"You should make your bed. It sets the tone for the day." -Smart People

Netflix is my favorite. We've watched so many indie movies and foreign films this month and most of them have been worth recommending to friends. I'd suggest them to you but then you might not like them and then blame me for ruining your weekend. I'm not about to ruin someone's weekend but if you just HAVE to know, convo me and I'll send you a list.

I'm proud to have been invited to play with Danielle Thompson's new digital scrapbook line 'Kitschy Digitals'. She's done a fantastic job of rounding up scrap artists to premiere these lines and they are available for purchase HERE. Here are two that I made earlier this week. I'm not a digi girl but the rad thing is that Danielle is making them available in files big enough for you to print out and use as hard copies. If you're into scrapping the old fashioned way, you can still play.

This photo is from my adventures in kit packing. (All domestic orders have been sent out as of today! International orders will go out on Monday.) I'm really excited about the fallness of the September kit. The felt alpha and brads as well as the softness of the green pompoms make me want to wrap up in a sweater and drink green tea.
These next two are from my April Art Journal. They have to do with the complexity of friendships old and new and the ways they change over the years. Sometimes a simple page does more for me than a full one.

Its not too late to sign up for the 2nd Online Art Journal Class of 'Steady Hand, Faulty Heart'. I couldn't decide on only eight tutorials so you're getting ten instead! Here's a little sneak peek of the fun times to follow. The class starts on Monday, September 8th and will begin with the first two tutorials. I will follow up with two more tutorials on the 11th, 15th, 18th, and 22nd for a total of 10 tutorials. You'll have access to images of old art journals as well as new inspirational links to thrill your mind and cure the occasional stagnation of the heart. There will be another give away with a winner announced on the 11th. A lot of ladies have been asking if it is beneficial to have taken the first class before the second class and I have replied that its not necessary, only more fun.
As usual, your images from either of the two classes can be added to our Flickr Group and a .pdf file will be available at the end of the month for you to keep with you forever and ever. Check out the flickr group if you're on the fence about a purchase to see what everyone has been up to.

Most of all, enjoy the weekend and don't forget to save the worry for later. Mondays are for worry.



kayla said...

Hi rachel! I am super excited for the second art journal class!!!! I was also wondering if you sent out the giveaway package I won yet. I can't wait to see all the goodies!!! thanks.

hollysarah said...

Rachel I would LOVE to know the list of movies that you saw! I've been watching more indie/foreign films lately, so I'd really like to know which ones you enjoyed!

I really like those pages from your April journal by the way. And I'm SO looking forward to the 2nd class. 10! :)
xoxo holly

RachelDenbow said...


Out of five stars...

1. The Band's Visit ****
2. Pretty Little Devils (Audrey Tautou) ***
3. Happenstance (Audrey Tautou)****
4. In Bruges (Colin Farrell)****
5. Cash Back ****(lots of boobs, though)
6. Year of the Dog (Molly Shannon)*

Go to Netflix or another movie sight for the reviews and descriptions. I pretty much hated Year of the Dog by the end of it but Molly Shannon did a great job.
The Band's Visit was my favorite of these.

OK, let me know what you think if you watch any of them. And if you are bothered by them don't judge me too harshly. They are NOT movies you'd want to watch with your kids or your grandparents.

hollysarah said...

thanks! I'll let you know for sure. It's good, because I haven't seen any of those. :)

photography4me said...

Good Morning Rachel!! Just was wondering if there was going to be a different password for this class. I havn't recieved the new password yet.



RachelDenbow said...

Yes, new password. Since the class doesn't start until tomorrow (Monday), you'll be getting the password tonight.

Remember, no worrying allowed this weekend.

karmabutton said...

you rock!!

photography4me said...

Ok thanks Rachel!

hollysarah said...

ack! the first two tutorials are sooo great. I just took a quick peek before I hit the hay. Thanks for offering such an inspirational class Rachel, I'm going to enjoy it. tons.