Happy Chinese New Year...(11:00p.m. Thursday)

Brett and I celebrated by me taking a nap on the couch while he and S went to Panda Express for some fake, takeout Chinese food. We shared a fortune cookie with S. He loves them. (we totally splurged by 'buying it' for Chinese New Year)
S and I took two long walks today and played in the front yard for a long time in the sunshine. We finally put the swing back up. I wrote in my journal and he pointed at all the airplanes and birds and cars and the water in the gutter. He's so excitable. I had a tutoring session with my 3rd grader and we both about threw up our hands in frustration. I think it has something to do with the drop in our blood sugar levels in the 4 o'clock hour. Next time I'm bringing some pixie sticks. His family is Armenian and his grandpa makes the BEST espresso for me every time I'm about to leave. They are so hospitable and lovely.
I've been collaborating on a project with Lisa Leonard that feels really great. More about that soon.
Ran errands to make things happen faster today. Brett starts subbing tomorrow. He got the detention class! I'm nervous for him and totally happy at the same time. He's been hired on as a permanent sub so he'll have some regularity to his schedule. Its a good thing. Starbucks on the weekends to keep the great insurance. Less and more of a lot of things.
So, not much in the way of eye candy or craftiness. I'm wondering if I need to go to the doctor and see if she knows of something going around that keeps you up late and causes numbness in your extremities. Oh, maybe its the INTERNET!

Sweet dreams.


~wenhether~ said...

We celebrated with chinese too from our Panda Buffet!! Yumm!! So wishing that we had some warm sunshine to play in here. :)

When they invent the pill for the internet let me know...I think me and hubby both need it.

Lauren Zech said...

FYI- if you are getting bit numb- it may be tight sore muscles. My left hand\arm went numb a few weeks ago- from being sick and sitting to long. 2 trips to the Chiropractor and I was right as rain :)

Good luck on the jobs (brett and the tutor thing)

Whitnee said...

It runs in the family actually, both sewing and photography so I figure hey why not!

My Mom's been sewing forever, and my Dad loves photography.

I am having to build my own sewing collection, thats the cool thing about living at home she had extra everything. heh.

lindsey cheney said...

i can't wait to see how the project with lisa turns out. i'm good friends with lisa as well as the girl who sent this "little job" in her direction. it should be fun, but a LOT of work!