One Week To Go

We've been on a pseudo-vacation since we arrived to Missouri. We've managed to score some incredible flea market finds in our down time and Brett's family have been fabulous to let us take over the corner of their basement and Jamie's room until we'll finally be able to move in to our cute little house in Springfield.

I've been stalking this blog over the last few months for design inspiration for our new home. Along with flickr's many groups and a few other well-managed sites, I've been able to recognize and hone in on my tendency toward mid-century modern design. Throw in some color and a few new pieces and I'm a happy renter.

Brett and I celebrated our sixth year of marriage today (6/22) by getting in the car and driving to a local college town to peruse the flea markets. I love that my husband knows that an afternoon roaming through old stuff tops a fancy dinner for two, etc., etc. We stopped in at this place called 'Itchy's Flea Market' and two hours later came out with two Eames-era chairs and a small trunk full of teal, brown and yellow colored items for the new house. Once that missing camera cord is located, you shall see for yourself. We talked about what we'd done on our past anniversaries, what we'd like to work on in the future and how much we'd changed since we met. It was one of the loveliest summer afternoons we've had together in awhile.

Most of my spare time has been thinking about our house, the move, the details of switching cities and starting over in a new place but now that we're close to 'landing', I'm starting to think about new projects and enterprises for the leftover summer months. I'm ready for my work space to be available again. I think all this home design inspiration has steadily been building a new style that will leak into art journal and scrapbook pages.

I'm ready for fresh paint and old papers and untouched fabric and sketchbook dreams. I'm ready for indoor tents and lemonade story time and movie night with old friends on our couch. (But not until late July because our couch was back ordered!) I'm ready for the steady hum of a new dryer and the rhythm of toddler activities and a chance to light all the candles and turn on the music after he's gone to sleep. Home, sweet and lovely, home.

One more week!

In the meantime, I'd love to hear how you're filling your summer days. Tell me, tell me.



Angie Tieman said...

Hey! Save some stuff for me! I've always been a lurker and enjoyed your blog, but when you mentioned picking up some stuff in Jefferson City, you're getting too close to my territory! I'm going home to visit my parents at Lake of the Ozarks in July, and we always go junking. Stuff is so crazy high in Dallas compared to Missouri, so I always stock up while I'm there. Looking forward to seeing pictures of your treasures!

Meg said...

Glad to hear that you only have to wait one more week. Being unsettled isn't a whole lot of fun. I'm spending my summer days working... and hoping my house sells :)

Amanda said...

So glad you're almost settled in. Can't wait to see how you make the new place "yours" :) And hey, just because you asked, I'm spending my summer taking three courses before I begin my fourth year of college (major: nursing). I'd rather be crafting, ohhhh how I'd rather be crafting. Or planning my wedding. Or anything. But at least I do enjoy my "major" so it's not all bad I guess. :) And this summer has brought a lot of extra health complications so that's been fun. (Not!) Just be thankful for your family and for your healthy little guy. Good luck with the moving... you're almost there! xoxo

Stefan, Sarah and Lukka said...

you're last paragraph was lovely! I have been looking at your blog for a few months--and thus have followed your move! We are getting ready FOR a big, cross-country move (i.e. Nebraska to Washington) and those small simple things will be so nice when we're in the place we want to be "permanently settled". Good luck with everything!

Jill said...

You must be so excited with all your new fresh beginnings. Such a lovely way to spend the summer. I am at home with my just turned three year old, trying to potty train, going to swimming lessons, sleeping in, cuddling on the couch, and watching movies. Love this perk of being a teacher :-) I even made him his own space in my scrap room with chalk paint on the walls and a cute table so we can create together and trying to create a little boy who can make something out of nothing. Enjoy your summer and all the fun that new beginnings bring! Love you blog, so inspirational always!

elliebelle said...

I too, am in the midst of a move. I'm only moving one town away, but I am moving in with my boyfriend, so combining everything has been interesting! But there is nothing like unpacking your sewing/craft supplies to really inspire you! Sometimes you forget what you had. So now, I just need to use up some of my fabric - I have so much (at least it seems that way when you are trying to find places for it all)! Good luck with your big move - I hope it all goes smoothly. :) Take care!

julio n carla said...

rachel... you're so inspirational and always lovely! soon you'll be settled! yay! we recently moved from central south dakota to western montana... love it here! and since reading yours and elsie's blogs on a regular (often too regular at 7 days a week! ;o) i've learned what joy it is to thrift shop. i never knew it was so fun. i have a 3 and 5 yr old daughters and they love to go too. so many inspiring things that have so much potential. we're also renting and am having a hard time figuring out to incorporate our colorful lives into our home. i'm always looking for fun ideas on yours and numerous blogs and will continue to do so! i'm even starting to sew! too much fun! well, enjoy your new midwestern life... family, friends and flea markets!

Divine in the Daily (& emj photos) said...

it's good to hear an update from you.

sarah and i are busy, busy, just trying to make enough money to pay the rent and feed the kids... i still work part-time at a restaurant and i'm picking up a variety of odd jobs for income (i acted and shot footage in a short film, a couple photoshoots, and possibly another video project for a paving company).

sarah and the kids are going to wisconsin for a memorial for her grandmother.

oh, and you left JUST in time to miss the triple digits!

hope all is well, post photos soon drink a beer with Brett and give him a pat on the back for me.

Anonymous said...

love your finds. pretty pictures too. i knew that you were moving and i thought it was to springfield, but i wasn't sure. i am glad you and elsie will be close. i wish my old friends lived close to me. good luck with everything.

Shabby Chic Crafts said...

aw my sweetness!! So glad it's so close you can smell it!

IT'S HOT here. That's no surprise to you. The kinda hot, that makes you stay indoors in a cool AC building!
We hit Disneyland once again, the Getty Center in L.A. and the L.A zoo. We came back with tans. :)

Can't wait to see pics of the place :)

alittlebitofscrap said...

I'm looking forward to pics. Sounds like your new space is going to be very pretty. Love that last paragraph. So far, my summer has been filled with photos, guest, knitting, sewing, the garden, grilling, hiking, etc... just wish I had a little more sun.

Jessica Turner said...

I wish we lived closer - I think we would be kindred spirits. :) Our summer is being spent with me in my last weeks of pregnancy and the anticipation of what being a parent will be like! I am hoping to finish some crafty projects before Elias' arrival.

Michelle said...

Happy Anniversary! Sounds like you're new home will be just fabulous.

I can't wait to see more photos. I'm filling up my summer with lots of fun and photos. Riding bikes to the library and then reading for hours. Spending a lot of time on flickr and planning a trip to Europe for fall. Cleaning up iPhoto and my hard drive to make room for new photos to come.

TaMs* said...

Seems like you've been gone for ages! Your finds look fantastic, I'm jealous.
Congrats on the move.

Mandi said...

Have fun decorating! I've just gotten settled in to our house... and have just recently found the time to be disgusted with the lack of decoration. So here I go! hehe

kim brimhall said...

I just got back from Nashville and was wondering about your move...so glad it is going well! I loved writing about the little tidbits...so refreshing! You seem happy and that's all that matters...now breathe and settle!


Charin said...

So glad you're getting closer to being moved in! :)
Your finds sound gorgeous :)
My Summer's full of working at the bank, working on photography, chasing my Katie bug around and scrapping when I can :)

petrii said...

It sounds like you had a simply lovely anniversary. That is just great!! I hope you will enjoy Springfield. I live only about 30 mins from there.

Can't wait to see pics.

Amanda said...

You must've gone to Columbia! I went to school there and stopped at Itchy's ALL THE TIME. I love flea markets. They are hard to find up here, though--except for the big Kane County one once a month. Columbia was FULL of great stores with good stuff!!!

tess1960 said...

I 've just returned from a week long "working vacation" at Dane G. Hansen Boy Scout Camp near Phillipsburgh, Kansas. It is so beautiful there and the week was a fun one. We had two storm scares but noone hurt seriously. One young mad feel crossing a rock road and scruffed up a knee and bottom of foot, left his tent barefooted. He was a brave youngmad and didn't give a whimper, no stitches needed. THe weather other than a few storms coming through and moving on quickly was wonderful. I hated leaving on Sat. and wished I could stay for the last week of Boy Scout Camp but alas home was calling.
I am now back to cleaning up a mobile home I will be hopefully soon selling. I love seeing the pictures of your flea market finds. Show us more when you can.

shaina said...

our anniversary is the 22nd also. perfect day!