Tuesday Morning

I've just updated the Red Velvet Art Etsy Shop with these lovelies!

There was a chill in the air again this morning. Fall seems to have finally moved in and unpacked. I'm sitting in Sebastian's room with my bare feet warming in the sunshine while he plays on his wooden train track. Its probably the raddest one we've put together yet. I can hear the birds in the backyard. He's ready for me to put this computer down and play ball so I'll leave you with pictures.
I've got some exciting stuff going on this week. I'll share tomorrow!


Mandi said...

I seriously am like pee in my pants excited about this fall weather!!! hehe

And I am excited to send your package to you! :)

Martha Bonneau said...

Thw journals with the polaroids are just dreamy :)

photography4me said...

What a beautiful front porch. And Sabastian is adorable.

Marie said...

Oh those are wonderful! i wish i had money right now lol! Maybe there will be some left when I do. I love your pics they are wonderful! It is still hot here in cali blah!

DavenHeather said...

I love your front porch.. what an eye you have. I was given a gift from your Etsy shop for my birthday today.. a vintage recipe box filled with amazing recipes.. it's so gorgeous i almost cried. You are a treasure hunter that's for sure. Thanks Rachel.