Pretty Things From RVA

Probably my favorite scrapbook kit from RVA to date. I love the faux Polaroid journaling spots that you can write love notes on, the Fall color scheme, and the card holder pages! All of these elements make me want to do a little art journal mini album RIGHT NOW.

Elsie's also added some pretty crocheted headbands, vintage boyfriend glasses, and the first installment of her 100 paintings project. Read more about it on her blog.

This large painting has been one of my favorites ever since I saw it in her studio during the RVA retreat. It's BIG!

It's rainy and windy here today and the road is completely covered in orange leaves from the tree across the street. It's kind of beautiful!

Today I'm finishing up the afghan, drinking lots of tea to keep this sore throat happy, and staying in my 'soft pants' as long as I want. Our midwife came for her weekly visit yesterday and said everything looks good. Ruby is still in a good position, has a strong heart rate, and has moved down enough to give me some breathing room.

If she happens to be born on Halloween, we'll have two holiday babies. It would really set us up for trouble if we ever have a third. How sad would it be for both of your siblings to have fancy holiday birthdays when yours just fell on a regular old day. I told Brett we'd have to try and time that for a February birth because there are like ten holidays that month. Better chances, right? HA! Believe me, we're not really ready to talk baby #3 yet.



Vivianna said...

it really is the BEST kit!

Lauren said...

i LOVE that kit! So cute!

Truly said...

i love that you have started thinking about planning the time of year for the birth, but aren't ready to think about a third kid.

Cassandra Marie said...

Very cute blog! Just wanted to stop by and say hello :)


newyearsbabe said...

Being a holiday baby is the best! My oldest was born on Easter Sunday, My other brother was born on Victoria Day (May 24 long weekend in Canada) and I was the third with the best of all: New Years Eve! And there definitely was no planning of any sort for me! The only bummer is that everybody forgets it's your birthday, but I choose to believe that the whole world is celebrating with me.

Best of luck whichever day it happens to be!

Mandi said...

Just as long as on number three (if we were talking about three, which we're not... ha) isn't an early January baby, like me... We get all of the discounted Christmas things, like Christmas teddy bears and fun things like that. hahav

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Giggling to myself here about holiday babies! It would be funny if Ruby was born on Halloween! How do you manage with Sebastian being a 4th July baby? Do you make extra fuss over him etc because his birthday is on a holiday?

I am a holiday baby...I was born on 26th December, which is Boxing Day. I was 12 days late, and Mum was to be induced on the 28th. She maintains that it was her gorging of pickled onions at a Christmas party the night before which sent her into labour ha! Anyway, here in Australia, Boxing Day is a holiday for us, as it is in other Commonwealth nations too. Boxing Day originated in Britain in the Middle Ages from a tradition where goods and gifts would be gathered up to give to those less fortunate the day after Christmas. It's a public holiday here, and kind of like an extention of Christmas for us...two days in a row to spend with family eating, enjoying each other's company, and spending lots of time at the beach typically. I have LOVED being a "Christmas" baby, as people here call people like me, and my family always made sure that I never felt left out just because my birthday happens to be the day after Christmas. I always receive two gifts, not one to cover Christmas and my birthday, and we have a special outing or party on that day. It's my favourite time of year, and I wouldn't have it any other way, even if I could :D

Karen xx

October 29, 2009 7:37 PM

Mim Smith Faro said...

Like Karen- I am a Christmas baby (December 22nd) and coincidently- my son was born on that day too.

I had trouble getting pregnant with him and was about to be diagnosed as having secondary infertility as we had gotten pregnant with our daughter the first month we tried. I ended up being pregnant but not sure when it had happened. They had told me I'd probably be having a January baby but an ultrasound would give us a more definite duedate. I was thrilled when the technician told me that December 22nd was my duedate, but my spoilsport OBGYN informed me that only 5% of babies arrive on their duedate. Turns out my Luke would have none of that and arrived quickly in the early hours of December 22nd. Since then I have only ever been 32 + Luke when I talk about my age because that day stopped being about me and started being about him :)

Thanks for letting me share a story. I love your stories.