Right About Now

Oh, hello! Not much time for words today so I'll show you some pretty things that are happening in my life this weekend. The little owl bank was a recent church sale purchase. He's keeping my typewriter company for now but soon he'll be ready for someone else's home...because we're bringing the PONYPARTY back! Yes, after a temporary first trimester reprieve, the shop is ready to open it's Etsy doors again. We're working on the official date but it will be soon and very soon. I'll keep you posted.

I've been cutting squares, squares, and more squares this weekend in preparation for my next big project for the RVA shop. I'm hoping to get these vintage sheets turned into lovely baby blankets before too long. I couldn't put the nesting urge off any longer so this is how I'm channeling all of that hormonal energy.

I went into one of my favorite charity shops on Friday looking for more vintage sheet sets when I stumbled upon this beauty. She's a vintage Royal typewriter in her very own lock-in carrying case and she's a lovely shade of blush pink. I've only ever seen pink ones online so you can bet it was in my cart as soon as I checked its working status! I also found some vintage cameras and a white polaroid with a rainbow stripe down it's front. Some days I walk out with clipboards and ledger paper and feel lucky to have found something useful and other days it's like being struck by lightning.

The major news at our house this weekend is that Sebastian is recovering from a minor 2nd degree burn on his forearm. He was helping Brett make homemade popcorn on the stove and while turning the handle on the lid, he got too close and touched the pot. He was a brave little boy and let Brett hold it under cool water for a few minutes and then wrap it in a wet t-shirt. He only cried for three minutes or so and then wanted some popcorn! We called Brett's mom, an RN, and checked online for burn information to see whether or not he needed to see a doctor but it turned out to be something we could take care of at home. Brett made a Wal-Green's run for some first aid supplies and I made sure he didn't touch it out of curiosity.

He didn't want to wear the tubular gauze so I put some on and then bribed him with ice cream to leave it alone. He hardly notices it now. We call it his bracelet and he has been surprisingly still every time we've had to change the dressings. He's doing well and we're keeping a close eye on it while it heals. I keep recalling the last time I dealt with a 2nd degree burn. I just knew I'd have a huge scar for life but it went away in no time with plenty of ointment so we're hoping for a similar outcome with Sebastian.

If that wasn't enough excitement for one weekend, Brett has now come down with something and hurt his back at the same time. He was halfway done cooking burgers for lunch when he decided he needed to lay down and it was bye, bye, birdie from there. He's currently lying down with frozen ground beef in a ziplock bag wrapped in a towel and placed under his lower back with a fever and an empty stomach.

I just hope we can make it to Tuesday.

Poll tomorrow. Make sure you show up because I'm doing a give away!


p.s. So much for a short post, eh?


Cindy J said...

:( hope you boys get to feeling better soon! Sometimes all the ickys come at once. I have just recently come out of my first trimester sickness and just in timeee for my husband to tear his ACL & meniscus in his knee. We were supposed to be moving into our new house next month but it looks like our down payment money is now surgery money and I'm just taking it day to day, wondering how I'm gonna survive without my hubby being able to walk or support my weight. I think it's the perfect time for me to put my nesting-energy into a quilt as well... take my mind off of the crazyness. I can't wait to see what your quilts look like when they're finished! I find out what I'm having on the 22nd, so I may be purchasing a little pink one or a little blue one :)

Amber said...

Wow, lovely blankets in the making!! I'm drawn to those baby boy blankets! :) Great find on the typewriter too!

Ya for the PonyParty! I've yet to buy something, but I love checking everything out. Maybe one of these days..

Poor boys at your house!! I'm glad that Sebastian's arm is not too bad, and hopefully Brett makes a quick recovery!

Love the updates. How are you feeling?

Chelsea said...

love the owl. love the typewriter. cant wait to see the cameras. + poor boy! :(

Toni Brockliss said...

The quilts are going to be beautiful. I found a whole stash of fantastic sheets at my local op shop and my son is turning out to be a ace thrifter..he can spot things from a mile away!
I am sorry your boys are hurt. You must be like the Medicine Woman running from room to room.
I 3rd degree burnt my hand when I was 10 from a stove top accident, and Mum watched it like a hawk for a couple of weeks changing this and doing that. I didn't have one scar. Mum's are great. :)

Sugar Sweet Sunshine said...

Sorry to hear about the burn - an amazing cream for burns is called "Silverdine." It's prescription only but it's amazing!

Katherine said...

holy cow, that wears me out just reading it! i hope both of the boys are hanging in there--i know how it is to worry about injuries with the little guys and am thinking about you!
GREAT finds this weekend! and those quilts are adorable. i know some buns in the oven who will definitely need some cozy blankies. can't wait to see them finished!

Jamie said...

Awesome finds, Rachel!
Hope your guys get better very, very soon!!!

margot said...

awwwwwwwwwwww. to the whole situation!
but the quilts look amaaaazing. wow! wow wow wow.

hope everyone is feeling better!!!

Mandi said...

OH man! Those pieces of fabric are delish! And I'm so excited for Pony Party's return! I have to say, since you posted that quilt you said your mother in law would be selling, I have been stalking her Etsy. I really really want it. :) Is it going to still be in her shop? Or Pony Party? I'm so scared I'll miss out on it! (man, I'm sounding kinda pathetic... haha)

RachelDenbow said...


The quilt is still going to hers and it should get to her house via my SIL later this weekend. I'm sure she'll post it soon after. There's been a little chatter on flickr from two other people that are interested but it hasn't been priced yet so it's still up for grabs. You can always convo her on Etsy, too, and let her know you're interested in it and to see when she's posting it. She loves convos. Don't we all!

ellen said...

OK. I'm very jealous of your nifty pink typewriter!

Melody said...

My longest posts are always when I mention I'm doing a 'short' update. LOL, I guess that's just life.

Sorry to hear about Sebastian's burn. It seems that children always find a way to get hurt somehow, especially the boys. The good thing is that children usually heal pretty quickly and they are quite resilant. It's more often worse for momma and daddy than the child themselves.

I love love love the little owl that you posted. I can't wait to see what other cute find ends up at PonyParty. I look forward to mucho cuteness.

And might I say how impressed I am by all those cut squares?! I'd never have the patience to cut all those out. I started on a rag quilt months ago. All the squares are cut out, but by the time I'd finished that part, I was already tired of the quilt project. Hopefully one day I'll find enough mojo to complete it. [This coming from someone who makes beads from plastic bottles and tote bags from melted grocery bags. Then spends hours on end knitting. :-)].

Violet said...

Poor Brett and Sebastian! You're a good little lady for taking such good care or your men!

That typewritter is GORGEOUS. :D

Cammeron said...

Holy cow we need thrift stores like that in our town! I have to hit estate sales to find anything amazing

katie said...

um, hello going-to-be-the-cutest-baby-quilts-in-the-world! i can't wait to buy you!!!


Kelly of Royal Pink Vintage said...

Vintage sheet fabric has got to be the best quilting material.
And how lucky to find the typewriter!
Hope y'all are feeling well soon.

MAXimum MESS said...

Those baby blankets are going to be so sweet! My husband is recovering from a second degree burn from making homemade popcorn last week! But it's just soooo good that I can't stop begging him to make more! Hope you're little guy feels better soon!

Knotty Stationery said...

that typewriter is lush... what a brilliant find!

your poor little poppet with a burn.
once it is healed get vitamin e capsules .. break them open and rub the oil over the scar.. vitamin e does amazing things!
also to speed up healing nappy rash cream is winner, i think its something to do with the zinc in it!