Making Do

My computer had to be shipped off to the Apple Manufacturer to be mended. Life is not the same without her. I am still working to get things posted on the RVKC blog to showcase our new DT and maybe a few pics on Flickr for fun but unless its necessary to fulfill an obligation to another party,its not worth the hassle working from two different borrowed PC's. I shall be back AS SOON as our Mac shows up.

You will be saturated with the backup of pictures.

More fun news this week!



Michelle said...

Ah I know your pain! I had to ship mine off around Halloween last year. It arrived before apple could even send an email saying it had shipped, so hopefully it will be back before you know it!

Elsie Flannigan said...

more fun news?

Sarah said...

was wondering what happened to you!

Lisa said...

I'd lose a piece of my sanity for sure if I didn't have my puter! I hope yours comes back to you safe and sound and well :)

Christina C. said...

so sad to hear about your machine. I hope they will be able to repair it entirely for you.

can't wait to see the pictures.

also CONGRATS for the Hambly GD spot. I LOVE your gallery. very awesome.

Jenny said...

I just got the Hambly newsletter. Congrats on being the guest designer! So very cool! :)

Charin said...

Rachel, you are the best!!! :) I love your designer gallery, gorgeous! I really have never seen one so orginal and fun :)
You rock!