This is getting ridiculous.

I was having a quick coffee break with Elsie at the Mud House and guess who walked in?

I know.

He went back outside and wheeled in a lady in a wheelchair, ordered for the both of them, enjoyed brownies and coffee together, and then he wheeled her out. She looked old enough to be his mother but I didn't want to be rude and interrupt their pleasant evening by having to explain myself. I did call my SIL to tell her to put on something cute and join us but she was working and didn't want to get down there if there was a chance he wasn't staying.

As I was leaving I stopped at the counter and asked if he was a regular. They'd never seen him before tonight.

I know.

I thought about not telling you guys. I didn't want you to tell me to 'grow some' or call me a 'yellow belly' or tell me 'I'm ruining her chance at true love'.

At this point I have a feeling I'll be seeing him again and I'll make it a point never to venture downtown without my SIL in tow in her new brown boots.

My fun news was that Sebastian's room was featured on Apartment Therapy's nursery blog OhDeedoh today. I had tagged some of our photos with 'apartment therapy' on Flickr and was surprised to get an invitation to do a house tour on Apartment Therapy's main site! It had been a secret aspiration since I started following it in April but I was really stunned when it actually happened.
Since I had recently taken photos of a clean house for the house tour, I decided to enter the Fall Colors contest. Submissions are being accepted until October 14th if you want to join in the fun. There are about 18 posted so far and categorized by region but I'm sure they'll be filling up fast. Judges choose the 16 strongest entries from each region based on positive comments received and then open up voting on October 20th for readers to decide on the top house per region. Then another face off and another until the winner is announced on 11/3. If nothing else, its greatly satisfying to the voyeur in some of us to see what the insides of other people's homes looks like.
: I just found out the house tour isn't happening since I entered the Fall Colors contest. A little disappointing. However, if you are interested in seeing the pictures, they are posted in the
House Tour set on my Flickr Feed.
The tour lives on! They've decided to save it for November after the contest is over. YAY!

There are days when I'm so thrilled to have a house that I could just cry. Getting to share it with others and hear positive things in return really makes me happy. Thanks for following along throughout the process. We'll have to have coffee sometime.



Jamie said...

Okay, THAT is just freaky. It's meant to be and when you see him again (which you will soon!) you HAVE TO approach him!!! LOL

Congratulations on the house tour!! That's awesome! You deserve it. Your house and how you've decorated it is amazing!!! Everybody will love it.

Mandi said...

weird weird WEIRD! But you are right, if it is meant to be, you'll see him again. And you will give him her number, because otherwise, fate might grow tired of tempting you. hehe

rose said...

wow, this is fate. makes me want to pay better attention to the people around me at my everyday places...you never know!

also, i've been meaning to say this for a while, but everytime i look at your blog i want to redecorate my apartment. :)
thanks for sharing!

Toni Brockliss said...

Rachel your clipboards are also on creature comforts

You are famous!!

Anonymous said...

Lets just put it in one sentence; You're talented!!!!
In everything you do, because of the quilts you mae i started to make my first quilt! And i just love the way you decorated your house, i absolutly love it!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the feature! That is so exciting!!!
Oh, and it is totally freaky that you keep running into the same dude. I don't always believe in fate - but man, when this type of thing happens, its hard not to!

katie said...

oh my goodness, can't believe you saw that guy again!! i don't blame you about not approaching him though; i'm way too timid to do stuff like that. though it seems like the universe is just asking for it in this case.

congrats on the house tour and everything! you've definitely inspired me to put more work and more ME into my house.

Liz said...

You know, I'd be too nervous to approach someone like that (reminds me of high school!). Maybe if there were a bunch of us girls together I'd do it. If he walked in, then yeah, I'd probably muster up the courage as you know your girlfriends will usually give you super-human powers.:)

Grace@PoeticHome said...

OMG, you saw him again?!?! Can we say missed encounters?! :) This is crazy -- totally out of a Hollywood movie. I think that in 10 years, your sister will be married to this chap and have beautiful children :)

Congrats on the apartment therapy house tour!!! Your home is SO beautiful, and the creativity you infuse into your decor is really inspiring. :) I am happy that other people get to share in the joy!!

alittlebitofscrap said...

Loved your house tour! It is perfectly adorable and I just love all the details. We enjoy alot of the same colors :)

twinklescrapbooks said...

Whee! I just ordered some stuff from RV etsy. :)
I hope you find mr.right for her. I would just run up to him, hand him her # with a note, and then run away LOL because i am so shy.

Anonymous said...

You did such a great job with his room. We're doing kind of the same thing with our baby's room. I HATE cutesy baby boy nurseries, so we're just doing it in a bright teal with some greens and browns. Congratulations on the house tour. I check out their nursery tours religiously! Your home is amazing and so inspiring!

smauge said...

Glad your tour is going ahead - It must have been a huge disappointment to you when they said it wouldn't.
My family owns an apartment here in Sydney which is very expensive now. We were lucky we bought before a huge upward surge in prices. Not a day goes by where I don't look around my home and count my blessings!

Lisa Leonard said...

I just looked at your house tour via flicker and DANG! it is amazing. you are a genius and i am so inpsired!! looks like you guys have found your niche. hugs!

Anonymous said...

I must say...hahaha...im a little sad you didnt talk to him...i wonder what elsie thought!!! What did she think???

you MUST MUST MUST talk to him!! Even if its not meant to be..there's got to be SOME reason you keep seeing him!

congrats on the house tour! :] Im excited for you!!

much love!




Karen (teinture) said...

BIG congrats Rachel! You sooooo deserve it - your house (and Sebastian's room) is gorgeous and you have every right to be proud of yourself :)

Now that IS spooky huh? I agree, there is some reason why you keep seeing him...destiny works in strange ways!

Karen xo

kerry lynn said...

so when you coming back to nor cali for alemad and some coffee??!?

kerry lynn said...

and i can't spell tonight ... lol