There is nothing finer than homemade cake frosting. This recipe is the one Brett's Mama made every year before we got married and although I've made it at least ten times (birthdays and other days) I can never remember where I put my recipe card. You have to remember we've moved our kitchen four times in the last six years. I told Cheryl that I would paint it on my wall when we finally bought a house.
I called her again yesterday to get the details but she was away from her own recipe box so Jaime, Brett's youngest sister and a fine baker herself, gave me the ingredients and guessed the measurements. As I went along I could tell it wasn't turning out per usual so I kind of winged it and added a little more of this and that until it was suitable.
Despite its unusually light coloring, the frosting was delicious.

It was a relaxed birthday weekend. We talked about going to see Kimya Dawson in Visalia but then remembered all the practical reasons why we shouldn't. I know. We're old. The last concert Brett and I went to was Over The Rhine in Seattle two years ago this month. Sebastian heard the muffled version through the amniotic fluid he was floating in.

I've really enjoyed NOT working on anything crafty this weekend. I don't usually lock myself out of the crafty space because I always enjoy spending free time making stuff but it can really keep me from spending that important 'do nothing' time that every soul needs to anchor itself. This morning I realized how much I love sitting under the huge shade tree that graciously hangs over our backyard. I was just there. Not making lists or worrying about how much t.v. time Sebastian is getting, etc. but just noticing and absorbing and sitting. Its what being six feels like.
Thanks to all who left their two cents and birthday wishes for Brett. He felt the love. Still no decision on the birthday checks except that he's happy to not spend them on debt reduction!


Melonie said...

WOW! A frosting Vespa! Sweet!
Glad you got some time to just be.
Happy Birthday to Brett!

Holly said...

In the words of Rachel Ray, "Yum-o!" That frosting looks delish! Hope Brett had a GREAT b-day!

Michelle said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend! I love the image of the recipe painted on your wall!

Cat said...

i love that photo of you. ALso, I can totally imagine/remember what it feels like to be "a 6 yr old" as you describe...thanks for that.

Marie said...

Your cake is sooo cute!! Great job rachel!!! Girl how bout u and i go see kimya!! I am dying to see her! hehehe!

happygirltc said...

I almost went to see Kimya Dawson too at Howies but I was sick. small world, I just checked your blog off a friends and i saw visalia and went WHOA.

and yay for the Vespa! lol