What do ReadyMade magazine, Anthropologie, and BasicGrey have in common? THIS! So, if you're in the area of one of these fabulous cities, you should go and tell us how fabulous it was.
Brett and I have subscribed to ReadyMade for about three years because they are fabulous. It is D.I.Y., Green living, design trend, music scene, idea inspiring heaven for 20-30 somethings, although I'm sure their audience includes all ages. I usually read through the whole thing twice and then revisit it a week or two later when something sneaks into the creative part of my brain.
There is a challenge section at the very end titled, 'MacGyver', in honor of the man we all know could craft the finest of bombs with a safety pin and bird poop (huh?). It features how one lucky winner has recycled an everyday item that has seen better days. (Ex: the last challenge was how to reuse a broken umbrella). I can NEVER think of anything to make out of the objects they showcase, so I just admire the ingenuity of others.
However, as I was rocking Sebastian to sleep tonight, I had three ideas in a row of what I could do with this issue's item. Three in a row! Now, there's no bean-spilling happenin' over here because the winner receives a subscription and t-shirt and we all know you can't have enough t-shirts. If you're really interested you'll just have to snag a copy or see if you can find that section on the website and see what you come up with yourself. If you beat me, you'll have to let me borrow your t-shirt sometime. And the new word I just made up for this post...its inspired by the stomach bug I've had all week. I dare you to use it in a sentence on your blog.

P.S. Our February kit is up for sale as of Feb. 1st around midnite.


Charin said...

That looks awesome! :) I have never even heard of it, where have I been? Sorry you haven't been feeling good, but I have to admit that your post title made me smile. :)

Quiet Violet said...
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Quiet Violet said...

We subscribe to ReadyMade too.. I love it, but it always makes me feel so unclever! And HOW THE HECK did that person make what she did out of that pink umbrella?! I know that not only my Husband, but my dogs (me too *hangs head in shame*) would 100%, positivly impale ourselves if that creation was on our floor!

I have actually never been to Anthropologie...

I guess I'm going to have a take a ride out to Berkeley and see what everyone is fussing about!

I can't handle anything to do with poo.. so the Idea-arrhea thing makes me churn! You totally get creative points though!

I hope your tummy is feeling better and I *really* hope no one else gets sick.

Have a great Friday!


Boriquaz said...

Love the title very original. I know I have ideas galore in my head rolling around waiting to be completed or even started. That picture alone makes me have more ideas of things I could do. The kit looks great!

axis community church said...

cool, thanks for the tip, i'm going to check it out.

ArtsyMama said...

I'm in Minnesota and have RSVP'd for the event. I can't wait!!!

Michelle said...

That looks like a lot of fun. TFS! Unfortunately i won't be able to go to the one Berkeley because I'll be in Anaheim. Love your new word. Cute.

kim brimhall said...

Im going to the one in Chicago!! it looks super fun!!!

love your blog!

Angie said...

The kit has already gone!!!
Tried to get it yesterday ..
ALL GONE !!! So Sad ..
So Upset!!!

Holly said...

I SO wish there was an Anthropologie here. I miss that store. And, LOVE ReadyMade! So bummed I missed out on the Feb RVKC kit. I've been missing out on all of the good kits lately. :0( Oh, well. Hope you're feeling better!

Vee said...

darn, no go in the dc area, would so love to get crafty in anthropologie!! loved 3:10 to Yuma!!