Third Online Art Journal Class

My third online class will be uploaded Monday afternoon. There is still time to sign up and follow along as we work through eight new tutorials over the course of the month. Once you've purchased your slot, you'll be contacted via e-mail with the blog URL, user name and password. These will allow you to access the class at your leisure and make it easy to reference as you're working through each tutorial.

There will be access to previous art journal pages from years past as well as links to offer a little inspiration along the way. The best part of each of these classes is that you can jump in at any time without having taken the others. They include a picture of the finished page, a list of things you'll need, step-by-step instructions for putting it together, as well as tips on how to customize your page or use the template for future pages. You can browse through members ' pages in our Steady Hand, Faulty Heart Flickr group.

New tutorials will be added on the 9th, 13th and 16th and will be available on the private blog until the end of the year. A .pdf file will also be available once the class is over. There will be another give away at the end and a chance to share your favorite pieces from each of the classes with the rest of the group. This will be the last art journal class offered until the Spring as there are other new and exciting projects in the works. I appreciate the fantastic response from previous members! I've enjoyed watching your pages emerge and hearing the stories involved in making them. I hope to see you all back for round three.

(The .pdf for the second online class will be available later this week.)


kim brimhall said...

these pages are wonderful! im in new orleans but i wanted to say hi! i hope you are having the best day!!


TaMs* said...

Looooove those pages. I really like your stitching on the pages.

Bianca said...

cute pages!! i love your new baanner!!!

The Creative Type said...

Very inspiring and beautiful pages.

Love the kit this month. I was soo excited to receive it!


cara harjes said...

these pages are gorgeous and so tender and inspiring, rach.

also, the new blog banner rocks my face off. seriously, if you were here in my living room, you would see that my face has been fully rocked off and is sitting in a little puddle on the floor.

KT said...

Rachel.. I'm so doing your 2nd and 3rd class when I get money.. I am loving the first one and can't wait until I get time to let loose and do the journal!!

Elaine said...

LOVE the new header! And the photos are gorgeous as usual. :]