Last Chance for our Crafts Classes!

Elsie and I are offering our craft classes at a discounted rate of $50 for your summer enjoyment! Each class has 30 projects/tutorials. If you missed one of these classes, here's your chance to get all of the adorable projects & join in the fun!

Classes will be available on private blogs until the end of the year so you'll have plenty of time to access the information. Private blog info will be sent to you within 24 hours of completion of payment. If your PayPal e-mail is not up to date, please send us your current address. Thank you!

elsiecake class:


Pretty class:



Caitlin said...

I paid for the Pretty Class yesterday at 2:30 and have yet to hear from you guys. Did the Paypal button make a mistake? Help! :)

Tonya said...

this has nothing to do with this post. i just saw this:

and thought of you and your brother.

RachelDenbow said...

Carol, you are not welcome here and you are not welcome to spy on my life.

Especially when you won't post your return information.

RachelDenbow said...


I sent it yesterday. Let me know if you didn't get it.

EliseBlaha said...

you are fantastic.

jen renee said...

these classes ROCK, by the way. if you're on the fence, I really think you'll be blown away by what these girls have in store for you.

Bridget said...

Hi Rachel -

I've took the Pretty class and LOVED it! You and Elsie are so creative! I tried to sign up for the Elsiecake class and am unable to pay for it on paypal. Am I doing something wrong? Please let me know.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rachel,

I too just tried to sign up for the Elsiecake class and was unable to pay...the Pretty Class worked though.

Please let me know!


RachelDenbow said...


I can't find your e-mail so I'm trying here. Check the links on the RVA blog.


I'm not sure why it's working for some and not others.

Let me know if that one doesn't work for you either.

Little Brown Box, I sent you an e-mail with that info.


Bridget said...

Thank you Rachel! The link worked! Whohoo!