We're Back!

A quickie catch up until I can do a proper post on Thursday afternoon.

* Had the best time visiting my parents in CA. It was restful and a great change of scenery.
* Still catching up on e-mails from FOREVER ago that aren't urgently related to the online class.
* Still catching up on the last few registrations for the online class as I've been on a plane ALL DAY!
* Class spots are still available for purchase until this Friday evening when we'll close it for good.
* Our middle-aged checkout lady at Target this week told me I looked pretty big for still having 7 weeks to go. I almost told her she looked pretty old for being however old she was. Except my filter is still working.
* I was ready to cuss at anyone who so much as looked in my direction with any hint of irritation when my three year old flipped out going through security at the airport in Fresno this afternoon. And I'm willing to blame it on the hormones.
* Thought my husband looked exceptionally handsome waiting for us at baggage claim.
* Can't wait to hang up all of Ruby's new stuff care of Grandma Mary.
* Walked into my house after being away for 8 days and instantly felt overwhelmed with the need to throw things away, organize, deep clean, and rearrange. HORMONES!
* Have stayed up way too late enjoying the quiet and being reunited with my laptop shortcuts.

See you on Thursday.

p.s. For those of you who are still waiting on your online class passwords (if you've purchased in the last 36 hours) I'll be finishing up that part of my to do list on Thursday morning. Traveling has kept me from staying on top of things in that department. Thanks for your patience!


Anonymous said...

Yay hormones! I've been feeling irritable/cleany-clean myself lately. I think you probably handle it more gracefully, though :)

in company with sparkles said...

I know it must be annoying to hear all the time about looking pregnant, but I bet a lot of people think it's beautiful (I certainly do) and don't know how to comment on it without it sounding negative. But it really is such a neat thing! I absolutely love seeing pregnant ladies! It makes me so excited for when I have my own kids, even though it comes with all sorts of other factors, discomfort, and such.
Your visit sounded very nice!

Visible Voice said...

Dumb Target lady! My friend (who has twins) had someone tell her that if she didn't settle one of her babies that she was going to just "do it for her then" because this stranger lady KNEW she must be hungry and not tired like my friend actually knew the baby was. So here's a stranger to say...you look great! Dumb Taget lady!

margot said...

oh my i MISSED YOU and am very happy you're back in internet land!

and screw everyone! you look great pregnant and the bigger you grow the healthier little ruby will be!

Holly S said...

Hi rachel!
I have to tell you I had a dream last night that you delivered your baby 7 weeks early and it was a BOY! I found out by reading your husbands blog?! So odd, huh? Totally weird b/c I only 'know' you through your blog. Keeping fingers crossed that you hold out until the end, that it is a girl AND I guess your husband should start a blog!?...

katie said...

ha! you should have said something to the target lady. . . one of my obgyn docs told me if anyone said I was looking big, I should tell them they look pretty fat considering they're not even pregnant. :)

emily said...

I'm due around the same time as you and just found out that my baby girl is measuring at least 3 weeks BIG...holy smokes. I wonder what your Target lady would have said about me. I still have 8 weeks to go!

Kara said...

oh my gosh rachel! i hear ya!! i am 9 months post partum (can i even use that?) and still feel the purge purge purge!
glad that you had fun! i need a vacation!
ps-did you get the package i sent? :]

RachelDenbow said...

I did get your package and left you a note somewhere online...flickr or a blog maybe?

Thank you SO much. It was really thoughtful of you and I got to wear the shirt the next day. Lots of compliments!

Tim said...

did you at least get your incredible haircut?

I'm finding that life is more about those 'I'm not swearing so I'm doing well' moments (with three little kids there are plenty of opportunities!), but they are interlaced with moments to myself and my biggest treat is the hairdresser. So just making sure you got yours!
Bindi (from Australia)

Lovely Kasey said...

So glad you're back Rachel, and that you had a safe trip! Can't wait to see all the new stuff for Ruby! :)

Pysselninja said...

I just love your blog and how much it inspires me to do crafts :D
and you + your growing family are so adorable!

I hope you have a nice un-hectic weekend,
take care!
the crafty ninja from Sweden

sarahjane said...

I have 7 weeks to go as well, and a couple weeks ago I reached the point where I get a daily "Oh, my. You still have that long to go?!"

You could also replace that sentence with some of the other things I've heard recently:

"You don't have any more room to grow."

"Are they sure it's not twins?"

"Do you think you'll make it that long?"

"You must be due any day now."

RachelDenbow said...


YES! I've heard at least three of those in the last month. Seriously, I think most people don't see the women that have like four days left because they are probably not out and about running errands in the heat. So they don't realize how big 9 months can look!

Congrats on your impending arrival, too! Boy or girl?

Silvitanova said...

Oh, it's so good to read your blog and the comments here. The comment that Sarahjane wrote could be mine!I received my baby girl 7 weeks ago. When I was pregnant I received the same comments in shops and at work to!
(And now I have to make sure that strangers don't toch her when I have her with me shopping)