No Worse For Wear

Sitting at the kitchen table with fresh squeezed orange juice, a small boy, a tray full of cheerios and happy thoughts.

We made it through the night. He did a lot of his waking up early on before I was zombied out. I woke up around 2:30 a.m. to hear him crying again and let him cry for as long as I had promised myself I would wait and then went in to give him his pacifier and sing him to sleep. I think he would've stayed asleep until his normal wake up time but a new room means new sounds to muffle and so when everyone else started their day @ 6:00 a.m., Sebastian joined in. I was able to persuade him back to bed until a lovely 8:20 a.m.! I think he was just as tired as I was. It just reminded me that it doesn't compare to newborn nights and made me thankful that my schedule allows me to make adjustments.

Thanks for your encouragement this morning. I think Jenna nailed it when she said its usually the parents that have the harder time with change. Hmmm.

I'm already thinking pink and red. I used to hate the tackiness of V-Day in high school but I've come around. Not on the tackiness but on the opportunity for more pink and red. I'm seeing handmade apron and dishtowel sets in my future. This month's Teen Vogue had a photo shoot for Valentine's Day that was so inspiring.

Time to go play in a tent with Sebastian.


The Kelley Family said...

I am about to put my 2 yr old in a big boy bed. I am pregnant right now and want to make sure he is set with the new bed before we HAVE to take his crib away for the baby. I understand the fear. I am really enjoying my full nights of sleep while I have them and dread having to make changes that could change that.
I hope tonight goes better :)

Cat said...

Good luck with the change of room! That is so great that he slept until 8:20a. Don't their cute little smiles help you deal with the fact that you never get to sleep in?? :)

*~*Amber*~* said...

OH wow... what a rough night... prayers for ya hunny... LOVE the photos from Vogue.. what inspo! The clothes are FABU!!! xoxo

Courtney DeLaura said...

ohhhhh teeen vogue i need it.
oh room changes can always be tough. big hugs to you!!!


melissa w said...

My suggestion is a hepa filter for his room. It makes delightful white noise and "bonus" clean air. t worked really well for my two. Best wishes!!

Charin said...

Cute, cute photos! :) Love the poses :)
I'm glad you guys made it ok last night! I'm really glad that he's in a good mood for you, that always helps doesn't it? :)

sara berry said...

H is about to 'graduate' from his pacifier...I am DREADING it b/c that is how he's gotten to sleep since he was a newborn. I am in total agreement about the white noise--we use the humidifier and it works to keep the noise down in his room. Good luck with the switch-over.

*~*Jocelynne*~* said...

so i was at target and they had some cute handtowels and washcloths with valentiney stuff on them. and i thought to myself, i would LOVE to decorate my whole house (or at least a couple rooms) with valentine stuff. so i told my husband and he reminded me that i've kinda already done that. we have cherubs all around and lots of hearts and stuff. i guess i just wanted more! lol

those pics are way cute!

Michelle said...

oooh...cool Teen Vogue eye candy =) thanks for sharing it!!