How Are You?

This week:

* Thrift Store shopping.
* Trip to the park.
* Crazy fun day with the RVA girls!
* Cupcakes to bake.
* Vintage finds to list in the shop.
* A hair cut.
* Kits to pack.
* Pictures to hang.
* A metal wardrobe to paint.
* Birthday memories to make!

What's on your list this week?


~wenhether~ said...

My list is getting kinda long
~Take the car for an oil change
~Organize my closet
~Clean my craft area
~Pack my work bag for my new job starting next week :)
~Do grocery shopping :(
~Take pictures of my latest thrifting find and new mini book
~Start a list of projects I will be doing for christmas presents!

Divine in the Daily (& emj photos) said...

yesterday: Josh's birthday.
Today: hope's first day of 2nd grade and eddie's first day of preschool
tomorrow: my brother (his wife) is having a baby.
wednesday: begin recovery.

Kate said...

your list sounds like so much fun!
my list is lookin like this:
*1st day of the fall semester
*Fresh coat of paint in the living room
*Clean studio! way over-due!
*Weekend trip to San Luis Obispo for a wedding

Angie said...

U are one busy girl sweetie !!!
Were is ur time for u too relax??
Actually where is mine ???heheh

Teinture said...

your week sounds fun!

Here's my list:
*major headache resulting from doing above without glasses
*pick up new glasses from optometrist
*finish buying birthday presents
*my 6yo son's sports day
*my daughter's 5th birthday on Friday and lots of partying (where do the years go?)
*more drawing
*sew some more of my quilt
*finish minibook from your class :)

Karen xo

Anonymous said...

Ooo! Your week sounds fun! My week - bag making class with co-workers, a little sewing, a little knitting, some planning (and then celebrating!) for the boyfriend's golden 30th, and oh yeah...work! haha!

Molly Kate said...

sounds like a wonderful list! have fun! p.s. I've been taking your amazing art journaling class, but I have run out of room on my flickr acct. so if you'd like to see how it's going you are welcome to visit my blog- www.specsandwings.blogspot.com
I'm having a giveaway today as well!

julio n carla said...

*my girly starts kindergarten... oh my my!
*sister's coming to visit
*wash bedding
*paint flamingos
*take my girls to dragon's hollow park
*put laundry away... uuggh!
*scrap my challenge page - me and my girlfriends do challenge pages together... fun!
*make a list of crafty funness to do
*license and register our vehicles
*go grocery shopping

fun fun!
you bring out the creative side in us all! thanks!

Michelle said...

Sounds like lots of fun things. Hope you have lots of time with the RVA girls! And Happy Almost Birthday!

Tina Amato said...

I'm a high school teacher, and I've started back at school this week. SO MUCH WORK, and not enough play.