Heartbreak Pillow

Listening to HER all day. Getting a few things finished up in the sewing room. I made another art journal and almost started crying when I was done. They are getting to be really special to put together for people. I think I've decided its important to make them.



Katy said...

when you gonna teach me to be nifty??oh I guess that would mean you would have to be closer:)

RachelDenbow said...

workin' on it! I sent you a box this week. SHould be there next. Love you.

Charin said...

That pillow is adorable! :)

photography4me said...

Hello Rachel, When I went to Jo Anne fabrics yesterday to get the fabric to make my lap quilt they told me to wash the pieces before using them. So I did in the washmachine. I even threw some older pieces that I had in with them and when all was said and done I opened up the machine and what a mess. They all fraid, I was able to save all the pieces I bought but the old pieces I had to trash. Now is it really necassary to wash your pieces before you use them? And if so what do you recomend that I do next time to keep them from fraying?

the new project looks fun. I like the black and white fabric you chose. I seen lots of that kind at JoAnnes last night.

By the way I like the sound of Cat Powers voice. I could see how you could listen to her all day.

Bye for now, Angela

RachelDenbow said...

I usually wash all my fabrics before I cut them so they fray less. If you wash less than 1/4 of a yard they usually fray a lot so its tricky. I always wash them on warm/cold and set it to the delicate cycle. When I dry them, its on medium heat and also on the delicate cycle. Then once I'm ready to use them, I trim off the tangled mess and iron the really wrinkled parts. If I've got a lot of time, I'll iron everything to make it easier to work with.
Good luck with yours. Glad you liked Cat Power. She's hot.

photography4me said...

Thanks....That helps knowing that you get the tangled mess too. I thought I was doing something wrong. I also used one of those garmet bags you would use for your delicates such as bras. It seemed to not fray as much. Maybe next time I will use a pillow case.

Thanks for your reply!! Angela

Katy said...

thank sugar! i never get boxes, this is a welcomed surprise :) yeah!

Silje Røe Hagland said...

THat pillow is so cute!..and so are you! Your curls are precious <3

Jodie said...

love that pillow it is adorable!!

Quiet Violet said...

OK Rach... I've got curly hair like yours... what do you use/do to it?! Your curls always looks so un-frizzy and wonderful.

Could you give us a hair tutorial?


RachelDenbow said...

I'd love to!
Check back soon for that inspired post.

Michelle said...

Its so great that you put so much of yourself into your projects. Thanks for the inspiration!