I Saw

* The biggest piece of chicken fried steak this side of the Mississippi
* A burnt U.S. Mail truck in the median
* Peacocks in the park
* Ardmore, Oklahoma's train station
* Two people buying High School Musical bean bags at Wal-Mart
* My SIL's new 'boy' friend
* Five movies
* Christmas Eve living rooms from the old highway
* My brother for the last time in awhile
* Eight thrift stores/flea markets
* A sliver of a moon

I Went To

* Thayer, MO
* Flippin, AR
* Pauls Valley, OK
* Ada, OK
* Ardmore, OK

I Thought About

* Christmas triggers (those things that make it feel like Christmas)
* Sending a Christmas eCard
* How to best teach Sebastian about Jesus' birth
* How to best teach Sebastian about Santa Claus
* The five things I left at home
* Not eating desserts
* What commitments I'll make in the new year
* What things I'll reorganize in my life and in my studio
* Pretty quilts
* How to make hearty soups
* Getting a hair cut
* Potty training and pacifier weaning
* Leaving notes for Brett
* Jogging more
* All the stories I don't know about my grandparents' lives
* How much I love it when Sebastian laughs at me
* How we're going to fit all of our gifts into our car

I Got

* A necklace in the mail (Thanks, JO)
* A journal in the mail (Thanks, Jen)
* A heated mattress pad
* A date purse
* A Sephora gift card
* Clothes
* Vintage goodies
* Running Shoes
* My grandmother's vintage Vera dress
* A vintage wool blanket
* A new tea pot
* Two full days of responsibility free crafting
* More things from special people

I gave

* A re-purposed frame turned chalk board
* A handmade doll
* Two cross-stitch teepees
* A Boy Scout tin full of pictures
* Purchased clothing
* A vintage lure and red lantern
* A mug, candle and soaps
* Banana muffins
* A jar of Hershey kisses
* A journal
* Something only Brett can appreciate

I Learned

* Not to be afraid to ask
* To pay attention to my son's words even when he's cranky and whiny
* How much I like spending time off line once in awhile
* My favorite antique store is ALWAYS closed when I visit my grandparents
* How to take back a pair of shoes that I didn't love
* Its okay to say 'no' to people I love in order to take care of myself
* How much I like white
* That Sebastian will sing if you give him a microphone
* That my husband looks HOT in skinny jeans

I Ate

* Too much


Steve Rodli said...

These are wonderful Rachel...I'm going to add I Felt(the plane turning right as we approached the run way),(my mom's crochet hooks in my hand -knowing that they were now mine),(the smile as my husband's hand rested over mine as he watched my reactions to my first time sitting in first class)
Happy happies. Joyce

Sandy said...

I love your lists.
There can't be a place really called Flippin. That is hilarious.

Jennifer said...

eh. I thought abuot jogging more too. hasn't happened yet for me haha. lists are fun, glad you holidays were jovial!


Leslie said...

we were just eating mexican food in paul's valley, ok last night, on our way back to dallas. :) what a coinkiedink.

elliebelle said...

What a full week! It sounds lovely.

alittlebitofscrap said...

Enjoyed reading your list. I'm a list kinda girl. Also, I like the quilt pattern. Is it yours? Very nice combinations with the print. I hope you have a wonderful and happy New Year!

Katherine said...

they are not very glamorous, but those heated mattress pads are THE BEST! turn it on fifteen minutes before you get in bed and you will be happy all night. i love your quilts--they inspire me to stop organizing my sewing room and actually get to work in there!

AK said...

what a great blog!!! thanks for sharing!

Michelle said...

Dude - cool lists. Nice way to summarize everything, and I would totally blog-copy you but I have the memory the size of a pea and the Christmas holiday is a little foggy already...lol. Anyhoo - gorgeous pictures! It looks like you had fun! Happy New Year, girl!

julio n carla said...

loveLOVE your lists! your blog is sooo fun! thank you for everything!!! look forward to the new year... blogs, stores, kits, fun-ness!


tania said...

awesome list.

oh, that's doll said...

I stumbled upon your blog recently, and you are just too cute. Your vibe/style reminds me a little of my best friend from High School (whose brother I just happen to be married to!) and a little of my college roommate. Like the missing link between the two or something. What a fun and cute way to do the mandatory "what I did for Christmas break" post!


Mandi said...

Yay! You're back! :) Sounds like an amazing time.

Anonymous said...

AWESOME post Rachel, and it sounds like you had a reflective, family-filled Christmas! Love the way you listed everything too. Cool :)

Karen xx

Heidi Wholeness said...

Hi Heidi Wholeness here! What fun! I love Love Love lists! I must visit the place called Flippin just to take a picture of their sign. In 2007 I visited BuckSnort Tennessee just for the name!

Charin said...

:) :) I'm so glad you had a great time! :)

Charin said...

P.S. Oh yes, Flippin AR. :) A lot of people laugh at me when I say I grew up there, especially a friend from London!

Allison Drew said...

cross-stitch teepees!! That sounds so wonderful! Please post a picture.

hollysarah said...

that was such a fun post to read. you're awesome. :)

Freckled Nest said...

love this post :)

thought of you when i saw this: http://www.diyideas.com/quickprojects/Accents/yardstick-coatrack_ss1.html

hugs! happy new yeeeeeeeear!!!

owen,tania,caleb,thaddeus, gideon,hannah said...

this post inspires me to get out the journal and WRITE! thanks for sharing.

Lorie said...

Love your lists! Hope you had the Merriest Christmas and keep those hopes strong for 2009! It's bound to be the most wonderful year yet!!

diane reeves said...

Your lists are so fun! and so is your blog.

My husband's grandma lives in Maysville and I have been to some awesome antique stores in Paul's Valley! Have you checked any of them out?