Last Day To Sign Up

Today is our final day for accepting new members into our Fall Handmade Class. We've already posted three fun tutorials, a surprise journaling prompt, and had a live chat where we ask each other questions about our crafty processes, latest inspiration, and favorite Fall trends. It's been built in motivation to get my holiday gifts finished early!

Speaking of Fall trends...

Lately, I'm loving pretty bows,

Naughty Secretary Club

warm sweaters,

liivia s

changing out seasonal decor,


crocheted pretties,

Emma Lamb

fun scarves,


and warm drinks!


We're having fabulous, early Fall weather and the leaves are starting to litter the yard. I'm looking forward to a WHOLE WEEKEND with my boys enjoying some down time and being homebodies for awhile. I think a good house cleaning will be followed by some new decorating to welcome Fall inside. I bought a bag of candy corn last night for Sebastian and I to enjoy. He calls them 'sticks' and requested them for breakfast this morning.

They taste great on top of unsweetened yogurt.

There are fabulous things to come this season. I can already feel it.


Visible Voice said...

Someday when I live near stores again I'll for sure sign up for one of your classes!

Anonymous said...

A whole weekend of downtime...sounds devine! Enjoy every nanosecond of it :)
I LOVE the coffee cozy! especially the embroidery....speaking of fuel...gotta jet!

Peace and Love

"Divine" Hand said...

Sounds super cozy and only wish right now I could do that. I too have that house guest crazy and am afraid it is going to be staying a while until we get settled here in CA. I have not been around a great deal lately because of things that have gone on in my life and was so shocked to come back and see a glowing, happy, preggy lady!!! Congrats to you and your family!!!

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog - love it! - and I'm bummed that I've missed the sign up for your class.