Quilt Kits!

I've just updated the new Red Velvet Kit Club Etsy shop with some lovely Quilt Kits and Tutorials. I started off with the green/blue quilt kit but had to add a pink one to make sure I'd have a good amount for excitable customers. They are really lovely lap-sized quilts that would also make a great toddler blanket and have been designed with the first time quilter in mind. Its a really simple pattern and easy-to-follow instructions. The finished quilt shown above was put together by our Guest Designer, Jocelynne Broderick. She added some lovely details of her own and provided the binding with a bias section in our tutorial.

I'm hoping to have a few more journals made up by the end of the weekend as kits get shipped out and orders taken care of but I'll post in time for everyone to have a chance that has asked about them. Thanks again for the encouragement and sweet comments on this blog. It really makes my day.

I've just let S cry himself to sleep after putting him down twice tonight. We're both pretty worn out with the process but I know that if I don't follow through and stay consistent it'll all have been a waste. It gets easier, right? He's really been a doll for as irregular his nights have been this week.

Oh, and I have to share the sweet thing Brett surprised me with today.
In case some don't know, Brett is a longtime Barista at Starbucks. He often brings home stories of customers and a free drink but today he brought me a box of green tea and this lovely little thing. I had seen a mug with this design on Tina's blog earlier this week and asked him why he hadn't told me about the cutest mug to hit stores this year. He said he knew I'd want one and he didn't want to make it any harder on me with the 'Not Buying It' thing and all. Ha! So, I kissed the thought goodbye and forgot all about it. Well, he walked in with this today and got a big kiss for thoughtfulness. He used some of his leftover Christmas money that we put away for such 'splurges'. It was a lovely gesture.

Big news in the book world. THIS book arrived in bookstores at the beginning of the month and I've got a few pieces in it! I was so happy when Sharon e-mailed me near the end of 2006 to see if I was interested in submitting but I sort of lost the awareness of having it in the works as time went on. Finally, we got an e-mail saying our complimentary books were being shipped soon and I made Brett take me to two stores before I found a copy. It was a sweet little thrill to see my art in a book...in a real bookstore. Once the books arrive, I'll be doing a contest/give away to share the love. Emily Falconbridge, as well as a lot of other talented ladies are in there.
Stop by ScrapMojosoon if you haven't been in awhile. They've got some incredible stuff coming from their DT and I was fortunate enough to have landed a spot as a GD this month along with Christina Clouse who is now a permanent GD. LUCKY!
I hope this weekend is full of memories so that you can scrap them later!

I think I may just take one long nap.


happydays525 said...

Oooooo, I can't wait to pick up that book! I'm sure it's chock full of inspiration, I LOVE art journals!

Tina said...

cool! you got the travel mug. i had a hard time choosing which one i wanted :) what a lucky girl :)

*~*Amber*~* said...

congrats my love on teh book feature!!! Im LOVING the Starbucks!!! I really want that!!! Go Bret for being so sweet!! xoxo

*~*Jocelynne*~* said...

Congrats all around Rachel! It is exciting to see your art in print!

And cute mug! What a nice husband you have!

Regarding Sebastian, It does get easier, and you're right not to fold. Doesn't make it any easier right now, but it'll be worth it in the end. Stay strong!

Lauren Z said...

LOVE LOVE the Mug! I saw it for the first time the other day at a sbux- and I fell in LOVE at first site- The trvel mug- the ceramic mug- all those cute one that match :)

I am a "retired" Barista- I was one for a little over 3 years- and I miss it- but it is nice to work a desk job and not have to worry about retail hours anymore :)

I just tried the "new" Caramel Apple "SPICE" today (it replaced the caramel apple cider) and holy-moly it is amazing! SO Good (they use the Cinnamon dolce stuff instead of the regular cinnamon suryp- it is amazing stuff- ask brett to bring you home one :)

Thanks for the help on my blog- but for now I am still stuck with my 2 coloums, and am almost resolved to like it :)

Things WILL get easier with S. It takes time- but just think of how long it can take you to really sleep and settle in on a vacation in a odd room and odd bed- he is going thru that- and doesn't quite understand- it will all work out :)

Time for me to go check out the quilt kits- I do nto have a sewing machine yet- but I have my hopes up for getting one next month :)

Lauren :)

Michelle said...

Congrats on the GDT over at Scrap Mojo! How exciting! Can't wait to see what you've done!

The Coward Family said...

Hi Rachel, I'm one of your many blog-stalkers! Just wanted to tell you to hang in there on the sleeping thing. I have a 2 year old and a 5 month old and my 2yr old was a shocking sleeper and the only thing that made him better was to get tough and stop giving into him at night time! It is sooo so so hard, but is worth every inch of work in the long run. He will get better, its worth it for a good nights sleep in a few weeks!

Marie said...

Ohhh congrats on being published in a book! How amazing! We love ya at mojo! hehehe!

axis community church said...

Brett sounds like a great guy.

almadr said...

Big congrats on GD and being published on this book! I'd love to see it!
and the mug is really cute!

Charin said...

Mmmm, Starbucks! :) Yay Brett for being a sweetie!
Congrats on the book, Rachel!

♥♥♥ jen o'dea street ♥♥♥ said...

congrats on being published! cant wait to get that book & see all the yummies... WTG...you totally deserve it girlie! xoxo

Anonymous said...

After seeing this post I just went and ordered the book on Amazon! Can't wait to get it! Thanks for the inspiration ;).

Jill said...

I can't remember if I have commented before or not, but I read your blog. Yes...be consistent with your little guy going to bed. He will learn and you will be one happy mama!
Anyways...one of my new years goals is to learn how to sew. My mom got me a sewing machine for Christmas and I am gung-ho on learning. I am interested in your quilt kits. I was so happy to see those!! You only have tutorials for sale now, which I might get, but I like the whole kit idea so I don't have to figure out how to buy the rest! I am seriously clueless but I want to learn. Are you going to be selling more kits and how much were they?
You can email me at luckiestgirlalive@hotmail.com
Thanks. You are too cute.