Rock the Vote

Saturday is Brett's 27th birthday.
He is sitting on the couch going over all the possibilities of what he can buy with his birthday checks.
He needs your help.

Should he:

A) Get a tattoo

B) Drop it on iTunes

C) Pay off debt

D) Start his Vespa nest egg

Its always a toss up between instant gratification and long term happiness but I tend to choose the former when it comes to birthday money.

More random things about Brett.

*He subs at a middle school where ALL the 8th grade girls have a crush on him.

*He makes the best lattes.

*He used to paint his fingernails black.

*He wore the same pair of pants (that turned into shorts) every day during 11th grade.

*His top three favorite things include reading, sleeping and.. guess.

*He knows almost everything about indie music, sports and politics because of his aforementioned reading hobby.

*He is totally supportive of my artistic endeavors.

*He always writes thank-you notes.

*He likes Grey's Anatomy, too!

*He wants a Vespa real bad.

Feel free to leave Brett a 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY RAD HUSBAND OF RACHEL's' message. He'll blush.

Happy weekend!


Shealynn Benner said...


I say you should go for the Tattoo or saving for a Vespa.

Have a great one!!

Katy said...

TATTOO!!!!!! okay maybe I am bit partial. A Vespa would be rockin too! me being the investor i would pay off debt, but that's just me ;)
I asked adam about those pants and he said "how could I forget!?"

RachelDenbow said...

Hi, Katy! I miss you!

Lizee said...

my vote goes for the tattoo..

which im sure will make him even hotter to the 8th gr girls...


jen renee said...

happy birthday, brett - get the tattoo. (although my DH just got a 77 vespa fixer-upper... and it is fun!)

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday Brett! I think you should pay off debt. In the long wrong it will save you money. My guess is he loves to eat. :) And my favorite thing I learned about him is that he has a bunch of 8th graders that a crush on him. Too cute!

alexandra said...

Happy Birthday, Brett!
I'd like to tell you I'd save half of the money and spend the other but I probably wouldn't be that disciplined.
However, saving for a Vespa is cool - something fun and environmentally friendly - yes, go for the Vespa!

Melanie said...

happy birthday to brett!! i think he should def save for the Vespa!! So cute and so many cute photo ops for you. Has he checked out Stella's at all? My hubs got one, the are less expensive and just as cute. Hope he enjoys his day!

Mandy said...

Awe...Happy Birthday Brett! (I can see why the high school girls have a crush on him LOL :)

Dani said...

he used to paint his fingernails black??? mannnn I'm such a sucker for that! ((I used to paint my highschool boyfriend's nails black for him! but that will be our secret, heh))

Happy birthday to him!!!!!
27 is a good number.

and I'm of the belief that birthday money is fun money, so either get an awesome tattoo or blow it on itunes!


Brittany said...

Brother o' mine--
Can't wait to talk to you tomorrow. Enjoy the possibilities that birthday money brings. And,
if you so choose to get a tattoo, can I PLEASE come with you?

EliseBlaha said...

happy birthday! get a tattoo of a vespa.

CandiMandi said...

Happy birthday to your hubs! My guy's got his on Tuesday, and he's already decided he wants music.
You know, fresh music, the kind that you never really WANT to spend money on, but is totally worth it when you do.

Anonymous said...


:D els

Liz said...

Happy Birthday, Brett! I say save for the Vespa (paying off debt is what tax returns are for, not birthday money!).:)

cydders said...


my vote is for the tattoo...and the vespa! how about a tattoo OF A VESPA!!! that would be so rad!

have a great day!

lindsey said...

I teach junior high too! Tell him that he should spend that money on instant gratification. I know from experience he deserves it!

jessica said...

HB Rad Husband of Rachel!!! You totally rock. My vote is to save for the Vespa. Hope it's a great one :)

Marie said...

They say its your birthday...nananananana...Its my birthday too yeah...Ok not really and this is a little late but i was just singing to the rad husband of the super wicked awesome Rachel!!!! I say tattoo too but of course the mommy side of me says pay debts...Black nail polish huh...Doesnt seem like that kind of a guy. BTW my daughter thought he was a hottie too...She is 12 hehehehehe! You two rock and big hugs to the whole family!!!! (said in a snobby california accent) We must do lunch dahlings! (Wait do we have accents?) LOL!

Marie said...

Oh yeah and vespas are cool! So i say that too! LMAO!

polinka said...

happy birthday from France ;)

Quiet Violet said...

Happy Birthday, B.!

I say you should spend half of the money on something "now" (like a tattoo or iTunes goodness) and the other half on something "big" (starting the Vespa fund or working down the debt).

Hope your cake is AWESOME!

*~*Jocelynne*~* said...

dude, happy birthday! i know you've been helping rachel out big time with the kit club, so right there you get the awesome husband award. :) save up for the vespa! and then paint it black with fire on it. it'll be totally cool! and then the 7th and 9th grade girls will totally dig you too.

Augusti_73 said...

Grattis pÄ födelsedagen! HAPPY BIRTHDAY RAD HUSBAND OF RACHEL, hope you have a great one! And my vote's on the tattoo.
/Anna, Sweden

Veronica said...

AWW Happy Birthday Hubby of the coolest Rachel I know!! ;)

I say, spend it...no saving! Saving is for chumps that die rich. haha!

Oh...and Miss Rachel, what is the 3rd favorite thing Brett likes...? hmmmm? SEE...I knew that was a hicky on his neck. LIES! Girl, your a tiger! hahah

Oh, and Brett, I can see why them girls are after you!

stephanie dosreis said...

Some for tattoo and some for vespa and If I was an 8th grade girl in his class I would never do my work ;) Happy birthday super cute husband of Rachel's!!!! Funny my husband has the same favorites list....

Belabrava said...

that's a hard one... tattoo, or vespa.....

Happy Birthday to your dear husband!!!
Have a great day!
...and I LOVE your blog, you are such an inspiration!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to you!
Its my birthday today too!
I say, spend money on the vespa. Save save. You'll thank yourself when you're that much closer!

Debbie said...

Vespa. No question. Happy Birthday.

Niki said...

Happy Birthday, Brett!
Everybody is going with the tattoo for instant gratification, but i'd definately say plurge at iTunes. music is the gift that keeps on giving!

elliebelle said...

Happy Birthday to you Brett! Birthday money is always great - but deciding what to do with it is hard. I think I have to agree with most people - spent part of it right now (tattoo, itunes) and save the rest for your Vespa! Sounds like fun!!! Have a wonderful weekend you two! (oh - I mean 3 - gotta remember the little guy!)

~wenhether~ said...


I would totally put it towards the Vespa!! You only live once...everyone should own a vespa once in their life!!

Josh & Steph said...

Happy, happy birthday Brett!
My vote is for the tattoo or Vespa. It's your birthday, birthday money is FUN money...you can't pay down debt!

Cara said...

i say, $10 on iTunes and the rest goes to the vespa*nest.

happy birthday brett's wife's husband!
you are the rockin-est!
much birthday love from the harjes haus to yours!

Cara said...

ps - speaking of brett's black nails, i got a manicure yesterday and for the first time ever, i ditched my "fake" french (i have NO nails) and went for a wonderful "gun metal" black! they rock and i am never going back!

Tina said...

Happy Birthday Brett!!!
Let's see, I'm all for paying down debt but this is fun money and you should so indulge in something fun! Enjoy your weekend!

Freckled Nest said...

happy birthday hickyboy... yep! we all know the truth ;)

have a great day doing your favorite things. i vote tattoo but i'm also swaying to vespa fund! love vespas. i would get a cream one and custom paint racy checkers on it. saw it once and i was incredible. i almost had a car accident cause i was looking at it too long... lol.
gtg, my dog is drinking my coffee. yee.
happy birthday!

Freckled Nest said...

the evidence:

miss morgan... said...

happy birthday! i say tattoo all the way, but then the thought of a vespa? i don't know! tough call dude!

Michelle said...

Happy birthday, Brett!! My vote is for a tattoo...but a vespa is equally cool. =) Hope you guys have a fab day!!

Charin said...

Happy birthday Brett Denbowlicious! :) You have the cutest family and you guys have family close to where I live. Call me next time you're here and we'll all have coffee :)
I say save for the vespa!

Lisa Leonard said...

what ever you do, don't pay off debt with birthday money. it's NOT ok! have some fun and happy birthday!

Katie said...

Vespa all the way!

Alexa said...

happy belated birthday! i'd go for the tattoo, if it was me.

Anonymous said...


Happie Birthday !
It's great to go for a tatoo and your Vespa.

But sure to pay off the debt before a Vespa. ^^

Tracey Chalk said...

Happy belated birthday brett!

What a great husband you sound! I think that you should spend it half on something you really want ( or for saving towards) and half on getting rid of some debt which always makes you feel happier and lighter inside...so is kinda like a soul present.


Tracey (England)

Holly said...

Happy Birthday Mr. Rachel Denbow! Tee hee! I say tattoo...hands down. My husband and I will be getting new ones ourselves soon. If not the tattoo, then I say the Vespa. If I didn't have 2 kids to haul around, I would own one myself!

Anonymous said...

So it's belated but Happy Birthday Rad Husband Brett! I vote tattoo but that's cuz I'm obsessed. I do also love the idea of a vespa though. Tough choice. Hope you had a great day!