Pink, Yellow and Greenish Things

What I have to do today:
* Tutoring @ 4:30.
* Run 3 miles with Baby Jogger.
* Buy ticket to CHA!
* Take a shower.
* Feed, play, watch S.
* Pick up the house.
* Return e-mails.
* Print out pictures for scrapping.

What I'll try to squeeze in:
* Come up with ideas for new self-portrait pics.
* Check Flickr at least twice.
* Start another art journal page.
* Make four more squares for Em's quilt.
* Check my blog comments at least four times. (at least)
* One cup of tea.
* Grey's Anatomy

What's on your list?


Lisa said...

Not much on the list really..
Project Runway
Knit while watching shows.
~ Your Blur is Adorable!

Michelle said...

Sounds like my yesterday.

Edit photos
celebrate birthday with a friend
finish up a layout
clean up scrap area
work on website

I'm going to CHA too. Hopefully I'll see you there!

Michelle said...
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Bekka said...

My list for today:
Go to the dr. (check)
Go to the vet (check)
Go to the dentist
Check out the new fabric store in town
Scrap my "this is me" page for this week
Warm up today's lunch for dinner

Lauren Z said...

*Work all day (ends at 5)
- while boss is of of town there is not much to do here so while at work I will do the following:

- Upload and Edit Photos
- Write and upload new recipie for my cooking blog
- surf the internet endlessly reading blogs and eyeballing etsy and flickr all day
- Make some new bird toys for the flock at home
- Drink about 4 tea pots of Rose Petal Tea

When I get home I will
- Play with birds and display new toys
- Prepare and make dinner
- While dinenr is cooking, I will clean bathroom and vacuum the front room
- Try to watch Project Runway rerun from last night (before Mr gets home and wants to run away from it)
- Bed time with extra blankets :)

Quiet Violet said...

Oh! Oh! Tea... there's always time for tea!

It sounds like you have a wonderfully full day planned.

Me? I woke up laaaate.. :/

But, I need to:

*Call the cable company
*Thanks my friend for my haircut
*Finish my order on Safeway.com
*Make my Target list
*Prevent my two puppies from destroying things
*Make sure their food dish is full -- they've become fatties.. I don't want them to be hungry and I hope it's just the Winter Blubber / Hibernation layer. My fingers are crossed.
*Kill a few chapter of the Silver Chair.
* Work on my V-Day banner?
*Complete that cutesy CD holder?

Whoooppss. sorry this so long. BUT, I saved paper! I normally write my list out in a notebook, but today, Rachel, you made me green! *Kudos, kudos*

Hope your day is super!!

Christen Krumm said...

Is there a new episode on tonight? I thought that last week (or the week before that) was the last new one for a while....

RachelDenbow said...

Oh, bummer. I didn't realize they were just teasing us. I did get to watch the new project runway last night while I blogged. Pretty happy my favorite girl didn't get the boot.

erin said...

hmmm...how about my favorite thing on my list to do today...bake cookies for a friend who just had eye surgery. other than that, it's work, work, work. boo.

love that sabrina journal in the pic. makes me happy.

photography4me said...

Work from 6 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.
feed cats
look at blogs, flickr, e-mail
eat a pbj for a snack
go to my first digital photography class tonight for an hr. (so excited)
come home and eat dinner
watch tv, and play on comp. more
go to bed

EliseBlaha said...

hi, hi!
my day is ending,
but i wanted to leave you
a blog comment to check!

happy thursday!

Katy said...

check elsie's blog and i saw that you have a famous scrapped son in her new box book. he's so talented and he doesn't even know it yet :)

Charin said...

Ooh, you're going to CHA? :) I wish I could, that would be so much fun!
It's 9:12 at night here, but I'm still going to put my list on here :)
*bake cookies for work tomorrow
*exercise (yes, late at night is the only time I have for that! But I'm trying out Carmen Electra's video, so maybe it will be fun) :)
*take a shower
*get my speech about a career in banking ready for 100 kiddos tomorrow
*go to bed :)

staceyfike said...

today i worked.
and worked.
and worked.

tomorrow will be better though :)

RachelDenbow said...

Ha! Thanks, ladies for the comments. I love seeing who reads this. I get so curious about your lives and your thoughts and these little lists are fun insight.

♥♥♥ jen o'dea street ♥♥♥ said...

oh how exciting that you are going to cha! sooooo jealous!!! maybe i can afford to go next yr...

nothing much on my list anymore...except sleep & maybe some art journaling (i'm getting addicted fast!!). and wwaaaahhhhhh.....I WANT SOME NEW TV!!!!!!!!!! ugh....



Cat said...

Inspired by your busy to-do list!
*Mail out "New Years Letter"
*Finish Laundry
*Add one last detail to latest LO
*Ugly Betty at naptime
*Make bed
*Make Tate's bed
*Update Planner
*Photograph Planner
*Dollar store with Tate