Early Saturday Sunrise Posting

All images via Lacy

Last Saturday morning I was sitting in a fancy salon in San Jose getting my head some much needed attention. Well, mostly my hair. There are only so many ways a stylist can help a hormonal pregnant woman.

My parents made a weekend out of a trip to San Jose where my dad has been filling in at a church on Sundays so that I could meet up with my crafty friend, Lacy. We met at the RVA weekend in May and bonded over curly hair tricks and life stories. She's one in a million and I was so refreshed (in the head and heart) after a half day running around San Jose visiting all sorts of pretty places in between fainting spells and hot flashes.

We were able to fit in a trip to one fabulous bakery in Los Gatos, lunch on Santana Row, rounds through Urban Outfitters, a small stint in front of the bedding section of Anthropologie while I tried not to faint again, a house tour, a prenatal massage, and some good conversation. All the while, feeling pretty good about my new haircut.

The stylist was so attentive to what my past experiences had been like, what I didn't want, and how to make the most of the new cut she gave me. We both decided to keep some length instead of cutting it all off in preparation for a little one and now I have lots of fun layers that may have looked a little tamer in the dry CA climate but are still making me happy in Missouri. Decent pics may come later this week.

Lacy's favorite bakery had the prettiest cupcakes. We'd been talking about her favorite cookies being discontinued that morning and were both surprised when we walked in to find that they were back on the menu. They also had some of the yummiest carrot cake this pregnant girl has had in awhile. All in all, it was a great weekend and a lovely afternoon of girl time and feeling spoiled. Lacy was a trooper with my need to take things slow and sit down frequently and was such a great hostess in her beautiful town. Thanks, Lacy!

I've since returned to the homestead and have been in crazy woman, task mode trying to get my house not only picked up and routinely cleaned but organized to the last bit of random hiding under my bed! I found myself at Wal-Mart on a Friday afternoon buying plastic storage bins and hangers, came home and filled my tub up with bleach water, put away almost 10 days worth of clean laundry that had been piling up in our room, sorting through my closet to make room for clothes that will realistically be worn in the next four months, and continued adding to the donations pile near my front door.

I'm feeling the crazy, sharing the crazy with Brett, and being allowed to let the crazy happen all weekend.

The crazy has also had me awake since 5:30 a.m. this morning when S needed some sleepy redirection back to his own bed. This means the crazy will need to give me a break this afternoon for a nap.



Katherine said...

i'm so glad you had such a great trip! these are the toughest AND most exciting weeks of pregnancy (in my opinion), and it looks like you are doing great!!

yesterday i had a total "OMG i wish rachel was with me right now" moment when i dropped henry off at his dad's house. as i drove down a little side street to get back to the freeway i passed a sign hat said "LACE MUSEUM--VINTAGE SALE" which of course i had to explore. it was AMAZING. bins and boxes and tubs of antique, vintage and new lace, doilies, clothes, linens, embroidery pieces, etc.

lacy do you know of the lace museum in sunnyvale? not sure how often they have sales, but an interesting place to check out, regardless.


Anonymous said...

It sounds like you had a fantastic trip! ..You dahling are positively glowing and looking fabulous!
Those cupcakes made me drool all over the keyboard.....yummmmmm....

Peace and Love

Jamie said...

Sounds like an awesome time, Rachel! So glad cuz you totally deserve it!!! Awww, I love Lacy!!! I totally wish I had your energy right now...but I'm not gonna get pregnant to hope for it, LOL. Just glad you're feeling well! xoxo

♥Amber Filkins♥ said...

Oh my gosh, you were in Cali!? And what is the name of the salon you went to?? My good friends own Buschi Salon in Los Gatos. Too funny. If you didn't go there, you should have. ;)

Not good, but good to know that I'm not the only one with fainting spells during pregnancy. I don't actually faint, but feel like it ALL the time. And my heart races and I have trouble breathing. I hate it.

Did you know, by the way, that I'm pregnant!? :)

Diana said...

I think you are allowed to have a little creazy every once in a while!
You and the rest of the RVA ladies remind me of the perfect Proverbs woman. You do so much, create, take care of a family. You have no idea how much of an impression your blogs have made on me as a woman. Thank you so much!
I hope your weekend gets a little less crazy!

Anonymous said...

lol @ "the crazy" : )

Dee Dee said...

ooooh look at that foot! hope you got some rest after all the crazy. :)

RachelDenbow said...

That was Sebastian taking a picture with my dad's iPhone at the hotel we stayed in. He has some long feet like his daddy!

Melody said...

I'm glad you got to take some girl time out and had some fun with a friend.

Praying for you during these last weeks of pregnancy and for a healthy delivery.

Caitlin said...

Glad you had so much fun! :)

anne esquibel said...

Aaaaaaaaah Lacy! Glad you got to be pampered (and sounds like got a lot done too) :) x

Rubyellen said...

oh my gosh!!! i am feeling the crazy too!!! everywhere i turn i see a mess and purge and throw things away!!!