Making progress on Emma's quilt. Finishing the quilt top is always satisfying. When its been pieced together it looks different than just lying on the floor in bits. I may add some white strips to the edges to frame it and add some inches. I'm using a vintage sheet with pink flowers for the backing. Bright pink binding and then it'll be ready for Hollywood. I think it'll be hard to part with this one. I love how its turning out.
Brett caught this one at the table tonight. He's signing 'Daddy'. Love the look in his eyes.
Snapped this after nap time. A little sneak peek into the shared sleeping space! So far, the curtain is helping. I think its easier for him to go back to sleep without seeing us.
Final details for CHA to organize. Lots of pictures on Sunday night!

*What are you doing this weekend? What are your dream weekend plans?



dani j. said...

That quilt looks amazing! you're so talented! My mom used to quilt and I've really truly always wanted to try it out - I admire the work so much. I figured I'd start with the RVA quilt tutorial, but I still haven't tried it out yet... must remember to do that...

tania said...

dream weekend plans would involve hikes,great photos,yummy chai lattes,a good book,a clean house,time to connect with the kids,sleep and time to journal and dream. I hope you have a great weekend Rachel.

Carla said...

Your quilt looks great. I've made a few, and it is so exciting when you get the top sewn together, such a feeling of accomplishment! My dream weekend plan would be to get to stay at home and craft and sew with no guilt, but that hardly ever happens!

Jenna said...

love the quilt. i totally thought about making a curtain thingie in our bedroom for my little guy. so it works huh? no more crying and watching and waiting for you to move, or blink? and cute fabric by the way. this weekend...a little shopping trip including fabric therapy, coffee with mom, stuff for the littles and hopefully some sewing and playing at the park. :)

Krys said...

Wow you are amazing with your quilting skills!....and did I read right...you are going to CHA! So am I, Ill be there on Sunday maybe we can run into eachother!

Charin said...

Gorgeous quilt! :) Love the pictures, that curtain hanging in your room is really pretty.
My dream weekend would be going on a fabulous getaway trip somewhere with room service and a hot tub, but that's not gonna happen. I think I'm going shoe shopping instead :)

Kara said...

love that quilt! the pink totally melts me... The rest of my weekend is going to consist of homework, homework, homework... Dream weekend? Money and thrift store shopping. I'm dying to get my hands on some vintage doilies. like Emily's--

Have a great weekend!

Quiet Violet said...

Wow! I love that quilt! I think it's so awesome that you've made that quilt "green".

I have a really awesome vintage sheet that I'd love to use, but it REEKS of mothballs. I think I've washed it about 6 or 7 times and it still stinks. :/

My dream weekend would consist of a combination of a few things (all the be enjoyed with the Bub):

*The Babbling Brook B&B (in Santa Cruz)
*Some Sushi
*Some road trippin'
*Picking my wonderful pups up from my MIL's house after that long weekend.


Anika said...

you have such a cute kiddo!!

Rach said...

your quilts are so pretty, you've inspired me and i got some quilt books from the library 2 weeks ago. its too hot here at the minute to get started but i think come autumn i will make somthing small maybe a pillow for my daugters bed....just worried about the straight lines....hmmmm..... RXXX

Holly said...

That quilt is gorgeous! I so wish that I knew how to do it, but that's just another hobby that I don't need to start. Tee hee! A dream weekend? At this point, that would simply consist of a weekend where I didn't have to take care of my kids all by myself. But, until Bryan comes home, I'll settle for day trips to the Raleigh flea market (which I did on Saturday) with some good road trippin' music (this weekend's selection was the Across the Universe soundtrack). It was nice just to get out of the house, and play in the warm sun!

Danielle said...

your quilting skillz AMAZE me!! AAAHH! :-)