Early Weekend

Schools are out today for teacher meetings so we're outta here! We've shipped off the first huge chunk of orders for RVKC and RVA orders as well as those items from PonyParty that were purchased this week. Everyone else's goodies will got out on Monday. As some of you know, when you work from home you have to plan your time off or you'll never get any. So, excuse our absence until Monday.

We're headed to Arkansas to see Brett's grandparents and hopefully meet Charin for a visit. Then its back to Missouri to see Brett's parents and watch his brother play football. Of course some thrifting will be involved as that area has some fabulous shops. Fabulous.

Do you have your Fall/Halloween decorations up yet? Good intentions? Do share.


Charin said...

Aww, this is so cute! :)
Love your drawing on your to do list :)
I'm soooo excited to see you in real life and give you and Sebastian a big hug!

~wenhether~ said...

Have fun!! Take some pics for us!!

I was sooo excited to pull out the decorations!! I've already gotten out the Autumn wreath that I made last year and hung it up. I changed out the summer smelling candles for the fall scents.

Yesterday I got this cool hurricane glass in Target and filled it with some gourds. It's on display in our living room.

Genevieve said...

Sounds like a fun weekend!

I started taking my Halloween stuff Oct 1st (I've had Fall stuff out since Sept 15th or so.) I bought some creepy bugs, rats and spiders, they are lining the windowsill in my kitchen, and I glittered a foam skull last week, he is sitting on my entertainment centre along with my raven, Edgar. There will be tons more in the weeks to come. Oh yes, Halloween is definitely starting in my house!

Karen (teinture) said...

Hey Rachel! Hope you have had a lovely weekend :)

No autumn for me in my part of the world - it's Spring here in Australia. We don't really celebrate Halloween either. But where I am, we don't have Spring. It's kinda straight from winter into summer! Winter is very mild where I am too. I don't mind though as I HATE the cold - I rather summer as we live on the coast and the beach is 2 minutes from my house. Lots of late afternoon and weekend picnics and barbeques and swimming and fun...so that is what I am celebrating :)

So, as far as decorations go, I am on a creative binge at present making some art for my walls and making a quilt for my partner using aqua/orange Heather Ross Mendocino sea-themed fabrics and chocolate Joel Dewberry woodgrain fabric. I have another lap quilt I am working on too using Mary Englebreit Moda fabrics, and I am sewing ruffled skirts and some summery shirred tops for my little girl. I am getting ready to open up an etsy shop soon, and am having fun working on my art journaling of course ;D

Can't wait to hear about your weekend!

Karen xo