girls (age 4 & not quite 2). It is fabulous for introducing them not just to sights, but also sounds & thoughts of history and more. It's the children's site from the Museum of Modern Art--check it out with Sebastian:


The second one is a personal favorite: my first art--long before crafting--was music, and this site delivers! Listen to, compose and deconstruct music. Find out about instruments & different styles of music... oh, yeah, and hear some cool indie music!


I promise that both of these sites will provide great enjoyment--for hours. Try Sound Junction for a date: two cups of coffee, an appetizer or dessert, and you can create a ballad for your sweetie--then switch and let the other one snack while you create a complimentary piece to serenade him!

Thanks for your blog. I enjoy it daily, it helps remind me that mothering and expressing creativity do not need to be exclusive of one another.

Lynne said...

Ralvery is very inspring for me (ralvery.com) and then also websites like flickr (of course)

Anonymous said...

You guys rock! How fortunate one lucky winner will be!
Thanks for introducing me to Etsy.com and Flickr, I am stuck in the preschool world and hardly venture out into the "big" kids world. You have opened my eyes to the art/photo world that gives me inspiration.
Love you guys!
_ KT in MO

jadadog said...

oh my! Could I possibly compete with all the marvelous posts? Fingers crossed....and thanks for this blog...lots to check out! (I love that!)

lexsmama said...

You guys are the best!!

I love CurlyGirlDesigns. They're so artsy! I'm in love with Etsy and Flickr, too. Of course! :-)


Lorraine said...

I am going to throw my name in the hat...I dont have any ipod related items...I am extremely behind the times.

With 2 kids running around me, I dont have too many 'arts and culture' website but I have guilty pleasure website...my favorite for silliness and triviality is www.perezhilton.com

Dixie said...

I love the photography from www.pioneerwoman.com. She is just awesome.

cottage girl said...

Two favorites:

The Sartorialist

The Today Show
I've gotten tons of ideas from that show! Theater, crafts, books, art, health...

Yolanda said...

I would add that Shelfari.com is also a good site for book suggesstions.I too love flickr,paperbackswap.com, ravelry and am a huge fan of used book stores, npr and my local library.

Anonymous said...


Let's see.. My favorite site would have to be Craigslist.com. I know it's not super artsy, but there are a lot of people who advertise their photography businesses and at-home craft businesses on there (they usually include links to their web sites too)!

It's an awesome and easy way to see and help support a multitude of local artists in your area!

Here are a few links from a recent search in my area:





Hope you guys have a very Happy Holiday!

Lots of love,
Stephanie Clark

Belabrava said...

This is a cool webpage that I just found out!

Jill said...

I am a lurker...love your site! And I am probably the only person left on earth that doesn't have an IPOD yet, so I would LOVE this win!
I have lately found etsy and designmom websites that I love. I think I saw a few other mention these too. They are awesome.
Thanks for the chance to win. You are fabulous!!!!!!

peaknits said...

A great way to trade books for only the cost of postage is www.paperbackswap.com - it rocks! A great way to save money and to share your book collection!

Anonymous said...

Pick me pick me

Joy Madison said...

we did Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University last December and we got rid of our dish network last spring. we love blockbuster.com, which you can exchange your mailed videos at the store for new ones. It's only $15 a month, which is great for as many videos as we watch now. I also listen to NPR online all the time. Studio 360 and This American Life are good listens. Also I watch a lot of my "tv" on the internet. Abc.com and NBC.com both have good players for their shows!

Geneviève Pilote said...

Etsy and Flickr are my favorites. Amazing giveaway, hope I'll win !

♥♥♥ Merry Christmas to you ! ♥♥♥

Geneviève Pilote

Jennifer H. said...

For pop culture and newsworthy stuff I love to browse on Digg.com. And to get my art fix I can surf on Etsy for hours! Seriously the time just flies by.

Jennifer H.

MNScrapbookmom said...

This is so generous of you both, thank you. I would have to say that between Etsy and Flickr - I could be lost for days in Art and Culture. Both of these sites are so inspirational, and I just love them. Thanks for the chance... Take Care...Happy Holidays.

Bibi said...

Wow! That's so awesome of you guys! I've never owned an ipod, so I'm REALLY hoping my name gets drawn. I find inspiration everywhere, but some of my fave sites are deviantart, etsy, and flickr.

Anonymous said...

happy holidays to ya'll! =)

and ya'll are so sweet & generous!!!

some of my faves sites for inspiration these days are flickr & etsy. as well as your blog!

♥♥♥ jen o'dea street ♥♥♥ said...

merry christmas rachel, brett & sebastian! hope you have a wonderful holiday season & a super start to 2008!

some of the sites i love...and visit everyday...are etsy, flickr, sistv, poppy ink, shimelle.com, anna maria horner, martha stewart crafts, and these blogs:
yours (of course!!)
red velvet art
heather bailey - http://heatherbailey.typepad.com/heather_bailey/
adrienne looman - http://www.acolorfulhouse.typepad.com/ -&- http://www.aloomanart.com/

just a few...i could put tons more i'm sure...but you get the idea!


Kara said...

blogs! i love reading blogs for inspiration. both in life, and entertainment.

what an amazing giveaway! good luck to everyone!!!!

Emily said...

Two of my favorites are Etsy (I can be inspired for hours), and also pandora.com. Love that you can create custom "stations" for free!

Tess said...

My biggest artsy inspiration comes from blogs like Elsie, SiljeVanilje, Red Velvet Art and more...

Lydie said...

Oooohh, there's this really great website by these really great girls, you may have heard of it...red velvet art! Divine inspiration. LOL
Another place I like is www.bloesem.blogs.com. Great color and design eye candy.
And, I never commented, but thanks to you guys...I'm not buying it either!

Greta said...

that is totally cool and very generous of you!!

Cheryl said...

I love stopping by Etsy on a daily basis. I totally support anything handmade. You guys are so generous offering and i-pod for a giveaway.
Happy holidays!!!

Mandy said...

I also love flickr and Etsy is a constant source of inspiration (and shopping :) The decor8 blog is also great for art and home inspiration.

What an awesome giveaway...you all are so generous! Happy Holidays!!

Ester Durães said...

First, tkx for the links, they're really great!!
my favorite culture site is one that you have already mentioned, Flickr.com!!
I think that it is awesome 'cause you can see what other people want to share and spread your own images too... lots of inspiration!!
have a nice week**

Cristina said...

Hi !!!
Hum... well, i think there's a lot of art and culture in ''flickr''.
A lot of creative minds, a lot of different and all beautiful art and artsy people !!!
I love your blog, Elsie's and Silje's for inspo and fun. Amber's and hubby's for nice pictures !!!
I'll check out some of the sites listed in the comments !!!
It's such a great idea , to share and discover more inspo sites !
Thanks !!!

Jenny + Mark = Love said...

I love etsy. I find new ideas and love to see how creative other people can be.

Sara said...

We like comedy around here: http://www.theonion.com/content/index

Katie said...

pick me! pick me! - that probably doesn't really help my chances, but i rarely enter drawings so it feels appropriate.

hmmmm. well i know this isn't a website but pbs is so good. i love watching it. i love that it's free, that it's so random sometimes and that on more than one occasion a day, very educational.

i do like the bbc website but to be honest while news on bbc is interesting i enjoy hgtv.com and www.marthastewart.com a lot more than the bbc. tends to be a lot less depressing than the news on the bbc. what can i say? that martha really knows her decor.

d. said...

I'd say your blog, Red Velvet Art and many art journaling blogs...


Katie said...


this website and whole movement is really awesome. while maybe it doesn't really qualify as entertainment, i thought it reminded me of the post on here. so i thought i would share.

MicheleC. said...

Well....i don't really have a 'favorite'. What i normally do is start with someones blog and visit the links they feature on there! That's how i came across your blog and now it's a favorite and bookmarked.

Hope that counts.


melissa w said...

I like to look to Ali Edwards as my inspiration.

Of course I love you girls too!!

Katie Jones said...

I love not buying things. Although sometimes I still think I need some non-essentials like shoes, and crafting supplies! ~ Katie

jane said...

I hope Santa brings me an Ipod. Listening to the NPR Radio program you suggested. Depeche Mode lead singer..brings me back to the 80's.

DeDe said...

I love doing the search on old 1960 and 1970's cartoons... I get such cool inspiration with the colors and styles that they drew in!! Pink Panther and I think it's Alli baba and the 40 theives... something like that for example... or you can just watch them on Boomerang!! lol