Idle Hands Are the Devil's Tools

I ran out of granny square yarn on my trip to California. With time to fill and being so far away from my sewing machine, I went out and purchased colors in a different thickness and decided I would start a striped blanket loosely based off of the color combos in this cardigan. The smallest Target carries is a 12 month but I bought it for her anyway. I've learned the hard way to get what you love when you can and hold onto it until it works. AND if after five trips to the same store over a month, you STILL like it, it's probably safe to buy.

I'm using Lion's Brand yarn for the blanket and adding in a mustardy yellow and maybe a violet if I find a good shade. I haven't liked purples since I was too young to dress myself but Dwell's line at Target has changed all of that. It's all about the color combos.

I'd seen a few tutorials online for making your own baby leg warmers rather than paying $12-$20 for the officially licensed brands but wasn't finding a lot of information on how they actually fit a newborn rather than a chubbier, longer 3-6 month child. Instead of waiting around for Ruby to get here, I thought about standing at the entrance of the grocery store and harrassing the first tired Mama that walked in with her little bundle wrapped snugly in a Moby sling to see if I could 'take some measurements'. Instead I opted to walk into Sebastian's room, find a pair of 0-3 month pants, and use them as a guideline.

I have a feeling that they'll still be a little loose on her for the first few weeks but I've at least figured out the basics. I'm no longer fixated on making a pair and have decided to save the cutest socks for when I am more sure of their fit. I used adult socks for these and have only collected adult women socks so I may try out a child size tube sock and see how that goes. If you've got any tips on what worked for you, feel free to share in the comments section. I can't believe how easy and practical this little project is for keeping babies warm in the winter, protecting knees once they start wanting to crawl, and quick diaper changes!

There are a ton of Etsy sellers that can do the work for you if you're strapped for time or don't own a sewing machine. They all seem to fall within a $2 price difference and are still more affordable than the licensed brand. One of my favorites is KnottyBabyWear for their range of sizes and styles. Image borrowed from their Etsy site.

MamaRunsWithScissors also carries a range and has great styling in their photos. Aren't these outfits below perfect for Halloween? I can imagine these three are a little too cool for princess costumes this year.

It's terribly dark and pouring down rain at the moment. I'm celebrating this randomly wet last day of Summer with a hot bowl of chili and a quiet house since my son has been borrowed for the evening to watch his uncle's football game in another town and my husband is in class. I think it's time to watch last night's Mad Men before I tackle the rest of my to-do list.



Anonymous said...

I'm wondering if we're too old to pull off legwarmers,they're so darn cute! They make me smile and think about the 80's... I think I'll make myself a pair and wear them in the house and for long walks in the forest and to get the mail...
Thanks for sharing all those lovelies!

sonya audrey said...

Thanks for sharing those links! I had a few pairs of babylegs when my oldest was a baby, but the price tag threw me to keep purchasing, and I had completely forgotten about them until now. My girls aren't complete babies anymore (3 1/2 + 2), but I love those with skirts, especially here in NC where we have a long fall. :) Perfection. I'll have to check out those etsy links a little later.

You make me want to learn to sew + knit so badly. :)

sage said...

everytime i have been at target i have been at awe over that cardigan. why can they not make it in adult sizes?
super cute!

RachelDenbow said...


I know, right?

Lisa said...

Ahh, you are so brilliant. I paid the $12 for baby legs, if I had known! I also used to hate purple, but its growing on me! And, Ah, don't you love DVR'd Mad Men, thats on my list for tonight too! :)

-heather- said...

oh, i was just telling people today how i desperately want some leggings like that for my little gal!! all we have here in my town is a wal-mart & they have yet to get in some super cute leggings for my baby girl!! thanks for posting the links maybe i can talk that boy into getting her some!

Stefan, Sarah and Lukka said...

best leg warmers for knitters:http://nevernotknitting.blogspot.com/2008/01/legwarmies.html

love them and have made numerous pair for lots of babies! (fav. is bamboo yarn, SO warm and SO soft!)

Also, here is a great tutorial for just plain old socks into baby legs

Sarah M

ashlee said...

I love baby leggings!! I have some in my etsy shop...tweetbabydesigns.etsy.com...for $6 a pair:)
If you can get little girls knee highs, cut them to the right length and hand stitch (whipstitch) the edge you will be ready to go. Just make sure you put the handstitched part at the ankle not the chubby thigh:)

Holly S said...

Hi Rachel!
You are truly super talented and I appreciate you sharing it with us. I wish all these cute things were around when my 19 yo daughter was a baby! Ruby is one lucky little one.

jenny said...

I can't wait to see what you come up with. I love the color combos in those bibs.

In the (SF) Bay Area, it's still in the 80s and 90s. I'd love some of your weather around here right about now!

Miss Wanderlust said...

the baby leg warmers are too cute but I LOVE the blanket that you are making. Seriously girl, is there anything you can't do?
hope all is well!
miss you girls <3

katie said...

that striped blanket is going to be gorgeous!!!

i'm happy to hear that i'm not the only one who doesn't like purple! i caused quite the stir during the autumn class chat when i said i didn't like it! lol. but that dwell stuff definitely has started to change my mind. i pause to look at it whenever we're in the baby section buying diapers.

i looove baby legs! i'm getting sooo excited for ruby to get here! i love newborns!!!

ps-thanks for your comment on my blog. it made my day!

Anonymous said...

Hi Rachel!
I make these all the time! I even have a tutorial on my blog :) My baby sizes I go to target and get the little girls knee high socks. They are the perfect size for little ones. I also found some cute fallish ones a few years back at Walmart in tiny sizes and they were PERFECT sized for newborns. I will go and see if I have any more (I am overrun with knee high socks for these and if I do, do you want them? I would be happy to send you some!


RachelDenbow said...


I'd love them! Thanks!