How 'Bout It?

I was sitting in my rocking chair holding S this afternoon and remembered the time I had to pick out clothes for my two interviewees in a mock 'client session' at Anthropologie.
Um, yeah, I used to dream of working there. Constant inspiration, beautiful people, excellent discounts, etc. Except I was more of the awkward, creative, people watcher than the bold, customer service provider and I had a small pregnant bump that narrowed my wardrobe to two cute outfits. The first one I was able to wear to the interview. I felt good in my black, sleeveless, jersey, wrap dress, fitted denim jacket and blonde cowboy boots. I sold myself to those two polished, poised and petite sales reps but knew I wasn't meant to be there. I needed a job but Anthropologie wasn't the one for me. I waited to hear from them and finally called to see what the verdict was. They were polite but told me I wasn't what they were looking for at that time but to try back in a few months. Bluh.
I look back now and see how wrong I was for the job. It was one of those dreams that wasn't meant to be but I'm so proud of myself for making it through that interview and trying something so uncomfortable. I ended up working two PT jobs that gave me experience in my minor and also prepared me for motherhood. I doubt Anthropologie could've lived up to that. Nevertheless, I still request their catalogs and drool over the loveliness inside.
So, this post is your space to tell me about something you have done/are doing that you are proud of. Tell us a story.

And remember... awkward, creative, people watchers are fabulous.


~wenhether~ said...

I'm proud that I stuck it out in nursing school(even on the nights when I cried so hard about it) because I now have a job that I love!!

Awesome post!! Great prompt for a page!!

Heather(who is also a awkward, creative, people watcher)

RachelDenbow said...

I recognize your username. Thanks for all the RVKC love these last few months! Good job with nursing school. A lot of girls on my hall during my time as an RA sophomore year were nursing majors. Seems they didn't need sleep like the rest of us!

staceyfike said...

you had me at awkward and creative :)
i am proud that i am an artist.
even though i still wait tables to pay the bills.

so happy you visited my blog too :)

Miss Dot said...

as someone who suffers from terrible attacks of vertigo with vomitting I am just proud of myself for leaving the house! :-)

Andrea said...

i majored in accounting and worked as a tax auditor for two years. but as a fellow awkward, creative, people watcher myself, i'm proud that i finally realized how much i needed out of that job. i now spend my days providing daycare for an awesome brother/sister duo (he is 2, she is 3 months). i have never been happier.

denverherbie said...

okay, thank you so much for saying that akward creative people watchers are fabulous. i have been feeling pretty down lately about the akward creative social skill deficiancy that seems to come with the teritory for me. needed that.

okay . . .
a) i had a similar interview at the gap when i was 17. i had no idea what to pick out so i just "sold" them a pair of flannel pajamas. i was not what they were looking for either.

b) what i am doing that i am proud of . . . sucessfully giving up TV this year!

c) you look adorable and smiley and lovely in that last picture! you have a great smile!

Cara said...

oh my! i just went to make sure my comment posted and thought, "why did herb post on rachel's blog? that's weird . . . but cool."
then i realized he had used my computer last and must have signed in as himself for something else!
so that last comment was me!

Funky Finds said...

cute pics! be sure to enter my stationery & paper goods giveaway on funky finds this week! http://www.funkyfinds.blogspot.com

Jessica :)

Michelle said...

I loved your story about your interview and know exactly how you felt.

I'm proud that I overcame my awkwardness in photojournalism. I took a class that pushed me to take photos of people without asking them first if it was ok. I no longer miss that precious innocent moment between people.

I'm so proud that I stuck with the animation program and earned a degree in it even after I realized it wasn't for me. I was able to overcome the fear that I was giving up on a dream. I learned it was not my dream after all.

Marie said...

Yes we are fab! And i love love love ur pics they are beautiful!

Pam Jones said...

I'm a behind the scenes person, as well. I'm most proud that I MOVED from Southern California where I lived all my life and was a full time career woman ... to Nevada and became a full time stay at home mom of a blended family. I'm most proud of ALL my children and am living VICARIOUSLY through them.

I liked this ... nicely done!


Charin said...

Great post Rachel! :)

My accomplishment was becoming the Assistant Manager of my bank at the age of 22, and then having the courage to tell them that I wanted to step down from my position when I found out I was pregnant with Katie..that was a hard one for me!

I didn't want people thinking I coulnd't handle the position. But working 7-7 and being a Mama was not my idea of a good system. :)
I am much happier now, and I learned a lot!
P.S. Awkward and creative=me for sure!

Martha Bonneau said...

I am proud that a couple of years ago I realized I was at a point in my life that I needed to make a change, get creative and put myself out there. I have gone from living a life that was a daily grind of work, work, work to one filled with color, friends and fabulousness. I still have the same job, it longer defines me though...I do :)

brianne sheppard said...

I'm proud of me for getting more comfortable with strangers with the whole "young mom" thing. It really used to make me feel bad when people would chat about us (22 with a 2 year old) but I don't really care anymore. I kick ass at being a mom so what do they know? Here's to moms everywhere who do a good job.

tania said...

From the time I was graduating from high school, I knew that working with kids was the thing for me. After being a homeschooling mom,single mom, Teaching Assistant and more I needed a break from the 24 hrs. of kid duty. I needed a job though and decided to take a huge leap of faith and applied at Starbucks. They hired me on the spot as a barista, and a year later offered me a store as a manager. You know what though, I turned them down and went back to kids...I loved my job at SBUX but I took everything so personally and couldn't handle disapointing anyone...being a barista is a hard job if you love making a difference...I am proud of that time though, learning so much about business and customer service...but you know what, I love my job at school with my student way more! We are a perfect fit. And when I go to Starbucks, I always tip and smile and chat with the baristas because I admire what they do...

cydders said...

not on the topic, but i was just over at Elsie's blog and congrats on the book!!! i'll have to get it to see all your creative lovliness!


Michelle said...

yay! count me into that awkward, creative, people-watching category..=)

I am super-proud that I got out of the same-old everything rountine after highschool and moved to a new city by myself, with not a lot of money...and worked hard literally day and night to get myself through film school....I'm proud I drew a film by myself. I'm proud I got a full-time job in my new career right away...most of all, proud that a quiet girl like me made herself step out and go get what I wanted...=)

Love your anthrolpologie story, Rachel =) happy day!

Boriquaz said...

That's a great picture at the end of your blog. As for the interview thing, sometimes you have to try things out and everything happens for a reason. Maybe it's a good thing they didn't take you because then you might not be the person you are today. Which is a fabulous creative awkward people watcher, which there's def nothing wrong with that lol

Ashley said...

I sang a duet in front of 100+ people on Saturday and I'm not a singer. It was a goal and I did it but I'm glad it's over.

Angie said...

Hi Rachel
I've always been a drawer!!
I draw over everything and one day .One of my friends said you are too good.
Make something with it!!!
Didn't believe her ..
You always think ur not that great
There pulling your leg??
Anyway end of last year I started my own hand drawn acrylic stamps here in Australia ..And there going great guns..Having Quite a few celeb scrappers over here Doing Layouts with them !!!
So moral of the story ..Dont give up on a dream!!
One day it might come true !!
One dream is Rach for u too do a LOL with them if possible?
Silje has grabbed one ..
I'll send it over to you ..
Although I know ur pregnant right now ..But have to aske ? Try and fullfill my DREAM!!
Have a great day
Love and Skullies Angie
Have a look at the 3 characters
and if u like pick one and I'll send it over to you!!
Website www.angiedelarie.com

Sarah Joy said...

For having natural births. They really get a lot of raised eyebrows and concerns, but it was the best thing I have ever done, three times. I am proud for trusting God and my body and sticking through it.
Also proud of homeschooling and dealing with more raised eyebrows! ;) And just being tough and strong in my convictions.

RachelDenbow said...

NOT pregnant. Just in case you thought you were all left in the dark.

Although, I do have some pretty fierce ideas for baby girl clothes!

Quiet Violet said...

Aww, come on! Sabastian wants to be a big brother! ;)

I think the God has a way of pushing us in the right direction at the right time -- even if we kick and scream the whole way. Eventually, we'll end up right where we're supposed to. <3

Cat said...

I love your honesty and how you share stories like that that we all can relate to :) Thanks!

I am Proud that I finally ok with being home with Tate and don't feel like I have to justify my exisitence with my former career. I do, however appreciate others' professional ambitions without envy. I love perspective that getting older gives you!

nicole green said...

can i just say that i'm officially obsessed with your blog? :) it's amazing.

i'm proud that i followed through with my dream of being a photographer and got a degree for both commercial and portrait photography. there aren't a lot of photographers (out of the countless amounts there are) that can say they have one! :)

Niki said...

I have always made my own cards and stationery. For years people told me they were good, but since I only sent them to folks that I love, i figured they were biased.
After 3 years of resolving to submit to national magazines, i finally did it. I was imagining staff opening my envelopes and laughing so hard that the submissions would just get thrown away; instead, i had 4 cards published last year.
That gave me the confidence to start working on an Etsy shop. I still haven't told many people that i'm working on it. I'm afraid that i'm just not good enough. I'm deathly afraid that i won't sell anything, except to my mom. But i'm gonna do it anyway.
Without taking risks, how do we know we're alive?

Quiet Violet said...

I totally spelled Sebastian's name wrong... Sorry!

I hope he's not mad! :)

Anonymous said...

I've made cards for several years and always wanted to be published but the funny thing about that is you actually have to submit the cards to a magazine in order for that to happen! LOL! Anyway, finally did it and God's blessed me abundantly! I'll have cards in 4 issues in a row of Cards Magazine, starting next month! Very exciting!

Anonymous said...

After having my son, I found out that our church would be putting on a production of The Wizard of Oz. This is the movie I watched everyday as a child. I named every stuffed animal Toto and every doll Dorothy. I'd asked about auditioning for a production a few years ago, to have the director tell me I was just too old to play Dorothy. Not only was that years ago, that was pounds ago, too, and I was sure that the audition wouldn't bring me closer to that childhood dream of 'being' Dorothy, but I hadn't been on stage in a while, and it would be a fun family project, anyway. So, I dragged my slightly over-weight and 'old' self to auditions, and a few weeks later I got the e-mail offering me my dream role.

Getting over my fear of being laughed at for my age (at a ripe ol' 25) and weight for the auditions is something I'm proud of, and it worked out. It will be a while before I'm on stage again, and Dorothy is a great way to go out.

RachelDenbow said...

No worries, Quiet Violet. I appreciate the original comment, nevertheless.

Lisa Leonard said...

they didn't know who they had in the room with them! and they let you get away...

RachelDenbow said...

Seriously, thats sweet. Thanks, Lisa.