What We Call Resting

We spent the later part of our afternoon cleaning up our backyard and porch in an effort to keep the critters at bay. We've got a pear tree that has been dropping its fruit for about two weeks so we've had to keep up with the gleaning and gathering almost daily. The ones that are bruised badly or already rotten tend to attract every critter within three blocks. We've enjoyed the squirrels and birds but the flies are not welcome. We got a mouse on Saturday. We had to make an example of the poor little guy. You know, send a message to his friends.
So, once we started in on cleaning up the mess, we got the porch cleared off and sprayed down the hinged doors that had been collecting spider webs and the chairs that had been almost lost under boxes and spray paint cans. Sebastian entertained himself with his big bouncy ball and helped rake some of the pears. We gave him the hose for about five minutes, which was enough time for him to get completely soaked.
We had purchased the black dresser from Craigslist in the hopes of repainting it for Sebastian's room but discovered how much it smelled of smoke once we brought it inside. I was so disappointed but we've now put it to use as a storage unit for our tools, work gloves, bug spray, extra painted frames and old spray paint cans that need to be properly disposed of. It also provides a little hiding spot for the shoes Brett mows in and will be a great place to display seasonal decorations and my lantern collection that is in the early stages of development. I only have two.
We have such a nice view through the yard into the alley and now that the mosquitos are close to the end of their life span, we're looking forward to decaf on the back porch at sunset. Our leaves are still green but I'm sure the scenery will only get better in the coming weeks.

If you're in the market for some new pieces to add to your wardrobe, stop in at my friend, Mandi's, vintage store HalfCaf to check out the fabulous vintage finds. The shop is brand new so the selection is hot! Whether you're into vintage for fashion or social reasons, you'll probably find something pretty. She's done the hard work for you!

(My favorite)

The Red Velvet Kits are ready and waiting to be boxed! They'll go up for sale in our Etsy shop on Wednesday morning. Subscribers will be invoiced again this month and the rest will be posted at the regular rate. We've included a decorative vinyl rub-on this month that you can only find at Red Velvet! Full reveal on Wednesday morning.
October is so close already. Have you started making any holiday plans? I've been trying to come up with a fun costume to make for Sebastian. He was an iPhone last year so this year has to be equally rad. Tricky, tricky.


EverySpark said...

What a great space! You have fantastic style!

Mandi said...

You are too sweet! Thanks for the mention. Those pics from your porch are just absolutely stunning!

Celia said...

Love the aqua blue color of the chairs and balls!

Charin said...

Your porch looks fabulous! I've really never seen one that was so cute :)

sheree*lynne said...

i thought you might want to know that one of your home photos was featured on apartment therapy. link below :)


jessica said...

i have not made plans. only hoping the leaves will start changing, that i can photograph something colorful soon.
the teal chairs on your porch are great!!!

Grace@PoeticHome said...

I loved seeing your beautiful porch! The turquoise paper lanterns hung in a cluster over the matching chairs are so cheery and happy :)

I'm all for using indoor furniture outdoors -- it gives the outdoor area such a cozy feel.

Right now, I'm trying to find white pumpkins -- but in the land of sun where our temperature is still in the upper 90s, I can't find pumpkins anywhere yet!

Anonymous said...

Was wondering if you could share with us where you go those turquoise paper balls/lanterns. I've been looking for solid color ones for my living room!

Please email me at hersleydesigns@hotmail.com.