A New Day

We're probably all ready for a break from politics. Regardless of how you responded to yesterday's post and outcome, I hope you are able to enjoy this space and the ideas that are gathered and shared. I'm thankful that people were able to post their personal opinions and hope we were all able to appreciate the history making that took place on November 4th, 2008. The focus of this blog will swiftly return to all things crafty and family in order to bring pretty things into both our worlds.

The weather in Missouri has been fabulous these last few days so I took my polaroid outside on Monday and snapped a few pics to add to my studio. I switched out my inspiration board again recently and added a wire to the pink frame to hang things from. This is the outcome. And pleasantly enough it was featured here.
I bought the bag at Bumbershoot in Seattle in '06. It was handmade from vintage and re-purposed materials. The color combo and textures are beautiful and, although it's too small for it to be practical anymore, I can't give it up.
Halloween came and went over here with family in town and costume preparations changing by the hour. My dad, brother and grandparents were here for a few days to see (Sebastian) us and enjoy the festivities. I made Sebastian a Polaroid costume to follow up the iPhone from last year but he wasn't quite as compliant and kept it on for about 3 seconds. I've decided to follow in my mom's tradition of making us costumes that reflected something historic that happened that year until Sebastian is old enough to demand he wants to be a tractor. It was only fitting that the Polaroid costume was discontinued by my son as well.
I had a batman costume as back up but no sooner had we attached the cape did he demand the sleeves were uncomfortable. So, (sorry Charin) I cut them off. Then the crotch was bothering him and the mask was NOT happening. We stripped him down and mustering all the patience a mother can muster, I asked him to stand still while I put his regular clothes on. Plan C all along had been to go as a family of lumberjacks so I just put his red and black plaid shirt on, drew an eye liner moustache, and told him he had to keep it on if he wanted to enjoy any of his hard earned candy that night. Or else.
Brett was easier to dress. I cut out his felt beard that afternoon and just added my hat and scarf to his military-ish jacket. Part woodsman and part Stalin? I couldn't quite manage another felt moustache before dark so I just drew mine on. We attended Elsie's Halloween party and met some new lovelies that were probably staring at my moustache the whole time we traded college stories. Image borrowed from Elsie.
We drove to Branson on Sunday afternoon to ride the Branson Belle Showboat with my grandparents. The food was good and the comedian was hilarious. Brett did comment on how Sebastian's presence lowered the median age to about 48. We all had a good time and enjoyed the Ozark colors on Lake Taneycomo.And I FINALLY received the elusive box from Cosmo Cricket that I've had so much trouble with. Kits are being packed and shipped as you read! You can still pick one up in our Etsy shop while supplies last.
I've spiffed the place up a bit since we last spoke. I'll be sharing pictures of my new kitchen shelves and chair redo later this week. I've got grand plans for Pony Party as well so stay tuned!


Charin said...

I missed commenting yesterday because I was working, but I just wanted to say that even though I was for McCain more than Obama I still love you :) haha :)
I just wish for the best judgement from our president, no matter *who* they are. :)
Your inspiration board is sooo pretty! :) Love the colors and pictures on it. :)
I'm sorry that the polaroid costume didn't work out, it was so cute!

The Creative Type said...

I love that Polaroid costume idea!! That must have been adorable:)

Angela said...

Ohmygod, I love love love your frame! I might have to do something similar.

And the polaroid costume, such fun! But I think the lumberjack family is cuter, so I'm glad that won out! So adorable!

i'm Carrie, lovely to meet you… said...

that polaroid costume is brilliant!! love it! i had seen your pic over at Elsie's blog and i thought you three were a very cute lumberjack trio!!

congrats on the AT mention too!

i'm excited for the Pony Party news, i keep kicking myself for not buying BOTH sets of the Taylor, Smith & Taylor cups/saucers when i had the chance. i LOVE them!!

smauge said...

I love love love the polaroid costume (and your take on it being discarded!)
My son has Aspergers so I've never been able to dress him in anything other than shorts and a tshirt - all cotton, no polyester!!
Lucky we don't celebrate Halloween over here!
We once went to a dress up birthday party and I put him in his regulation shorts and (red) tshirt and cut out a carboard tennis racquet. I put a baseball cap on his head backwards and taught him to say "C'mon!!" - and we had a costume for (Australian tenniss player) Lleyton Hewitt!
So, I can relate...

Anonymous said...

best kit ever! i love the little feathers and word bubbles.


Lauren said...

Reading the comments from your Tuesday post inspired my post today.

Thanks for that. Reading all the neg. stuff that is out there this week, really stirred up something in me.

Michelle said...

Love the Halloween photos. Too cute!

Anonymous said...

Cute halloween pics! And I LOVE the pics of your kitchen on flickr! I have super bright dishes so I take the cabinet doors off the cabinets to show them off. I think i really want some shelves for them now, though!

Karen (teinture) said...

LOVE your kitchen pics on Flickr Rachel! And your inspiration board, Halloween costumes, the whole lot :)

I was really shocked, sad and angry to read some hateful, sarcastic posts on yesterday's comments. I wholeheartedly believe that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but there was no need for that. Kudos to you for your graciousness, sincerity and tact in your comments in response to others' :)

Karen xx

Karen (teinture) said...

That kit is just to DIE for - I love the whole thing!

Karen xx

l e a h said...

Save the Polaroid for another time! It's totally worth keeping!

jill said...

your house is the cutest thing ever. I was bummed you didn't win the at color thing.

Anonymous said...

Love the Polaroid costume! I hate to say this, but at first I thought it was a computer moniter! You should put an enlarged pic of ya'll together from Halloween night in the blank spot - would be cute (and repurposing!)

danilouwho said...

As much as I go to Branson I still have never been on the Branson Belle - that seems silly now that I think about it! Must remedy that soon...

I love the lumberjack costumes - quite genius I think!


Pink Slippers said...

Your blog is really cute. First time visiting.

Quiet Violet said...

I just love that fushia frame! You should start a "spray painted by Rachel" album... that way we can see all of your re-purposed pretties in one spot!

And, HELLO?! The Lumberjack family idea is brilliant.