Monday Pics

My son is a super hero. I call him 'The Blur'. His super power is the ability to move at the speed of light and catch my camera off guard.
This is a work in progress for the lovely and talented Emma Chapman. It is a belated Christmas gift. It missed her birthday, too. However, she will be delighted when it arrives to keep her warm in her heater-less apartment in Hollywood.
Yesterday's pretty sky.
The Blur trying again.
I'm really sad about the death of Heath Ledger this evening. Shocked and sad.
We're offering kit club subscriptions at RVKC. Check out the blog post for details. Silje is back to GD for us this month and I'm really excited about all the little bits that showed up in the mail today. Heavy on the Etsy purchases this month!

I've been thinking about this post all day.

I'm really tempted to try this out.


Boriquaz said...

What a Lovely picture of the clouds, and such a cute quilt. One day I'll learn how to make one.

Veronica said...

He is so cute. Why didn't I see that sky? heheh

Lindsay said...

Love the WIP!

I know what you mean about Heath Ledger...I feel so devastated and saddened. I really can't believe it...

Can't wait to see how the work in progress turns out!

Charin said...

I know, it's so sad about Heath Ledger :( He was so young, and I feel so badly for his daughter!

You should definitely enter that contest, you would win for sure :)
Love the pictures!

Cat said...

wonderful photos. SO sweet of you to make a quilt for a good friend :) Have a great day.

Lisa said...

Pretty Quilt! That is one crafting thing I really haven't tried yet.
Your little guy looks so sweet!

Michelle said...

Your compositions are beautiful. Love the blur! It is sad about Heath Ledger. It came as quite a shock.

♥♥♥ jen o'dea street ♥♥♥ said...

S is soooo adorable! and your quilting is soooo gorgeous! that emma quilt is one of my faves ever....so clean & pretty!! you totally inspire me to finally learn to quilt all the way!

and i couldnt believe about heath....soooooo sad....such a talented person & his loss will be felt forever...