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I found this picture from my 40th(!) week of pregnancy and wanted to share with you how large I was with Sebastian. I can't imagine what its like as I sit bent over my laptop (not possible at 40 weeks) with my regular jeans and coffee (also not possible). I'm not ready for another one quite yet. I didn't love being pregnant. I wasn't sick much but it was like an out of body experience for 9 months. I think I'm still getting my mind around how a person can grow inside a woman's body. Its so strange and so incredible. I'll do it again someday. I am really thankful that I'm even able. (p.s. This was our apt. in Seattle.)

I got a fun package from Marie this weekend with this sweet owl mini book. Its really adorable. Its got batting inside! We finished packing the kits and they have all been shipped as of this morning! Woohoo! Its getting easier every time.
CHA preparations have been underway all week. LO's to be made using the new Love, Elsie product, pictures to be converted to be displayed on the L, E refrigerator, schedules to manage, clothes to pack, projects to finish before I leave, etc. I'm really looking forward to seeing new faces and checking out all the products for the kit club. I think we're going to be stunned with the goodness.
Check out Project52! Courtney DeLaura is sharing a new project every week to stretch your creative muscles. She's got a list of great designers on board to add their flavas! I was so happy that she asked me to be a GD this week. This is a little sneak peek of the V-Day inspired project. Check it out HERE. Its well worth the subscription!

Happy Wednesday, ya'all.


photography4me said...

Ooooohhhh! Are you going to be helping Elsie at CHA this year? How fun would that be. The refridgerator is my most favorite part of the booth. And of course all the layouts, and display's of new product. Have fun!

And yes you were carrying quit a load there with Sebastian. My thoughts are the same with the whole growing a baby inside thing. Even though I've never had any kids.

Anyway my quilt is coming along. I was a sewing freak last Sat. I was up until 4am sewing my rows together. But still a long way from being finished.

Speaking of project 52...have you ever heard of Adrienne Looman from Artistic Edge? I found her on Project 52's site and I am currently taking her online class. And I love it. I am learning so many things in photoshop.

I must say that in the past year I have learned so much from the RV blogs, Elsie, and everyone else I lurk upon (so to speak), I never in a million years thought that I would be sewing....with a machine at that. You all have just been wonderful inspirations to me. Thank you!!

sara berry said...

Rachel...I will have to find and email you a photo of me at 40+ weeks...I know exactly what you were going through! It is truly amazing how it all works--and how unfreakingbelievably resilient our bodies are! Have fun at CHA!

Rachel said...

I just ran across your blog after we both posted on Ali Edwards' site a minute apart (and I noticed your comment right away being that we have the same name...)
I am due in April and am huge already, but still dropped my jaw when I saw your 40 week photo!! How big was your baby at birth??
Thanks for letting me take a peek at your blog!

RachelDenbow said...

Ha! He was 8lbs. 12oz. and 5 days past our due date.
He came on the 4th of July like I would if I were a baby with such an important holiday so near my due date.

He had a cone head. Our pediatrician still comments every time about how large his head is.

"Must be lots of brain!"

Lets just say there were stitches involved.

Rachel said...

Poor little cone head. I bet he grew out of it fast.

My first was 6 days late, too, but was born at 11lb 5oz!!! Stitches were involved there as well! lol

Nice to meet you, Rachel!

Boriquaz said...

I agree about being pregnant as an out of body experience. I'm def not ready for a second round of fun. I'm still enjoying my first kid. Love you're pictures. And that little book is fabulous, will have to go tell Marie what a great job she did.

Lorie said...

OMG that Owl album is adorable!! I absolutely Love it! When you get a chance check out my blog, You've been tagged.

Michelle said...

wow! Look how big your belly was!! I can't even imagine!! =)

Lotsa yummy eye candy is this post...how cute are Marie's lil books?? love em!!

Happy day, Rachel =)

Marie said...

Man girl!! Your belly was crazy! Its because u are a small person. Looking at that made me feel how i felt with my kids. Soar and ready for it to be done with. LOL! Im glad you like the book! Sorry it was soo late. Im so bad at mailing things.

Cat said...

The pic of you prego is so cute! you are lucky--it looks like you carried all in front, all baby. I, on the other hand, gained 55 lbs ALL AROUND. I was like a big marshmallow.
Have fun at CHA--I'm sure you will have a great time :)
Happy Travels!

Stephanie said...

Just found your blog today!
OH crap!? I didn't know you were going to CHA. YAY! I am so coming on over to your booth and say'in hey. Uhhh will you be in Elsie's booth?
Oh yeah and I definitely hear you about the preggers thing. I was NOT glowing and I was HUGE. =) Hope your hubbies new job is going splendidly!

RachelDenbow said...

I'll be roaming around checking out product for the kit club and hanging out at the Love, Elsie booth. I'd love to meet you and I can't wait to see your new line in person.

See you then!