Small Victories


*We took the plunge into cloth diapering! Only one leak and most of her pants still fit over those big wraps.
* Sebastian's hair is no longer in his eyes.
* We found the kids' Christmas picture outfits and are hopeful to figure ours out soon.
* Even though I was the one who wanted to go to an ugly Christmas sweater party this year, Brett was able to represent as I stayed at home with two stuffed up, coughing kids.
* Our elderly neighbors brought us a plate of Christmas cookies!
* Ruby is cooing and gave us three smiles.
* Most of the laundry is done. Folded in piles on top of the machine but done.
* The BEST CHRISTMAS PRESENT EVER is halfway finished and will make its way to its lucky recipient BEFORE Christmas. It's way too exciting to make them wait.

More Christmas fun this week! We're two weeks through our Advent calendar and stocked up again with two more weeks of special memory making.

Check out this beautiful baby shower.
Make at least one pair of these for yourself and then another to give away.

Be back soon.

p.s. This Christmas display above (Silje's) is one of the prettiest I've seen this season.


Katie said...

Your neighbor made you cookies? That is so sweet. I would love to do that for my neighbors, but I don't really like them. They aren't nice.

Jacque said...

Oh you are brave to take on cloth diapers! They are so messy, but they really do save a lot of money!! Really cute post!!

Sophie said...

Speedy recover for the kids.

Anonymous said...

Hope the kids are feeling better! Oh how i'd love to be able to make a pair of three of those Mary Jane slippers :)
big hugs! xx

amy lapi said...

woww that photo is amazing.. so inspiring for my own holiday decor. i think it's the mix of teal + red. :)

Casey said...

I love that mantel too! I hope everyone is feeling better :)

Anonymous said...

I love the display! I'm realy traditional when it comes to christmas colors, and everything in that photo is perfect!:)

sarahjane said...

Man, Story's already been sick as well! We got out our cloth diapers we'd used for Cash and have had no luck. They keep leaking, and I have a feeling they're shot. Bummer. Glad your attempts are going well, though!

S and O said...

oooh cookies from the neighbors ;) we do that every year, my mom bakes the best cookies and then we walk around and give them out, it's a lot of fun, people really enjoy it!

Shanna said...

I LOVED every MOMENT of CLOTH!!!! I actually miss it believe it or not! You will never meet a sposie Mommy who would say that! Its just so cute and fluffy!!!! Good luck! I adore your blog BTW!

Dreaming Tree Studio said...

Major props for going cloth!!! I tried it for 4 months...then failed :O( But it is a great thing really!!! What diapers are you using??? My friend loves the bum genius AIO...good luck and hope it works for you!!!

XO Desiree