I've been a bad blogger.

Me: "I'm sorry for not blogging in six days."

You: "Just don't let it happen again. The holidays are fast approaching and there are projects to be made and inspiration needed to keep us from being swallowed whole by the chaos."

Me: "Four days MAX from now on. I promise."

You: "As long as you make up for it with some eye candy and good links this week."

Me: "You'll get so much eye candy, you'll need to see a DENTIST!"

Well, I'm glad we got that out of the way. It was getting awkward. The sweet package shown above is for the dear Elsie Flannigan on her birthday this November 19th (wink, wink). No telling what is inside yet. It is the prettiest version of something I've ever made. Its a small, beautiful secret.
Sebastian has discovered where we keep the acrylic paints. After a few days of him walking around with the blue and green bottles in his hot little hands, I decided to get out the precautionary paint gear and help him prep one of my used canvases that won't be displayed anywhere, ever. He told me that he is focusing on handmade gifts this Christmas and didn't want to wait until the last minute to get them all done. Well, he didn't exactly say it but I know he's thinking it.
I've been letting deadlines and projects stress me out way too much this month. I've decided lists aren't as helpful to me as I'd like and that I work best in large blocks of time rather than twenty minutes here and there. I need to get fully submerged in a project before I feel like things are happening the way I want them to.
Brett has been great about entertaining Sebastian this week when I've needed that extra time. We've been playing inside a lot now that the dark evenings have joined us. Its changed our whole routine but its becoming familiar again and we're finding out how much Sebastian likes us in his room. In order to get a little outside time, we bundle up around 10 a.m. and go for a walk or play in the yard until our fingers turn purple. This boy loves to jump in my leaf piles and just lay there. Sounds like a good stress reliever to me.
The November Paper kits from Red Velvet Kit Club are being snatched up little by little but there are still some left in the Etsy shop. I have to brag on my Design Team and Dina Wakley for how many ways they used the goods in this kit. See for yourself here.
I've been updating PonyParty with some holiday goodies and my latest finds. We've joined the Poppytalk Handmade market again this month and couldn't be more excited about being a part of such a creative gathering of goods. If you're leaning towards your own handmade Christmas gifts but just don't have the time to make it all yourself, you're bound to find something there. I have to limit my browsing time because there are so many beautiful pieces being featured.
Speaking of lovely things, this is the new wintry scene paint-by-number for our entry way. I got an e-mail from Kari Ranstrom saying she had this piece that I might be interested in and it turned out to be perfect. We did a little trade and three days later, we were both happy girls! Even though the official start of winter is weeks away, its been so cold that it feels like Fall has officially left the building.
I'll be back on Thursday with pictures from Kansas City. Elsie and I are taking a road trip to see Silje and do some shopping/fun work. I'm sure we'll have stories to share.
Thanks for coming back even when I've been missing!



julio n carla said...

you are lovely! and we all adore you! and it's ok... we all have busy lives! but yes, i cannot wait to see all your fun cuteness that is in store! :] i'm taking elsie's online class and am sooo excited to see what you girlies come back with from your little trip... :]
have a fantastic night


Kimmi said...


Jingle said...

LOL! Wouldn't that lead me to an optometrist? hmmm....something to ponder....eye candy....dentist or optometrist....Anyway, that kit is more than I can handle! I want it!

Dani said...

So glad you are back and wow you didn't disappoint you shared some lovely lovely things!

Anonymous said...

Eek. Now I have a toothache. Thanks though, and welcome back.


Michelle said...

Lovely pictures! I haven't been in the blogging mood either. Must be all those lists! Hope the present is a hit.

krista said...

love the last picture! i love how you change it each month! simply beautiful!!

Anonymous said...

We are happy to have you back! :) Great leaves pictures...but you are right - it is now cold - up here in Wisconsin we've had snow flurries already! brr!

t h a i t r a i t said...

Sebastian's gift-giving philosophy sounds brilliant.

Vanessa said...

oh those ornament colors are exactly what i was thinking to decorate for winter!

Michelle said...

Oh, fun!! Have an awesome weekend! :) Loving your photos of fall leaves and chunky knits (specifically that fabulous yellow hat!) Happy days and safe travels...

Anonymous said...

I missed you! Hope you have a fun trip! Sebastian is soooo cute!!!

Karen xx

Melodie said...

Did you paint those paint-by-numbers yourself? I just love them. Such a cute entrance way!

Lacey said...

How do you have time for everything that you do? Do you sleep? You seem to be a great mom, blog, spend time with friends, go thrifting, sew, you always have a project going on. Please tell me your secret!! There are not enough hours in my day.

RachelDenbow said...


I feel the same way about other online crafty moms. Sometimes I wonder if they have a secret helper. Ha!
The truth is I don't get a full eight hours most nights and only have two local friends and a sister-in-law to occupy my social time. We don't have a t.v., although the internet can suck up just as much time if I'm not careful. My husband is home by 4 p.m. every weekday and helps out with the domestic duties since we both work. I try to keep my duties and projects on my mind so I can always be thinking of how to best use my time but there are plenty of days when I get so overwhelmed with it all that I need to just sit and do nothing or put it off for another afternoon.
I take advantage of my son's awake time to clean and use his sleeping time for projects. However, as my three friends will attest, my house is rarely as spotless as I'd like it to be. There are things that suffer and things that thrive. I try to balance it from day to day.

Sounds like a blog post in itself. Thanks for asking!

Anonymous said...

just wait until you have 2 or more children - your priorities and "daily doings" will shift around and some of the things you love most will be shelved for a few years. As a mother of 2 I feel this every day. But I wouldn't change it for anything! Children are precious and young for only a short time. You will always be a crafter, even if that part of you must hibernate from time to time. I know you know all this but sometimes it helps to hear it too! You are very blessed to have a husband that will help you. There are so many that won't or can't. Good Luck and hang in there - it's not even Dec yet! ;)