The Day Before the Super Bowl


* Fed Sebastian
* Jogged 3 miles!
* Organized bedroom
* Packed Kits
* Unscrewed S's crib
* Re-screwed S's crib (in our room again)
* Vaccumed upstairs
* Ate dinner
* Hung curtain barrier in our room with hopes that S will not see us when he wakes up at night.
* Played with S
* Put S to bed
* Spent too much time sitting in front of the computer looking at nothing much.

Not a big fan of football but I like that most of the country is involved in the same thing on the same day. Makes me feel all sentimental and such. Going to a game day party at our friends' house. Bringing a fruit tray. Will try to avoid the pigs in a blanket.


Quiet Violet said...

Awww. I'm sorry things with Bastian didn't work out. It'll happen -- I guess it wasn't the right time yet.

I'm not a big football fan either, and I'm not doing anything tomorrow(Hubby isn't into sports)... It feels funny, like I'm missing a mini-holiday. :/

Hope you can avoid those gross mini-weinie things. I'd hone in on the salsa... Mmm.. salsa. :)

I'd like to take a moment to tell you that you got a whole lot done today! Good job!

Have a great Sunday, Rachel.

<3 Steph

Charin said...

You've been one busy girl! :)
I don't like football much either, but I do like the half time show :)

RachelDenbow said...

we're still working with S on sleeping through the night but he was temporarily in my brother's room and now my brother is home from flight school. So, we're working with what we've got.

We're hoping he'll have his own room soon!

Marie said...

Dont like football but I agree with the whole feeling thing! Your son is such a doll! Love it!

Michelle said...

Wow you were productive yesterday! Hope you have a good time at your super bowl party.

photography4me said...

Hey Rachel, How did you get 3 columns on your blogger page?

RachelDenbow said...

There is a template that i found on Freckled Nest's blog. She posted it about a month ago but if you ask her, I'm sure she still has the info. There's also this great tech guy named Joe that worked on it to clean it up for me. She has all that contact info. Her blog is on my links as a widget.

Holly said...

What cute pictures of your little guy! And, I'm so impressed that you ran 3 miles...I think I would have passed out less than half-way through. I'm not into football much either, but went to a little get-together at my neighbor's house. All of our husbands are deployed together, so the game was on in the background and we mostly chatted and ate. It was fun as far as Super Bowl parties go. ;0)

Lisa said...

I like the new pictures in your flickr :) I hope you had fun at the Super Bowl party.

Angie said...

You Guys and how big the super bowl is !! Whooohh It's like a big event over there!!!
Football over here is soo different from you's!!!!
You had a very productive day by the sounds of things...
Had my first day back at school with little kindy kids!!
All the tears from the kids and the parents!! Poor things..

~wenhether~ said...

Gosh he is getting so big! Soo cute in his little hat! Hope you had fun at the party.

Tried the three column link you sent and it didn't work out so well. Still gonna try to do it so I don't have to pay for a blog. Thanks for the help.


RachelDenbow said...

I will soon have a link to a guy who can work on blog templates for a fee if you are interested. Should be this week. Or, feel free to ask LA at FreckledNest.blogspot.com

She's a star.

Quiet Violet said...

Hey you. One more little thing... do you use a photo-editing system to boost up your colors and play with your photos?

Your pictures of little S (and yourself!) are always so wonderful. :)


It must be nice to see your brother! Hope you guys had a great footbally time this weekend!

RachelDenbow said...

I've been using iPhoto but I have Photoshop. I just don't have Photoshop skills!

Michelle said...

...aaw..sounds like a pretty cool weekend! =) He is sooo cute!! he he

Freckled Nest said...

rachel makes me blush like a tomato.

here's how to do the 3 column yourself.

here's joe's new site. it's rad. and totally worth it! he did a great job on my site :)

rach. your blog looks fab :) and YOU'RE a star!


Quiet Violet said...

Ohhh. You're a Mac-ie!

I used a Mac (one of the cool, lumpy ones) in my Photoshop class and I would try to right click and oh-my-gosh... the right click buttons are MISSING! It was terrible!

I grew up with a Windows loving Dad and I knew nothing about Macs at all!

Have you ever had a "regular", Windows supporting computer?(*ducks, missing the fireballs from the Mac lovin' babes in here*)

Which do you prefer for your photography work and why?

:D <-- Big, teethy smile.

RachelDenbow said...

I used to be a PC lover but I made the switch two years ago and have never looked back. I think a lot of it is what works for you and what you're used to. It was a frustrating adjustment but now its hard for me to use my dad's PC.
We also had an iPod so it just made since to sync it all up.

Quiet Violet said...


Do you find that the Macs are better for doing "artsy" stuff?
Is there any real difference between the two (to you), or is it just kind of a comfort thing?

The reason I'm asking is because the Hub and I are building new computers and his is almost done... mine isn't even a sneeze yet! ... I've always like those schmexy pink iMacs....

Do you use a laptop or an actual desktop?

Did you know that you're 687% awesome for answering questions and actually paying attention to your blog?! You rock. :)

Tina said...

wow, your little man looks quite like a big man! he looks much older in the first pic. and good for you for running 3 miles! that deserves a cupcake :) just joking, I'm eating one now, hehe..

RachelDenbow said...

I think there is an artsy/techie image that comes with a Mac and they are quality machines. Good luck with yours.

Lisa said...

hi Rachel! just wanted to swing by and just shout a hello :) oh and be sure to let me know when/if you guys put together another crop! i had so much fun...can't wait to do it again! =P

axis community church said...

i enjoyed the fruit tray.