August Kit and Journaling Class Details

The August Paper Kit from Red Velvet Kit Club is up for sale in our Etsy shop for non-subscribers. We are excited to have Jen Geigley as our GD. She contributed her talent to the kit in the form of these fabulous mid-century modern tags. LOVE THEM!

In other news...the response to the art journaling class has been OUTSTANDING! Thank you to everyone who has signed up or wanted to really bad but can't. THANKS! Each of you have contributed to our best friends, Katy and Adam, bringing their first son home from Ethiopia later this month. We are all so excited that its drawing closer and this will only make the last part of the process easier on that sweet new family.

Its not too late to sign up if you're still thinking about it. We'll be accepting spots until August 6th at midnight. The cost is now $30.00 and slots can be purchased HERE. I can't wait to get this class started and see what lovely things come from it.

Happy early weekend. I'm off to the garage sales for a short break before kit packing resumes. PonyParty is being featured in the Etsy mailing list today! It goes out to some 13,000 subscribers daily so I'm excited about the potential new customers coming that way. And I didn't get to share last week but Design*Sponge posted about the makeover I did on Sebastian's shelving unit. Thanks so much lovely, inspiring, generous internet connections!

On a random personal note...I've watched Feist sing '1, 2, 3, 4' on Sesame Street about 30 times this week. Sebastian is in love.


Charin said...

Rachel, how awesome are you??
I think that's awesome that you are helping your friends bring their new baby home :) :)
They're lucky to have a friend like you :)
Can't wait for the class to start!

Kate said...

I just wanted to tell you that I am SO excited for the art journaling class..as soon as I saw you posted it, I signed up...and now to find out that the $$ is going to help your friends adopt makes it all the more amazing!! YOu are such an amazing friend to do this!

MeganK said...

Those tags are so cool! And that kit looks amazing!

Sarah said...

I'm just cracking up that Feist is on Sesame Street!!! Really enjoying your pretty inspirations, as always. I'm actually moving back to northwest Arkansas in a few weeks so maybe we'll bump into each other!

danilouwho said...

I was so excited about this class, and now that I've read this I think it's so awesome. You're such a good friend!
can't wait!


Anonymous said...

Pony Party was featured at funky finds!!!

Michelle said...

Lovely kit! Your class sounds very exciting. Hope you have a great weekend!

kim brimhall said...

oh dear...i loveeeee that kit. and im bummed im too sick to take your class. i hope you'll have another:(

hope you are loving your new place!